How to Find News About China

How to Find News About China


news about china

China is one of the world's fastest-growing economies and an increasingly powerful global force, but it also draws criticism for its human rights practices.

China's government uses censorship to monitor what is published in newspapers, online and on social media platforms. As a result, it consistently ranks near the bottom of international rankings for media freedom.

China Daily

China Daily is one of China's foremost English-language media, often referred to as the "Window to China." It has also earned a reputation as one of China's most authoritative newspapers and an essential source for information regarding Chinese politics, culture and economy.

Since its founding in 1981, China Daily has become the nation's preeminent English-language news organization. With a print, online and mobile readership of more than 350 million, its network of 36 bureaus/offices, 15 printing centers and numerous digital platforms provide quality reporting across China as well as around the world.

China Daily publishes both its flagship paper and an International Edition covering North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa; additionally there is a Hong Kong edition which provides local perspective and crucial insight into the rapid economic and social development taking place in the city.

The China Daily Group consists of 16 English-language newspapers with a combined circulation of 900,000. This includes the flagship newspaper on mainland China, Hong Kong Edition, International Edition and several digital platforms providing news in both Chinese and other languages.

China Daily is an integral member of the Asia News Network (ANN), comprised of 22 mainstream news organizations from 20 Asian countries and regions. China Daily plays a significant role within this collaboration by exchanging stories with other members and organizing joint events. In 2006, they also launched an international photo contest focused on Asia that draws press and freelance photographers from throughout the region.

China Business Weekly, China's only English-language economic weekly, and 21st Century English Education Media with Teens Senior, Teens Junior and Kids Century editions are among its English-language publications. These materials aim to teach students English language proficiency while creating a bridge between Chinese and Western communities.

South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post is an English-language newspaper based in Hong Kong that strives to lead the global dialogue about China. Its owner, Alibaba Group, wants to portray China more positively and has created an alternative media outlet that focuses on Chinese economic, political and cultural developments.

Critics contend that the paper has been co-opted by Beijing's propaganda machine. Editors appear to be shuffling away from critical reporting and some articles have been rewritten in order to appease either the Communist Party or Chinese business executives.

Some journalists contend the paper has a history of self-censorship that dates back to its days as an independent news organization and continues under Alibaba's control. They point to one column which criticized the government for snagging Swedish citizen Gui Minhai from a train in February; a story later removed from their website.

Another example is a column written by Shirley Yam, an esteemed financial commentator. In it she lashed out at China's stock market as being in "shambles" and warned of impending financial chaos. After being pulled after one week, however, the piece was republished with its author's apology.

Many newspapers around the world have a history of left or right bias. South China Morning Post, for instance, exhibits considerable left-leaning media bias and has earned itself a Center media bias rating(tm).

Therefore, readers are encouraged to read a variety of sources in order to get an accurate representation of the news. Even though South China Morning Post may have a left-leaning bias, that does not make it necessarily wrong or inauthentic.


Bloomberg, headquartered in New York City, is a worldwide news and financial information provider with reporters based around the world. Its flagship product, the Bloomberg Terminal, is an integrated computer system that provides both snapshot and detailed insight into financial markets - making it one of the largest sources for market data worldwide.

Michael Bloomberg founded the company, founded by a Harvard graduate who had previously worked at Salomon Brothers - an investment bank - before starting it. He gained notoriety for his pioneering ideas, such as using computers to manage trading.

He made numerous adjustments to his business model that proved successful for him. He sold the machines to major financial institutions like banks and securities brokerage firms, as well as government agencies and media organizations.

As his business expanded, he began providing other value-added services for customers such as a secure E-mail system and futures analysis feature. He also added a portfolio system that allowed subscribers to track stocks, mutual funds, and other assets.

To increase his customer base, he sought the support of the Associated Press which provided its bond prices free-of-charge and earned millions each year in compensation for allowing Bloomberg terminals to carry AP stories. Despite his efforts however, he still struggled to gain legitimacy as a national news source.

In 1990, Winkler struck a remarkable agreement with the New York Times: for each free Bloomberg terminal given to them, they agreed to publish stories from Bloomberg Business News with a Bloomberg byline in both The New York Times and its news wires whenever it deemed it "fit for print." This coup won him free publicity and opened up new avenues for his continued growth.

The Guardian

The United States is the world's largest economy, but China plays an integral role in its progress. The two nations exchange billions of dollars worth of goods and services annually. Furthermore, Chinese authorities are notorious for gathering vast amounts of personal data - particularly on their citizens - without oversight. Recent research revealed that China's top 500 officials receive more emails than their US counterparts, creating an arms race among governments to collect and store data on citizens. The result is a global espionage network. No matter how hard China's military tries, they cannot stop espionage from taking hold. A recent poll of Chinese officials and businesspeople revealed that an incredible 62% have been victims at some point in their lives.


