#Is #ShaileneWoodley #Back #With #AaronRodgers?

#Is #ShaileneWoodley #Back #With #AaronRodgers?


shailene woodley back with aaron rodgers

If you're a fan of Divergent actress Shailene Woodley, you may be curious what her relationship with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks like now. After their breakup, reports were circulating that they may be giving it another go.

According to In Touch Weekly, Woodley and Rodgers were seen spending time together multiple times, including a trip to Santa Barbara and an outing for Rodgers to guest host Jeopardy! Despite their split, it appears that Woodley and Rodgers remain very much in love.

They were engaged in 2021

In 2021, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Divergent star Shailene Woodley happily announced their engagement to the world. After dating for some time, the couple finally went public with their news.

Many were shocked when they announced their engagement, especially since they had previously kept it under wraps until a friend shared the news with them. Ultimately, however, they chose to make their engagement public so everyone could share in this special time together.

However, they soon discovered their engagement was no longer private. The media became curious about their relationship and began posting photos of them spending time together online.

They were even seen attending the wedding of their mutual friend David Bakhtiari in March, where they were reportedly seen holding hands and strolling through the hotel grounds.

Though they had a wonderful moment together, their relationship soon took an unhealthy turn and didn't work out. This may have been due to Rodgers' football career taking priority over Woodley's needs; thus he couldn't give her enough attention or attention in return.

Ultimately, they decided to part ways despite having made every effort to make their relationship work. Although this decision had been difficult for both of them, they both wanted the best for each other.

Rodgers and Blu both endured a difficult period together, yet they have since moved on and are content. Recently, Rodgers started dating an unfamiliar woman named Blu.

Woodley remains optimistic about their reunion. In an interview with Porter Magazine, she opened up about her personal life and revealed that she went through a trying period while filming "Three Women," the Showtime adaptation of Lisa Taddeo's bestselling 2019 book of the same name.

She shared that she was struggling with social media after their split and that it had become too public for her to handle.

In spite of their broken engagement, they still have a lot going on in their lives. Yoga and meditation have been healing tools for them as they process past experiences. Additionally, they have many friends who support them in their relationships so they're able to maintain a positive outlook on life.

They broke up in 2022

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers gained a large fan base when they began dating. Photographs of them enjoying each other's company on and off set were common sightings, yet ultimately the two parted ways in 2022.

E! reports that Shailene and Aaron called off their engagement in February 2013, one year after announcing it publicly. Despite this, the two remained friends and were seen going out on multiple dates throughout the months that followed.

According to reports, the couple attempted to rekindle their relationship but the actress soon realized she and Aaron had very different opinions on how things should proceed. "She wanted to be content, but quickly understood that Aaron had his own path or else," a source informed the site.

Though they were able to reconcile, ultimately the couple chose not to renew their engagement. A second insider informs In Touch that the couple are now officially single and have begun seeing other people.

Following their reunion in February, the two were seen spending time together on several occasions. They went shopping together in Los Angeles and attended the wedding of one of Aaron's Green Bay Packers teammates in March.

In July, Rodgers unveiled his first-ever tattoo - featuring astrological symbols, lions, an ocean view and an eye. Additionally, he shared an Instagram post expressing gratitude with a picture of him and Woodley cuddling.

But in 2022, they parted ways after several failed attempts at reconciliation. In a new interview, Shailene spoke candidly about her breakup with Rodgers, describing it as one of the darkest and toughest moments of her life.

She described the breakup as "ill-timed," yet it may have been exactly what she needed to heal and move on. She credited it with giving her happiness back and even spoke glowingly about its positive effects on her career.

It remains uncertain what transpired between Woodley and Rodgers in 2022, yet they haven't been seen together publicly since. While it seems unlikely they will ever be back together again, there still plenty of time for them to work on their relationship.

They rekindled their relationship in 2021

Shailene Woodley and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stunned the world in February 2021 when they announced their engagement on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." The former "Secret Life of the American Teenager" actress confirmed her engagement to Rodgers during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" that month.

Though it came as a shock to the rest of the world, it wasn't so shocking for those close to Rodgers. After two years with NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, the football great was single and ready for new love in his life.

Once Rodgers had the chance to be with someone he truly cares about, he was eager to commit to Woodley. She proved to be an ideal match for him; their goals and values align perfectly.

Rodgers and Bakhtiari began spending time together after meeting. They attended the wedding of Rodgers' teammate David Bakhtiari and enjoyed time in Palm Beach, Florida. Additionally, the couple took a romantic vacation to Hawaii with Divergent co-star Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry Teller.

It appeared the couple was getting comfortable together, sitting at a table next to each other for dinner and sipping wine in a vineyard. When they finished eating and hugging each other goodbye, it appeared they had become best friends.

Later that year, they were even seen at an outdoor concert in Florida wearing matching outfits and appearing to be as relaxed as possible.

Despite their relationship difficulties, they remain friends and are active on social media platforms like Instagram. Both of them regularly post about their personal lives and professional endeavors.

Shailene has been hard at work on her latest projects, including a Showtime show called Three Women. This role brings her back into the spotlight after an extended acting hiatus.

She admits the project was challenging for her personally at the time, as a mother with a mortgage to pay off. Nonetheless, she managed to complete it despite these obstacles.

Even though their relationship was turbulent, the star and her NFL superstar boyfriend managed to maintain their love. They were seen together again just weeks after parting ways, suggesting that things are back on track for them.

They split in 2022

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers were first spotted together in 2020, though it wasn't until February 2021 that they got engaged. The Divergent star had a reputation for her outspoken opinions on various subjects, which seemed to charm the NFL quarterback. Unfortunately, as 2020 came to a close, rumors about their relationship started swirling - eventually leading them apart shortly thereafter.

Woodley appeared to be ready for a fresh start after their separation. In an interview with Porter Magazine, Woodley shared her reflections on how her first relationship had shaped her in terms of being scrutinized on social media and learning how to be more private during that time with Rodgers. It appears that after this split, Woodley was ready to move forward with life.

She also discussed her personal life being in turmoil during this period and how she attempted to cope. But ultimately she chose to focus on work and move forward.

As her career progressed, it became increasingly difficult for her to disconnect from social media. Posting about her personal life often caused tension between them; however, it was through her role as Gia on her upcoming show Three Women that helped her process these feelings and restore some normalcy in her life.

In April, The actress took a vacation to Disney World with former co-star Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry Teller. They stayed at Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and went on a karaoke excursion as reported by Chip and Company during their vacation.

Early this year, reports surfaced that Woodley and Rodgers had split up again. After reconnecting in May after a lengthy separation, the news came as a shock to many.

On the latest episode of "Porter Magazine," she opened up about her split with Rodgers and shared how it taught her a great deal about herself. She admitted to being "in a dark place" when she ended their relationship, but it was during this period that she began to discover more of who she truly is.

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