How to Make @ChickFilA Nuggets at Home

How to Make @ChickFilA Nuggets at Home


Chick Fil A nuggets are a beloved chicken item at the fast food chain that's also easy to make at home.

These crispy breaded balls of goodness feature a milk wash, peanut oil for frying and seasoning. Not only that, but they're an excellent source of protein, fiber and iron as well.


Chick-fil-A's chicken nuggets are undisputed champions of fast food. Not only are these crispy, lightbreaded snacks beloved by many, but they're also one of the healthiest options available in the industry.

While visiting a drive-thru is likely your cheapest option, making your own at home is much simpler than you might think. With just a few simple ingredients and some creativity, you can craft an authentic Chick-fil-A experience and satisfy those pesky cravings every time!

To get those nuggets to taste as great as they do at a fast food restaurant, use high-quality chicken breast. They are more tender than other varieties of poultry and provide more protein and fat for your diet.

Chicken breast can be purchased at your local grocery store, but before you can enjoy a Chick-fil-A style nugget, you'll need to know how to cook it properly. A great starting point is brining the poultry in pickle juice and milk which will tenderize and break down the meat.

For optimal flavor, let your chicken marinate for at least an hour prior to cooking it. This will let the pickle juice soak into and penetrate the meat, producing the most authentic taste possible.

Making juicy, crispy nuggets for dinner is an easy process that will satisfy all your cravings! For extra flavor, add a few spices to the mixture for extra kick.

Once your chicken is done, simply fry it up in the oil of your preference. I recommend peanut oil for a classic Chick-fil-A flavor, but you can also use vegetable or canola oil.

The best part is that these nuggets can stay fresh in an airtight container in the fridge and taste amazing when reheated! They're so simple to make for a family of four; simply store in your fridge airtight.

No one has yet succeeded in creating the perfect Chick-fil-A recipe, but in January a group of fans shared a video testing frozen chicken nuggets only available at Costco which quickly went viral with over three million views on TikTok!


Crisp, crunchy chicken nuggets straight from the fryer are undeniably delicious. Chick fil a's nuggets have been a beloved fast food favorite for decades now - but if you want to recreate these delectable treats at home, understanding how the chicken is breaded is key to getting that signature flavor.

The chicken is marinated in pickle juice before it's coated in flour and MSG to create the breading. This process makes the chicken extra tender and juicy, similar to brining a turkey. Furthermore, this creates a textured coating which helps the breading hold together better when frying.

In addition to chicken, this recipe calls for breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic powder, and MSG. These ingredients give the nuggets an authentic Chick fil a taste that's difficult to replicate with just plain flour and crumbs.

Another step worth noting is that these nuggets are deep-fried in peanut oil for that signature deep-fried taste. Peanut oil is an unsaturated fat which may reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus, this greasy oil provides essential nutrients not found elsewhere such as zinc and vitamin B12.

Nutritionally speaking, a 12-piece Chick Fil A Nuggets meal is an ideal choice for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's packed with protein, dietary fiber and less sodium than other fast food chain items.

A 12-piece meal is an ideal option for those watching their weight, as its calorie content is low. One serving of eight Chick Fil A nuggets provides 140 calories and 23 grams of protein - more than enough to fuel a nutritious lunch or dinner.

On weekdays when Chick Fil A isn't open, these nuggets make for a great home-style meal that won't break your diet. Additionally, they're an ideal option for those needing something quick but with fewer calories than other fast food chain options.


Chick Fil A's classic Chick Fil A sauce is the ideal balance of sweetness and tartness, making it the ideal accompaniment to their crispy chicken nuggets. You can also use it as a dipping sauce for waffle fries or other appetizers like grilled chicken sandwiches.

These deliciously tart, creamy sauces are so simple to make at home - they can stay fresh in the fridge for days! Not only that, but they make for great party platters or freezer snacks!

Create your own Chick-fil-A classic sauce by soaking chicken breasts in pickle juice for 30 to an hour. This will guarantee that the breading sticks to the chicken and gives it that authentic Chick-fil-A flavor!

You can then serve your chicken with any of your favorite dipping sauces. Try a creamy ranch or spicy Sriracha sauce! Or mix them up with honey mustard or barbecue sauce for an irresistible combination that's sure to please!

A great alternative to going out for fast food is making your own dipping sauces at home! That way, you can control how much fat, sodium and sugar is added to your meal.

To make the nuggets, begin by cutting up your chicken into 1-inch pieces - this is the size Chick Fil A uses for their bite-sized nuggets.

Once your chicken is cut up, marinate it in milk and dill pickle juice for several hours or overnight. Finally, bread the chicken with flour, paprika, pepper, salt, and confectioners' sugar until evenly coated.

The breading is an essential step in creating Chick Fil A's chicken's signature crispy texture. Crush your crackers finely and combine them with flour, paprika, pepper, and salt until evenly distributed.

Once your chicken has been prepared for frying, heat two cups of vegetable oil to 350oF in a deep frying pan. Carefully place your chicken into the hot oil and cook them over each side for several minutes until golden brown and cooked through. Drain on paper towels after removal from the oil.


Chick fil a nuggets are a popular fast food option that boasts low calories and high protein. Furthermore, they're an excellent source of fiber and potassium which may help regulate blood pressure; however, be mindful that they're also high in fat and sodium - so it's important to make informed decisions when ordering them.

For instance, opt for grilled chicken instead of fried to reduce the likelihood of weight gain. You could also order salads that don't include any fried chicken or crunchy extras. Furthermore, you could try using low-fat dressings or adding fruit to your plate as a calorie-saving swap.

For a lighter option, the chain's Grilled Chicken Sandwich on a Multigrain Bun is lower in calories from fat than its classic Chicken Sandwich. Additionally, this item makes an ideal ketogenic diet choice since it uses grilled chicken instead of frying or covering in sauce.

When trying to stay within your calorie limits, Chick-fil-A's treats menu - including milkshakes, ice cream, cookies and brownies, frozen coffees and lemonades - should be avoided. These desserts tend to be high in sugar and fat content so may not be the healthiest choices for a balanced diet.

Chick-fil-A's breakfast selections range from sandwiches and wraps to biscuits with nuggets. On the other hand, their Hash Brown Scramble Burrito and Hash Brown Scramble Bowl offer more traditional breakfast items with sausage, bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Chick-fil-A's breakfast options are more healthful than most other fast food chains. In particular, their grilled chicken options are ideal for dieters as they contain fewer calories from fat and refined carbs.

For example, the Market Salad contains 540 calories, 31g fat, 6g saturated fat, 41g carbohydrates, 26g protein and 1,020mg sodium - making it a suitable option if you are on a ketogenic diet as it provides ample amounts of fiber and protein.

Chick-fil-A nuggets are a healthier choice than other fast food nuggets, as they're made with quality ingredients and lightly fried. Furthermore, Chick-fil-A nuggets boast more potassium than other fast food nuggets, helping to prevent muscle loss during exercise.

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