If you're searching for news about China, there are plenty of excellent websites to choose from. Some offer English translations and commentary; others are in Chinese with both translations and commentary included. When selecting blogs to follow, make sure they address your interests so that reading them regularly becomes an enjoyable pastime for you.

There are also blogs that specialize in one region of China or a certain city. These can be an excellent way to learn about the language and culture of that area.

Shanghai Street Stories, for instance, is a blog that shares photos and articles about life in Shanghai. It's an invaluable resource for anyone interested in discovering more about this vibrant city.

The site is written in a friendly, relaxed style that makes it straightforward to follow and comprehend, especially for first-time visitors to China. It provides an insightful perspective on China by addressing local concerns while providing helpful explanations of Chinese cultural terms.

This website not only has news articles about China and other countries, but it also offers some enjoyable sections. Here you can learn about the newest movies, food trends and pop culture terms in a fun yet educational manner.

Sinocism is another excellent blog to learn about Chinese culture. It provides news about China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in both Chinese and English language articles that are updated frequently. Sinocism offers information in both Chinese and English for readers' convenience.

Additionally, this blog features many articles on Chinese business and culture. It's an invaluable resource for those wanting to understand more about this vast country, making it a great starting point.

For those interested in understanding China's political and economic aspects, The Wall Street Journal offers The China Real Time Report blog. This website serves as a great source for all the latest news from China as well as insightful articles on Chinese politics.

news about google company

News About Google Company

Google is one of the world's most important and influential technology companies, renowned for its search engine and advertising programs.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google while they were students at Stanford University in California, initially as a search engine but quickly expanding into internet services, enterprise solutions, and beyond.

1. Google’s layoffs

Google is cutting 6% of its workforce in one of the company's biggest ever layoffs. This comes amid tens of thousands of job cuts announced by tech titans including Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook parent Meta and others in January as they scramble to cut costs amid an impending recession and diminishing growth opportunities in digital growth.

Google's ongoing restructuring, which has resulted in massive job cuts, is an indication of its progress. The changes were meant to refocus the company on areas of strength while eliminating outdated products and groups that no longer served a purpose.

Recently, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the search engine giant would cut 12,000 jobs worldwide, across product areas, functions, levels and regions. Employees were informed of these cuts via an email from Pichai outlining a "rigorous review" of Google's operations.

Employees are questioning leadership about the reasons for the layoffs and why so many people were let go in such a short amount of time. Some former employees reported receiving unexpected midnight emails informing them they'd been dismissed; others discovered their fate when their access badges failed to open their office doors.

Some employees are worried the layoffs are affecting the quality of work for their colleagues. Xoogler, a networking app for Google alumni and current employees, has now launched an assistance network for laid-off workers; moreover, former Googlers have started a new social media platform called Blind to share their stories of being let go from the company.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Google employees gathered outside its offices in New York and California to demonstrate against the company's recent layoffs and low pay for contractors. A few employees also staged a protest at Google's Mountain View headquarters.

Google is promising employees who are laid off severance payments as well as access to a network of experts and counselors that can assist them with their transition. A few former employees have even started an online community called Golden 12K on LinkedIn in recognition of the generous severance packages provided to laid-off personnel.

2. Google’s new office layout

Google is reinventing how its offices look and function. The tech giant is testing new designs in millions of square feet of space - about 10% of its global work spaces - as part of a major reimagining effort.

The company identified three trends that are altering the workplace landscape: Work is now done remotely, what employees need from a workspace is constantly evolving, and workplaces must offer more than desks, meeting rooms, and amenities.

Aside from designing buildings to be more adaptable, the company also strives to make them fun and creative. Its New York offices feature subway grates, fire hydrants and conference room doors covered in graffiti - all nods to the city's street art culture - while its Pittsburgh office evokes the roughness of Steel City with exposed pipes and peeled paint.

However, despite these efforts, a recent study revealed that most Google employees are unsatisfied with their offices. Many have complained of being cramped into small, cramped quarters that don't give them room to move around freely.

In response, the company is working hard to design its new offices to be more comfortable and welcoming for affected employees. For instance, it encourages them to get vaccinated and will allow them to work from home only a few days a week.

Google's office plans have undergone a significant transformation, giving employees more freedom to choose where they sit and how they work. The company has been experimenting with various desk types and making it possible for people to personalize their workspace with things like photos or artwork.

These options are essential for companies who strive to attract the best talent and keep their employees contented. Studies have revealed that companies with a fun, positive atmosphere tend to be more productive overall.

Google strives to design an office where it's simple for employees to get work done. That could include fewer desks or more individualized space for those needing deep focus work, collaboration or meetings. It may also involve creating different "neighborhoods" where teams come together and collaborate.

