Ian Rapoport's Twitter Account is a Hotbed of Fake News

Ian Rapoport's Twitter Account is a Hotbed of Fake News


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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport has plenty to be concerned about these days. After all, his Twitter account is often the target of fake news stories.

On Tuesday, a fake Twitter account impersonating Tyreek Hill began trolling. Among other things, it falsely tweeted that Tyreek had broken his hand and threw a sex toy at Jon Gruden.

The Steelers are closing in on a trade for WR Antonio Brown

The Steelers have been engaged in trade talks for some time now, and it appears they may be close to finalizing a deal. Contrary to some reports, however, they do not anticipate receiving a first-round pick as compensation for Brown.

The wide receiver has made it known that he wants to be traded and is dissatisfied with his current situation in Pittsburgh. He's expressed frustrations towards the team, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and coach Mike Tomlin; additionally, he expressed a desire for guaranteed money from a new team.

But that hasn't stopped the Steelers from trying to find a new home for their star wide receiver, and they aren't giving up yet. Multiple teams have expressed interest in him, including Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins.

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Steelers and Buffalo Bills had been "in serious talks" about a trade. Unfortunately, that deal ultimately fell through when Brown informed the Bills he would not report to them.

That isn't particularly surprising, considering the Bills have had difficulty getting consistent production from their quarterbacks and Brown has a reputation as an unpredictable wide receiver who doesn't fit well on an upstate New York team.

On Friday morning, however, the deal fell through. Gary Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Brown refused to move to Buffalo due to personal reasons.

He said he wouldn't be a good fit for the Bills and didn't want to play in upstate New York. Additionally, they would receive less compensation than they desired since they'd be trading their third and fifth round draft selections next year in exchange for a third-rounder in 2019.

Though Brown appears likely to stay in Pittsburgh in 2019, there are several reasons why he might not be able to return after this season. At 31 years old and without much playing time over the past two years, and with a contract that runs through 2020, combined with his history of not being content in Pittsburgh, there is speculation that he could be traded before the start of the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Bills are out of the running for WR Antonio Brown

On a Thursday night in early March, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport tweeted that the Buffalo Bills were "close to finalizing a trade for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown". If completed, Brown would have joined quarterback Josh Allen in Buffalo to bolster their offense.

However, Brown decided against a move to Buffalo. Instead, he wanted to stay in Pittsburgh and play for a team with an opportunity at winning a Super Bowl.

After learning that the Steelers had offered Brown to the Bills, Brown took to social media to express his displeasure. Referring to them as a "mom and pop team," he encouraged fans to "stick it to them."

He expressed worry about not being able to keep up with his new teammates. This is an especially difficult choice for Brown, given how often he has used quick routes and explosive athleticism over the past nine years to punish defenders.

Though the Bills have made significant strides over the years, including an overhaul of their defense, they remain far from being a winning team. Therefore, they would not be able to afford paying Brown the type of salary he desires in order to give him more chances at scoring touchdowns.

Brown does not believe the Bills are his ideal destination due to their lack of quality running game, something Brown desires. Additionally, there isn't enough depth in their receiving corps for Brown to feel secure.

If Brown is traded to the Bills, he likely joins Robert Foster and Zay Jones at receiver, both solid but not great options. While he could prove beneficial for the Bills in fantasy football, his value won't be quite what it could have been had he been part of Steelers' offense.

The Titans aren’t interested in LB Keith Butler

Today, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network tweeted that Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt would likely be a strong candidate to hire Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler as his defensive coordinator. Unfortunately, this statement proved inaccurate.

Whisenhunt's family ties in Nashville aside, it seems counterintuitive for him to hire a coach from one of his division rivals. Further, Butler hasn't left the Steelers since taking over for Hall-of-Fame defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau in 2015.

That doesn't mean the Titans aren't interested in Butler. He may actually be their best bet for keeping their linebackers healthy this season and beyond.

The Titans currently have eight wide receivers on their roster, but need to address this position in the upcoming draft. Fortunately, there are plenty of playmakers available in this year's draft.

But before the Titans select a wide receiver in this year's draft, they need to make sure it is worth their selection. They haven't drafted an impact wide receiver in over a decade and must do something different this year if they hope to be successful.

If the Titans select a wide receiver in this year's draft, they are likely going to pick the best player available on their board. However, they must ensure that he fits perfectly into their offense.

