Inter Milan's Simone Inzaghi on Romelu Lukaku and Nicolo Barella

Inter Milan's Simone Inzaghi on Romelu Lukaku and Nicolo Barella


Inzaghi on heated exchange between Barella and Lukaku

Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku sparked anger with an explosive exchange with teammate Nicolo Barella during their Serie A draw against Sampdoria on Monday night. The duo had an argument during the match.

At the 40th minute of the game, Lukaku and Barella were caught on camera having an animated exchange. Lukaku instructed Barella to stop flapping his arms around after misplacing a pass.

Nicolo Barella

On Monday afternoon during Inter's goalless draw against Sampdoria, Barella and Lukaku got into an on-pitch argument which culminated in a heated exchange. According to Corriere della Sera, both players could face fines by Inter for their in-field misbehavior.

Lukaku became frustrated with Barella's frequent flapping of his arms in frustration, leading to an argument between the pair. Lukaku then addressed Barella directly in an unfriendly manner and demanded that he cease this behavior.

After Barella failed to respond to Lukaku's message, Lukaku became enraged and reportedly said: "F*** you, son of a b***h" in an unfriendly tone.

After the game, both players experienced a shocking incident which left them both feeling angry. Nevertheless, they have since made up and are once again friends.

With 15 points separating Napoli and Inter Milan with 16 games remaining, it's no surprise that tempers have flared at Nerazzurri. With several other top teams making serious impacts this season, Inzaghi's reaction and how his team's future looks after the international break will be interesting to observe.

One of Inzaghi and his team's primary concerns is that their strikers aren't contributing enough to make an impact in matches. Even Lukaku, who joined Inter for a substantial fee this summer, has only scored twice in 12 matches this term.

Meanwhile, his reputation for having a poor first touch is cause for serious concern. This was evident during the game against Sampdoria when he failed to control the ball effectively.

Add to that frustration, Barella has struggled to find his best form since joining Inter from Chelsea in the summer. He has scored just once this season and his performance against Inter was not particularly impressive.

It has been reported that the disagreement between Inzaghi and his teammates has caused some tension within the squad, but Inzaghi has made it clear he does not intend for it to escalate out of control. Thus, he hopes to prevent similar on-field incidents in the future.

Romelu Lukaku

On Monday night, Romelu Lukaku and Nicolo Barella engaged in a heated exchange that made headlines. While on the field, Lukaku was seen making an unsportsmanlike gesture towards his Italian counterpart which has led to speculation that there may be some rift between them.

The Belgian has struggled to find his best form since joining Inter on a season-long loan from Chelsea in 2021, and it appears he will need to regain his fitness and form between now and the end of this campaign. Previously, he scored 24 league goals for Chelsea; however, only twice have been scored during his return spell with Inter this term.

Despite this, Barella remains a key player for the Nerazzurri, who remain 15 points behind leaders Napoli in Serie A and have only one home match remaining before their Champions League round of 16 first leg against Porto. Inzaghi has defended Barella, asserting his commitment and motivation; however, they may need to put an end to their on-field arguments as they strive to progress.

Tuttosport reports that Lukaku and Barella have since reconciled, acting as normal teammates on the field. During their journey to Sampdoria, Lukaku and Barella could even be seen traveling together on the team bus and eating lunch together at a table together.

Lukaku and Barella had an unusual exchange on the pitch, with Lukaku demanding that Barella stop flapping his arms around in frustration when out of position. This has become something Barella is known to do, and Lukaku was clearly fed up with it as he shouted at him during the game.

Lukaku's public criticism of Barella for the first time in some time raised alarm bells among his teammates as it suggested there may be a rift between them. Additionally, Lukaku only started six games this season compared to 12 in two years at Chelsea; thus far his absence could potentially impact his chances of starting in the Champions League round of sixteen against Porto.

Simone Inzaghi

Simone Inzaghi has urged Inter Milan players to remain composed after Nicolo Barella and Romelu Lukaku engaged in an aggressive exchange during their goalless draw with Sampdoria. Cameras caught both midfielders exchanging insults and gestures throughout the match, with Lukaku finally telling Barella "f*** you, son of ab***h" before being sent off for his actions.

In the 40th minute of their match against Inter, Lukaku told Barella to stop flailing his arms around in frustration after failing to score.

Lukaku became increasingly frustrated with Barella's negative body language and criticisms during his first season back after an injury. He wasn't pleased with how Barella had been showing a lack of passion and aggression on the pitch, prompting Lukaku to get in his face.

Lukaku and Barella had previously clashed, potentially leading to serious problems for both players. But according to reports in today's print edition of Tuttosport, things appear to be back to 'normal' between them.

Since taking charge of Inter in 2016, Inzaghi has led them to two Coppa Italia titles and a Supercoppa Italiana while also returning Champions League football to Milan. He was appointed as a surprise appointment after Antonio Conte left for Chelsea, filling in for his predecessor by successfully leading Inter into two more Serie A victories.

Inzaghi has instilled a fresh energy into his team, and his collaboration with Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez is showing results. After putting in his best performances during the first half of this season, Roma are now sitting second place in Serie A.

But while they are currently a top-four club, Inzaghi is aware of their recent inability to defeat teams - particularly the big names. That is why he is working on improving his side's attacking play and is confident they will achieve this over the course of this season.


After an incredibly frustrating 0-0 draw against Sampdoria, Romelu Lukaku was on the verge of exploding at his Inter Milan teammate. A frustrated Barella threw his arms up in frustration during the game and Lukaku had no problem engaging him in a heated exchange that nearly brought the match to a halt.

Lukaku was seen gesturing towards Barella to stop flapping his arms around in frustration as he made his way across the pitch during the opening half of their match between both clubs. This prompted Barella into an angry response, leading Lukaku to shout "F*** you, son of a b***h" at his midfielder.

Barella has already caused some controversy with his teammates this season, and this latest incident will likely only add fuel to the fire. Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin noted that Barella often expresses displeasure towards them on the field and has been known to aggravate some of them.

Biasin believes Barella must adjust his attitude and learn how to play with more maturity, but he remains essential for the Nerazzurri's chances of winning the title.

Inzaghi, however, remains optimistic about their relationship and insists there's nothing to worry about despite Monday night's incident.

The coach, who watched from the sidelines of Sampdoria's Serie A draw with Juventus, was pleased to see them interact positively after the match. Tuttosport reports that they shared a bus and had lunch together at the same table yesterday; there appears to be no tension left between them now.

With all four strikers now fit, Inzaghi has a variety of options to choose from in the final third. Kristjan Asllani is back in the squad and should start alongside Hakan Calhanoglu; Roberto Gagliardini could return too, while Lautaro Martinez could start off the bench too. With Lukaku back in contention as well, Inzaghi also has another option to switch up playstyles.

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