Ice-T and Coco Austin Won't Tolerate Haters! Their Best Clapbacks at Trolls 2023

Ice-T and Coco Austin Won't Tolerate Haters! Their Best Clapbacks at Trolls 2023


Coco Austin and Ice-T have never shied away from standing up for themselves when they feel threatened or judged. The couple has always stood up for themselves and their marriage, especially when it comes to parenting decisions.

Later that month, when a troll accused Austin of wearing a "dress three sizes too small" at the GRAMMY Awards, Ice-T clapped back in support of her.

1. Ice-T Clapped Back at a Troll Who Criticized His Wife’s Grammy Dress

Ice-T is known for his open and honest responses on social media, even taking to Twitter last year to respond to a troll who called him an "honorary disgrace to gangsta rap" after seeing him use it for a TV role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Despite being one of television's longest running black actors, Ice-T never shies away from engaging with his fans.

Born Tracy Marrow in 1958, Ice-T moved to Los Angeles at a young age to live with his paternal aunt. There he immersed himself in the street life of the inner-city and eventually achieved success as an rapper. He became heavily involved with neo-gangsta music scene and released his first solo album - Rhyme Pays - in 1987.

Ice-T's music is deeply embedded in his political awareness as an observer of urban life. His 1992 album Body Count featured the controversial song "Cop Killer," which sparked widespread outrage due to its lyrics encouraging violence against police officers. This record served as one of the primary reasons he eventually parted ways with Sire/Warner Bros and signed with Rhyme Syndicate in the 1990s.

He continued to release albums and was a member of the band Dead Kennedys. Additionally, he starred in the film New Jack City and earned an Image Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role.

Ice-T has always made it a point to support his wife Coco Austin throughout his career. They have been together since 2000 and share a daughter, Chanel. On social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Ice-T often shares pictures of his family and daughter together.

Recently, a Twitter user mocked Coco Chanel's tight dress at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Ice-T swiftly responded to this comment on February 13.

Maureen sent out a tweet featuring Coco wearing one of OnlyFans' photos, and when she retweeted it, it quickly went viral - Ice-T even responded to her message!

After responding to the troll, Ice-T urged his followers to take the high road and continue loving his family. Additionally, he reminded everyone that kindness and respect should always remain at the forefront of life no matter what path you take in life.

2. Ice-T Clapped Back at a Troll Who Criticized His Wife’s Swimsuit

Ice-T isn't afraid to fight back at critics! He recently showed his support for his wife Coco Austin after she received harsh remarks online.

At the Grammy Awards earlier this month, Coco Austin faced off against a troll who accused her of wearing a dress three sizes too small. On Twitter, she defended her attire and even included an amusing joke about it in the comment section.

Austin may have given a sarcastic response, but she's no stranger to criticism either. In the past, Austin has had to defend her parenting decisions - especially when it comes to breastfeeding her daughter Chanel Nicole - when there have been negative reactions.

Last month, some internet trolls questioned Coco's decision to breastfeed her daughter, born in 2015; while she has always been open about the decision, fans have been quick to criticize her for it.

Coco has always had the confidence to fight back at her detractors and stand her ground when necessary. She and Ice-T have a history of standing up for themselves, especially when it comes to their sexual lives or parenting decisions.

Now, the couple is also showing off their sensuous side in vacation photos. In one set of Instagram snaps, Coco flaunted her toned beach body while having fun in the waves with daughter Chanel!

Coco showed off her amazing figure while wearing matching bikinis with her daughter! Check out the pictures of their Florida vacation below.

Coco and Ice-T have been together since 2002, and they have one daughter named Chanel. The couple chose to wait before having their first child because they wanted to accomplish a lot before adding another member to the family.

However, Coco's provocative looks on the red carpet proved a turnoff for some fans. Indeed, many took to social media to call her out for what they deemed as inappropriate attire. Thankfully, Ice-T was quick to respond - even posting a video of himself watching his wife perform at the Grammys!

4. Ice-T Clapped Back at a Troll Who Criticized His Wife’s Haircut

Ice-T has earned a reputation for standing up to critics on Twitter, and he's never been afraid to do so. He responded to those who called him an embarrassment to gangsta rap, as well as recently defending his wife Coco Austin when she was accused of breastfeeding their 5-year-old daughter Chanel.

In one recent clapback, Austin hit back at a troll who criticized his wife's haircut. When the fan compared Austin's natural brunette hair to the lighter color she chose for her style, the troll criticised it as being "wrapped in a dress three sizes too small."

As if the comments weren't already hilarious, Ice-T shared a video of Coco's dance moves on Instagram that started with him glancing over at her. As soon as he turned back towards her and began admiring her moves, Ice-T captioned the clip: "I TOTALLY understand." Keep reading to witness some memorable clapbacks from Ice-T and Coco Austin! You won't be sorry! These two are true examples of positivity online; they won't tolerate anyone else being mean to them either. It's refreshing to see someone stand up to trolls without fear or hesitation. We salute these two for example! They really do represent what positivity looks like when couples stand up to bullies without fear or hesitation - something we should all strive for!

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