Recently, the Titans' defense has been strong due to a number of talented players at each major defensive position - especially CB Cortland Finnegan and S Michael Griffin. But if they want to turn things around this season, they'll need more than just their core players; they must add talent from outside their system as well.

The Ravens aren’t sure if RB J.K. Dobbins will be ready for Week 1

Dobbins was expected to lead the Ravens in rushing last season after recording 805 yards and nine touchdowns as a rookie. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL during preseason and was forced to miss all of 2021.

The team has added veteran insurance to the running back position by signing free-agent Mike Davis this offseason and selecting Tyler Badie in the sixth round. Dobbins is still recovering from his knee injury and won't be ready for Week 1 of this season.

Due to this, Baltimore has been cautious in playing its top players this year. Quarterback Lamar Jackson and tight end Mark Andrews were both held out of the team's preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals.

Dobbins is unlikely to play in Week 1, but could return several weeks after that, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Dobbins' return for the start of this season is essential if the Ravens want to remain competitive in the running game. They could rely on veteran Mike Davis and Gus Edwards until Dobbins returns, but that isn't a given.

Team success in the running game often hinges on its ability to quickly get the ball into the hands of its most talented players. That's why the Ravens are eagerly awaiting Dobbins' return.

Since his ACL tear, Dobbins has made great effort to return to the field. While he hasn't experienced any setbacks thus far, it remains possible that the Ravens may not be able to get him on the field at all this year.

If Dobbins doesn't reach 100% soon, he could end up on the physically unable to perform list at training camp and only be available for special teams work. That is why the Ravens are looking for veteran backup at running back.

Dobbins is expected to be the Ravens' lead running back in 2022, but he must stay healthy to begin the season. If not, the team must find another runner with experience who can fill in for him; Jalen Clement has been added to their roster as an ideal option.

doja cat twitter

Doja Cat on Twitter

Doja Cat is an upbeat rapper whose fans enjoy her humorous tweets. Her Twitter account boasts plenty of swag and she has an offbeat sense of humor.

Doja Cat recently expressed her displeasure with the recent changes to Twitter verification. After Elon Musk acquired the platform for $44 billion, he changed rules that prevented verified accounts from changing their display names.

Her humor

Doja Cat is an internet sensation known for her comedic and musical talents. Her songs "Mooo!" and "Say So" have become huge hits on TikTok and radio alike, while she also draws praise for her quirky sense of humor and offbeat approach to style.

Doja Cat is known for posting random thoughts on Twitter, which fans find hilarious. She sometimes even shares personal details that give followers an inside look into the elusive performer's world.

Doja Cat's most recent tweet features an image of her with an alien, which many thought was a nod to her spacey album Planet Her. The tweet then reads: "When the aliens come they'll pick me to go to their planet cuz I'm funny and have a nice clavicle."

Doja Cat's tweet was in response to DiGiorno's email asking her for advice on making the perfect pizza. As a fan of fast-food chains, Doja Cat couldn't help but respond with an over-the-top response that had everyone on Twitter laughing.

Doja Cat's sometimes quirky sense of humor belies her insecurity about certain topics. Her recent tweet regarding sexuality showed that she wasn't particularly confident with herself; additionally, a photo taken behind her revealed many tattoos which seemed to indicate an intense self-consciousness about appearance.

Her Twitter feed is filled with unique and off-the-wall posts, and fans can expect even more from Doja Cat as she works on her third album. Whether she's laughing off drama or getting too excited, Doja Cat always has some jokes up her sleeve.

Recently, Doja Cat received personal assistance from Twitter's new owner Elon Musk. Soon after his $44 billion takeover of the social media platform, Elon introduced changes that would prevent verified users from changing their display names - leaving Doja Cat stuck with "Christmas."

Musk eventually promised to fix the problem and remove the $8 monthly subscription required for verification on Twitter accounts. While this was a victory for Doja Cat, many Twitter users remain dissatisfied with the change in policy.

Her style

Doja Cat is known for her daring style, which is evident in her fashion choices. Often, she opts for outfits featuring bright colors and oversized pieces to make a statement. Doja Cat's unique looks have earned her fans and followers alike the title of fashion icon; in addition to being featured in numerous articles and publications related to the industry.

Doja is renowned for her quirky sense of humor, which she showcases in both her music and public appearances. With an expansive social media following, Doja enjoys a devoted fan base due to her upbeat outlook and lively personality.

She possesses an eye for style and often collaborates with stylists to craft her signature looks. Her eclectic ensembles often feature vibrant colors and patterns, earning her the title of fashion icon.

