How to Make Money on Mixer

How to Make Money on Mixer


how to make money on mixer

How to Make Money on Mixer

Mixer, owned by Microsoft, has been making waves lately with its livestreaming platform. It recently lured Twitch's top streamer Ninja away from Amazon's rival and also announced exclusive deals with well-known artists like Shroud and KingGothalion.

Success with streaming on Mixer requires hard work and dedication. Gaming and streaming should always be for fun, not money, so it takes time to build up a loyal fan base with consistent viewership.

Become a Mixer Partner

Mixer partners are streamers who monetize their content and earn money from it. In exchange, they receive ad revenue as well as other perks like free Pro status, emotes, and priority support.

To become a Mixer partner, you must meet certain criteria. These include having at least 1,00,000 views on YouTube and 300 concurrent viewers on Twitch. If these requirements are fulfilled, you can apply to become one.

If you want to become a Mixer partner, there are certain criteria you must meet. These qualities help them determine whether you are suitable for their partner program.

One way streamers can make money on mixer is by asking their followers for donations or tips. This could be a one-time donation or an ongoing monthly contribution. Donations are an ideal way to generate income because it's direct payment from your audience.

Another way to make money on Mixer is by selling games directly. This method requires little effort from the streamer and requires using their "Direct Purchase" feature to promote games and earn commission for each sale.

Emers, which is Mixer's internal currency, are earned for each skill viewers purchase during a stream. These could include emojis, stickers and effects your viewers can use in chat. While this may only amount to a small amount of money if you have thousands of viewers watching your stream, the accumulation can be significant if there's an abundance of viewers participating.

One way to make money on mixer is by inviting your viewers to pay for subscriptions. These cost $5.99 per month and can be bought in the "Subscription" section of your channel. The revenue from subscriptions is split 50/50 between Mixer and the streamer; typically 50:50.

Sponsorships from companies within your content niche can be highly profitable in the long run if you build an engaged audience and attract a devoted fan base. Although these sponsorships may prove challenging at first, they become much easier to secure as your career progresses.

Receive Sponsorships

Mixer is an excellent platform for gaming and streaming, but making money on it can be challenging. Creating and promoting a successful channel takes time, while the revenue earned may not be substantial. On the other hand, if your following grows significantly, then mixing can provide you with some decent income streams.

One of the best ways to make money on mixer is through sponsorships. Companies often pay large sums of money to streamers for promoting their product or service on the platform, but these partnerships can be highly sought after.

The initial step in obtaining sponsorship is to establish a relationship with the company. This requires understanding their objectives, values, and what kind of partnership they seek. From there, you can tailor your proposal according to their requirements and budget.

When communicating with prospective sponsors, remember to be professional and respectful. Doing so will set the right atmosphere for the conversation and make it simpler for them to understand why you would make a great match.

Nonprofits can also benefit from sponsorships in the form of financial or promotional support. This could take the form of cash donations, media events, or individual influencer promotions that align with your cause.

Sponsorship can give you access to new audiences, grab attention and extend your reach. It also helps create a brand image and establish an online presence.

For instance, you can partner with a clothing line to sell their products through your stream. Doing so allows you to earn a percentage of sales generated through the stream as well as create more awareness about your brand and boost its visibility.

Another way to make money on mixer is by getting donations from your followers. This can be done via a link in your channel that links either Venmo or Paypal; it's an excellent way for them to feel like they are contributing towards you and getting involved.

Finally, you may also receive sponsorships from brands related to your content niche. These could include clothes, electronics or other products that would appeal to your viewers.

Ask for Donations

One of the best ways to monetize on Mixer is through donations. While Mixer does not currently provide built-in fundraising tools, there are several third-party services that enable donors to donate directly to your stream. One such example is Streamjar, which integrates chatbots, donation targets, overlays and more for streaming creators.

If you want to solicit donations on your stream, consider including a button that allows viewers to donate directly via their PayPal account. This can be an efficient way for receiving one-time or monthly contributions from viewers. Moreover, set up a progress bar on your screen so viewers can easily see how far along you've come towards reaching your goal.

When asking for donations, try to understand why your potential donors are motivated to make a difference. This way, you can customize your message according to their interests and establish personal connections that could increase the likelihood of receiving a donation from them.

Another way to incentivize viewers to give is by providing them with rewards they'll value. For instance, if someone donates a specific amount, you might grant them access to an exclusive skill on your stream. This strategy can increase viewer engagement and spur more donations - just be sure the perks are worth the money spent!

You can also utilize a tool like Streamjar to add an Embers button on your stream, which enables viewers to purchase games directly during the show. This is an effective way for encouraging viewers to donate, as it's simple and hassle-free to use.

Embers, like Bits, allow you to unlock special skills on your stream similar to Twitch's cheermotes. These could include animated stickers or full screen effects. The more Embers your stream receives, the higher its ember revenue will be.

Mixer partners can earn sparks through viewer interaction with your stream. These points can be redeemed for various perks on your channel, from exclusive chat rallies to animated stickers.


One of the best ways to advertise on mixer is by utilizing a partner app. This allows your viewers to subscribe to your channel and earn "Embers" which can be cashed out for premium Skills.

With a Mixer Pro account, you can earn Sparks - Mixer's currency. Each Ember can be exchanged for an assortment of Skills such as those that enable you to create GIFs or stickers for use in chats.

Today, Mixer boasts over one million partners and the company continues its rapid expansion. With the platform bringing back the fun into streaming and offering numerous benefits for content creators alike, it promises a bright future.

Make money on mixer by promoting your channel and asking for donations from followers. Additionally, you can sign up for brand deals with popular companies like Amazon or Apple to increase brand exposure and income.

The company provides free tools and features to increase your stream's visibility. One such feature allows you to add a colorful logo - an effective way to stand out from competitors.

Another useful feature is the Mixer mobile app, which enables you to stream live video directly from your smartphone. This can be especially convenient while traveling.

Finally, there's the Mixer logo which appears on both your channel page and top bar of your feed. This is generated using a machine learning algorithm based on what you do on the platform such as watching videos or sharing them with friends.

Even though Mixer's logo may be a little overblown, the app has an intuitive design and plenty of innovative features. Perhaps most notable is the ability to share your stream across other platforms - Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and beyond!

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