3. Google’s new ad platform

Google Ad Platform is an online advertising platform that enables businesses to reach targeted audiences with various types of ads. These ads may appear on search engine results pages, YouTube and other websites and can also direct people directly to your website, e-commerce store or other digital assets.

Google's advertising platform is tailored to help businesses discover new customers, raise brand awareness and boost sales. Its pay-per-click (PPC) model assists advertisers in finding qualified leads by displaying relevant ads. This type of advertisement works best for local or regional businesses with a specific target audience.

Research shows that paid ads on Google receive 65% of clicks from buyers who are ready to purchase. This makes the platform an incredibly lucrative and reliable marketing channel for a wide variety of businesses.

Google ads can be divided into three categories: search ads, display ads and video ads. Each group has its own distinct campaign types.

Search ads are the most prevalent type of ad on Google. They appear when users type in keywords related to an advertiser's products and services on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Another popular ad type is display ads, which appear on websites and apps. Although more intrusive than search ads, display ads can be successful at driving visitors to your business's website or e-commerce store.

Finally, video ads are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger consumers. These can be viewed on Google's YouTube platform or third-party websites and tailored to fit each viewer's preferences.

In addition to these ads, Google provides a range of other advertising options such as retargeting and content distribution. These tools form part of their platform and can be an invaluable component of your digital marketing strategy.

In 2022, Google made major modifications to their advertising platform. One of these was the removal of cookies - which had previously been used to track people's online behaviour and interests. This decision will have an impact on how advertisers utilize Google Ads and the data they collect from campaigns.

4. Google’s new CEO

Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google, has had a longstanding connection to India. He has been an influential figure within the country, supporting various initiatives and projects.

He is an eminent alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, where he earned his bachelor's degree in metallurgical engineering. Additionally, he holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

After graduating, he worked as a metallurgical engineer at Applied Materials for 10 years before joining Google in 2004.

He has extensive experience as a Google employee, having contributed to products like Android, Chrome and YouTube. Furthermore, he served on the board of directors for Google.

Pichai joined Google in 2004 and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually being promoted to CEO position in 2015. His knack for understanding Larry Page's vision made him an invaluable interpreter to other teams - they could often accurately reflect what Pichai intended.

At Google, Pichai spearheaded the launch of Android and created Google Chrome - now widely regarded as the world's most popular browser.

Prior to becoming CEO, Pichai served as Head of Product at Google, overseeing several key products like Android and search. Furthermore, he played an integral role in founding Alphabet - the holding company which separated Google in 2015 into its own entity.

Former Microsoft CEO candidate Pichai is credited with turning around Google after its period of financial distress. Through his leadership, the company was able to regain its place as one of the top technology firms worldwide.

He is married to Anjali and they reside in Los Altos Hills, California. Together they have two children.

Pichai graduated from IIT Kharagpur and then continued onto Stanford University where he earned a master's degree in material sciences and engineering. He was awarded both the Siebel scholar and Palmer Scholar titles, later becoming a management consultant for McKinsey & Co.

He is renowned for being an inspiring innovator and strong leader, having designed many of Google's successful products. His accomplishments include building the Chrome browser, overseeing YouTube acquisition, and creating digital assistant Google Assistant.

news about korea

News About Korea

South Korea boasts an enchanting culture and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also renowned for its temperate climate, vast coastal plains, and majestic mountains.

South Korea's news cycle is never-ending, making it essential to stay abreast of all the pertinent details in English.

Korea JoongAng Daily

The Korea JoongAng Daily is a newspaper that seeks to educate readers around the world about Korea. Published jointly with The New York Times, it can be read in both English and Korean.

The daily newspaper from Seoul has been publishing since 2000 under the motto 'Your Window to Korea.' With accurate reporting on country politics, economy, social affairs and culture, it strives to remain 'Your Window to Korea.

It is one of the three major English newspapers in Korea, alongside The Korea Times and The Korea Herald. In 2018, it was chosen as the official English newspaper for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, receiving praise from prestigious international outlets such as The New York Times, BBC, CNN, Le Monde and The Guardian.

According to Korea JoongAng Daily's report, the government recently unveiled plans to assist content creators facing similar difficulties as those experienced by Squid Game. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has determined to offer financial support for 200 start-ups that are struggling financially.

The announcement was made to encourage artists to create more music that can be played at concerts and festivals, as well as providing them with financial assistance to create songs with greater commercial viability.

Under this plan, artists will receive up to 15 million KRW in funding to write new songs. These funds can be used for recording, producing and editing the songs.

Another part of the plan calls for increasing the production of biogas from food waste, with an aim to make more than 30 percent of Korea's energy from this resource by 2025.

However, the country still generates over 20,000 tons of food waste daily. Some is composted, but much is simply dumped into landfills. Furthermore, some companies don't even know how much food they're throwing away!