Her style has evolved significantly since she first entered the spotlight, and her current look is definitely her most daring yet. From her Midas-inspired Paris Fashion Week ensemble to the Barbie pink yarn and feather covered ensemble she donned for the 2019 BET Awards, she's never been afraid to step outside of what makes her comfortable.

Doja often flaunts her daring style, but she also has a soft side. She enjoys sharing photos of her adorable baby girl on Twitter with fans, showing that she has an incredibly special connection with the little one.

Doja Cat enjoys traveling the world and releasing music when she's not performing live. Her unique sense of style has been an integral part of Doja Cat's public persona since she began performing professionally.

Her latest look, which she donned for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show, is sure to turn heads. The bald Flamin' Hot Cheeto-like figure and red ensemble adorned with 30,000 Swarovski crystals may evoke visions of fembots from Austin Powers: The International Man of Mystery (1997).

At the event, she was joined by her stylist Brett Alan Nelson. According to Variety, he assisted her select a red ensemble and worked alongside makeup artist Pat McGrath on applying 30,000 Swarovski crystals by hand.

Her swag

Doja Cat isn't afraid to show off her style on social media, whether it's replying to an Instagram post about her latest album or showing off new merchandise. Her humor may sometimes be off-kilter but she always manages to make it enjoyable.

Her style doesn't stop with music merchandise; she also has her own clothing line called "Planet Her," featuring T-shirts, trucker hats, totes and hoodies that fans have been left in awe of the artist's creativity. It's quite different from her usual music merchandise but still very much part of who she is as an artist.

Merchandise is an integral component of any artist's brand. It's the primary way fans can engage with them and show their support, so getting it right is of the utmost importance.

Recently, musicians have been pushing the envelope when it comes to creative music merchandise. To boost their sales numbers, some are even creating their own line of clothing that fans can wear at shows or while touring.

Doja Cat may sport all the latest fashion accessories, but she never takes herself too seriously. Her humor is light-hearted yet her remarks always thoughtful and insightful - giving fans a rare insight into her personal life.

Doja Cat's Twitter account is one of the best places to find her hilarious and off-the-wall posts, always keeping it fresh with something that doesn't make sense or getting overly excited about a new product. Doja Cat's feed always contains unexpected content on her account!

Recently, Doja has been trying to figure out how seals came about and tweeted this question: "How did seals get fucked?" Unsure of the answer, she turned to @Explaindojacat on Twitter for assistance. This account deciphers Doja's tweets so fans who don't understand her language can follow along and learn.

Another hilarious example of her arrogance is the display name "Christmas" on Twitter, which doesn't allow verified users to change their names on the platform. She has been criticizing Elon Musk for this, but he has assured her that it will be rectified soon enough.

Her personality

Doja Cat is a highly acclaimed social media star renowned for her bold and humorous style. Her songs often go viral on TikTok, giving her an international fanbase.

Doja Cat has a quirky and hilarious personality that sets her apart from other singers and actresses online. Whether she's responding to drama or getting way too excited, Doja Cat never fails to entertain her followers with her latest tweets.

One of her recent tweets is a humorous dig at Twitter's new verification process. The rapper changed her display name to "Christmas," which happened to be coinciding with when their $8-a-month verification plan went live on Thursday.

The announcement caused quite a stir online, with celebrities such as Doja Cat taking to Twitter to voice their opposition to the new policy.

Her tweet was humorous and clever, with many fans retweeting it. Additionally, the post included an emoji of a crying with laughter face.

Doja has become renowned for using Twitter to vent her frustrations on a regular basis, but she's especially known for taking social media trolls to task. Last month, Doja took aim at "Stranger Things" actor Noah Schnapp after he leaked private messages between them on TikTok.

She has a reputation for being overly loyal and overzealous, but it appears she may not be quite so dedicated to her online fans as before. Even after calling out fellow TikTok star DJ Akademiks about his DMs with her about an earlier scandal, she faced major backlash from her stans - yet never let them take her down too hard.

Her latest dispute is quite different, however. On Thursday she shared screenshots of her DMs with "Stranger Things" actor Noah Schnapp in which she criticized him for asking to set her up with co-star Joseph Quinn.

However, Doja's comments sparked a swift and powerful backlash. While some stans labeled her an "actress" and claimed she was 17 years old, others rallied to Schnapp's defense, contending that going to him for matchmaking was inappropriate given his age.

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