I Bought A Flooded $2000000 McLaren P1 And It's Worse Than You Can Imagine

I Bought A Flooded $2000000 McLaren P1 And It's Worse Than You Can Imagine


I Bought A Flooded 2000000 McLaren P1 And Its Worse Than You Can Imagin

Last year, Hurricane Ian in Florida destroyed a yellow McLaren P1 from its owner's garage. The image quickly went viral and became the most famous destroyed hypercar in history.

Ernie posted these heartbreaking photos of his yellow hypercar soaked in flood water to his Instagram account. As you can imagine, the images went viral and many people wanted to help save this car.

1. It’s a total loss

Hurricane Ian caused unprecedented flooding throughout Florida, resulting in millions of dollars worth of property damage. For one resident of Naples, that damage included his brand new McLaren P1 that he'd just purchased one week prior!

When Hurricane Ian hit, Ernie (Lamborghini9286 on Instagram) shared photos of his bright yellow hypercar being washed away in his garage. It's a heartbreaking sight, but not the only thing he lost during the storm.

He shared the news on social media, and even recorded a video of the car being submerged in flood waters surrounded by debris. The pictures he posted went viral, helping him earn some money for his time.

Days after the hurricane, Copart listed Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 for auction. It sold quickly at an impressive price of $400,000, though that figure didn't last long.

As it turned out, the Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 was destroyed by Hurricane Ian in September. Ernie posted photos and a video of the car being swept away in his garage; as a 375-unit production model, its estimated value was at least $1.5 million.

Ernie had spent a considerable amount of money to purchase his McLaren P1 sports car, yet it had been destroyed in floodwaters. When he learned that it had been lost, Ernie was devastated.

However, that didn't stop him from trying to save it. In fact, he spent much of his time documenting his progress with 12 updates about the car posted over a week.

After the hurricane, Ernie posted photos and videos that caught the attention of several automotive YouTubers, such as Ed Bolian from VinWiki and Tyler Hoover from Hoovie's Garage. Both said they would work to revive the car by replacing its hybrid powertrain with one from another McLaren car.

2. It’s a total mess

A Florida man is renowned for his extravagant car collection, but his most expensive purchase wasn't even a car. It's actually an unregistered $200000 McLaren P1 that sits atop a toilet in a flood river.

Ernie, a self-declared car enthusiast, often shares his collection of high-end vehicles on Instagram. But recently it's been his flooded McLaren P1 that has been the focus of most of his posts - seen in various locations.

It may have started off as a seemingly perfect vehicle, but Hurricane Ian has caused havoc to its electronics and powertrain. The rear wheels are frozen solid, one tire is completely gashed, and its windshield has been severely damaged - making driving impossible even if it can be salvaged.

Fair enough, this isn't the first time we've encountered a vehicle this flooded. Back in October, Copart auctioned off a Bugatti Chiron that had been damaged by Hurricane Irma and has since been restored, but we must admit, this McLaren certainly left an impression on us.

In any event, this car was fortunate enough to be saved from the water thanks to some clever engineering and some good fortune. Nonetheless, it's definitely not suitable for everyone, so it's probably best avoided at all costs.

In the long run, it may be more cost-effective to buy an affordable car and save up for your desired gadget. There are various ways of doing that - from purchasing pre-owned to building a house with low cost financing.

3. It’s a total nightmare

Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida this week, destroyed Ernie's luxury car collection. The owner had a brand-new McLaren P1 in his garage that was one of only 375 units produced - valued at an incredible $1.5 million.

But just one week after purchasing, his P1 hypercar was caught in a flood caused by Hurricane Ian. Though still one of America's most expensive cars at that time, its flood almost proved fatal for it.

McLaren suffered extensive flood damage, with waters reaching almost to the top of its wheel wells. Its rear wheels were frozen and one tire gashed; additionally, there is a large hole in its windshield from impact from above. While we understand that finding a replacement for such an expensive vehicle may prove challenging at best - not forgetting Rolls Royce Phantom which also suffered extensive flooding during this storm.

4. It’s a total waste of money

One Florida man, who enjoys sharing his collection of cars on Instagram, was devastated when Hurricane Ian flooded his garage and dumped his new McLaren P1 out into the open. Ernie - known online as Ernie - is an avid car enthusiast and has been updating his followers on how the car has fared during the storm.

The bright yellow McLaren was a limited edition model and cost over $1 million when it first went on sale. Only last week, its owner took delivery of their car from Bring a Trailer.

Hurricane Ian continues to cause havoc in Florida, and now Copart is offering the man's brand-new $200,000 McLaren for sale. Although listed as "flood reconditioned", the vehicle had undergone special treatment to extract water from inside and prevent mold, fungus, and odors; however a spokesperson from Copart states that due to its condition it could not be salvaged.

In all honesty, this car is a complete waste of money. It isn't even fit for driving anymore since it was submerged for several hours and now completely destroyed and rusted beyond repair.

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