Unfortunately, no authority keeps track of this waste. At one supermarket in Seodaemun District, western Seoul, staff frequently throw food into a container which dries and grinds it before being dumped into the sewage system.

Korea Herald

The Korea Herald, an English newspaper, is one of South Korea's most widely read publications. It's available in hard copy, online and as a digital edition.

The paper's website is an excellent source for up-to-date news from Korea, including breaking stories in business, entertainment and global sectors. Additionally, it provides opinion and analysis.

Staying up to date on Korea's current events is easy with this fantastic platform, which has an avid international readership. As part of the Asia News Network - comprised of 24 major media from 21 Asian countries - it's the perfect place for readers around the world.

Since 1953, The Korea Herald has gained a reputation as an authoritative and trustworthy source for news in Korea. As the largest English-language daily in the nation, its daily distribution exceeds 3 million copies.

In addition to its traditional hard copy publication, The Korea Herald also publishes a variety of magazines and is actively engaged in the growing field of English as a foreign language. It runs several hagwons (English-language schools) as well as an English village.

Korean culture is distinct from Western nations, yet it shares many traditional values. Confucianism promotes group harmony, respect for elders and authority figures, as well as family ties that transcend generations. Kibun (face) is especially significant to Koreans; they strive to preserve it at all costs.

Koreans are highly social, yet they also value honesty and loyalty. These principles stem from Confucian teachings and have become deeply embedded into their business practices. Indeed, Koreans strive to project an image of integrity, honorability and respectability in all areas of life.

They take an avid interest in culture and learning new things, which is not surprising considering China's and Japan's strong influences on the country.

In addition to its traditional print form, The Korea Herald is also exploring video content. Its YouTube channel continues to draw subscribers, and the newspaper has joined Naver's V Live app which allows K-pop celebrities to engage directly with their fans from around the world.

Kyunghyang Shinmun

Kyunghyang Shinmun, South Korea's leading newspaper, is a daily publication that covers news from within and around the country. Available in both English and Korean, it has become one of the most reliable sources for news in South Korea.

This publication has a distinguished history that dates back to 1946 when it was founded by the Catholic Church. Although briefly shut down during President Rhee's administration in 1959, it reopened following pro-democracy April Revolution of 1960.

Today, Kyunghyang Shinmun is a widely read and respected paper that covers national and international news as well as business and culture. It also serves as one of the best sources for foreigner-specific information such as visa changes or difficulties encountered by expatriates in Korea.

Its English-language website offers comprehensive coverage of national and international news, sports, health, lifestyle articles and more. Furthermore, there's a blog which provides the latest updates on Korea and its people.

Kyunghyang Shinmun is renowned for its humorous articles and editorials, which can be found in both its daily publication as well as on Facebook page and Twitter feeds. These pieces often tackle issues related to social policy or public service in satirical tones.

Another issue that has received much attention in recent years is the government's housing policies. Since the Moon Jae-in administration took power, they have implemented numerous restrictions on real estate investors which has resulted in rising property prices that make it difficult for ordinary citizens to purchase a house.

Kyunghyang Shinmun believes this has caused anger among citizens and is an issue the government must address.

Recently, North Korea has been the focus of much media attention due to the deaths of two South Koreans and expulsion of Kim Jong Un's uncle's family from the Workers' Party. According to KCNA news agency reports, Jang Song-thaek was "disciplined and removed from all posts" at a meeting of the party's politburo on Sunday.

Jang and his uncle's expulsion is the latest in a string of measures taken by North Korea to punish critics. Earlier this year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong was also removed from her posts and expelled from the party.

Pulse News Korea

Pulse News Korea is a website that provides up to date news about Korea. It covers topics such as politics, business, entertainment, technology, sports and more to ensure our readers remain informed on what's happening in South Korea today.

Yonhap, South Korea's largest news agency, runs this program. With more than 600 reporters covering a diverse range of topics around the world, they provide comprehensive coverage.

The site reports providing 3,000 news items daily, such as articles, photos, videos and other multimedia content. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive network of foreign correspondents.

Yonhap is always striving to outdo itself in a competitive media landscape. To this end, they have several new initiatives underway such as their mobile app and video news offerings which aim to deliver fast, relevant, and up-to-the minute info.

One of its latest initiatives is 'Pulse', an augmented reality (AR) experience that displays real-time breaking news from both its own network and other sources such as international media outlets and social networks.

Aside from its advertising campaign, China also has a more serious goal in mind: to become the country's leading media organization - in line with its status as an influential economic power.

Pulse, the site's live video feed of breaking news from its own network, offers readers an entertaining and interactive way to stay up to date on current events.

This site serves as a great source for knowledge on the Korean government and its policies, as well as the country's business climate.

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