How Mr Chicken's "Never Could" Turns Afrobeats Into Dancehall

How Mr Chicken's "Never Could" Turns Afrobeats Into Dancehall


How Mr Chickens Never Could


Mr. Chicken from Jersey City has created his own genre with "Never Could," his melodic, afrobeats/dancehall inspired afrobeat track, which already boasts wide appeal across generations.

His local buzz has quickly pervaded the music industry, while his exceptional skills ensure his success both musically and commercially. We're confident he will take over rap with ease!

1. The Melodic Afrobeats/Dancehall-Inspired Afrobeats Track

Afrobeats has rapidly become one of the most beloved genres on Spotify, introducing Africa to an international audience like never before. Artists such as Wizkid, Drake and UK garage star Kyla have had major hits on this platform as its popularity spreads beyond underground circles to mainstream music stores and playlists alike.

African music has opened up an incredible world for musicians, providing access to various styles and influences not previously present in mainstream Western music. However, its wide array of styles makes selecting songs difficult; thus making African music an invaluable source of inspiration and learning opportunities.

Many of the top afrobeats/dancehall-inspired songs are melodic and relaxing, perfect for listening in your car or at parties without becoming overstimulated or stressed out. Additionally, these songs are easy to learn - perfect for enjoying with your friends or loved ones!

Though Afrobeats music has long been popular, several new artists are producing more Afrobeats-influenced songs that go beyond simply dancing; these new artists' afrobeats-influenced tunes often explore themes of love, relationship breakups and the potential reconnection of former lovers after separation or divorce.

Some artists have even managed to successfully blend American neo-soul and pop with African afrobeats music, producing songs that will have you dancing and singing along in no time at all! Just listen to Usher or Justin Beiber: their songs make you want to dance and sing along!

Recently, Afrobeats/Dancehall music has become increasingly influential on UK producers. These producers are taking inspiration from Afrobeats' feel-good vibes to craft UK-influenced versions of this genre of music.

Add some funk or Caribbean/Jamaican music elements for an exciting blend. Some afrobeats/dancehall tracks feature smooth melodies to inspire dancing all night long.

Afrobeats music spans across numerous genres, but this style is especially well-suited to the UK market and being adopted by many UK artists. Artists are taking this genre and mixing it with other styles to produce a hybrid that could become an enormously successful genre in Britain.

3. The Defining Dance Moves

The Chicken Dance is an enjoyable social dance with simple steps that makes for an easy learning curve and enjoyable, stress-free bonding experience for participants. Not limited by any particular ethnic heritage, this popular form is played at Oktoberfests, weddings and other events around the world. People of all backgrounds can easily come together through dance to connect in an enjoyable yet stress-free manner!

Werner Thomas of Switzerland first introduced the Chicken Dance during his 1950s concerto playing career and it quickly gained widespread renown across Europe. It began as "Der Ententanz", or Duck Dance; over time this evolved into the current-day tail, wing, and beak movements that are synonymous with it: we now refer to this form of movement as The Chicken Dance.

The Chicken Dance has become so well-known that it has become a fixture at numerous Oktoberfests and weddings, as well as featured in commercials for various companies - it even brought Burger King over $7,000 in television advertising revenue in 1995! Furthermore, its positive effect has helped many overcome fears or phobias while simultaneously making society better through its positive ripple effect.

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