How @KimKardashian Is Allegedly Feeling About @KanyeWest's Relationship With...

How @KimKardashian Is Allegedly Feeling About @KanyeWest's Relationship With...


How Kim Kardashian Is Allegedly Feeling About Kanye Wests Relationship Wit

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's relationship has had its ups and downs, but things appear to be improving between the two.

According to a source close to Kim, she is feeling both anxious and optimistic about their future.

She's said to be feeling "a little guilty" over her ex-partner's rumored marriage to Bianca Censori. However, despite their legal issues, they still manage to get along well.

1. He’s Angry

Over the past couple of months, Kim Kardashian and her former husband Kanye West have been embroiled in an intense divorce battle. Though it's impossible to pinpoint exactly why they have ended up there, based on what they've shared publicly thus far, it appears Kim is discontented with how her husband treats her.

Kim and Kanye began dating back in 2011, and at first glance it appeared they were the perfect match. Both sought a long-term commitment and wanted to settle down. Unfortunately, love is not enough to sustain a marriage - they soon discovered.

Throughout their relationship, North and Saint shared four children: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. When the couple separated amicably, they were able to come to an amicable settlement that granted both parents joint custody of their kids.

Kim and Kanye appeared to be working towards co-parenting their kids, yet there remained some major disagreements. One such issue was North's use of TikTok - a social media app that allows users to upload short videos and share them with their followers.

According to Page Six, Kim had serious reservations about this matter and so requested her husband take down the post.

Kim is a busy mother of four, as well as having to contend with various rumors and speculation regarding her relationship with Kanye. Fortunately, it appears she's trying to focus on herself these days.

According to a source, Kim isn't interested in rekindling her relationship with Ye. She believes he does not love her and won't work things out for their children's benefit.

Kanye West and Kim have had a contentious relationship due to his constant criticism of her and their children. For instance, Kanye has accused her of not allowing him to see their kids or accessing her home. Furthermore, Kanye has suggested she has another unreleased sex tape with ex-Ray J.

2. He’s Jealous

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the world's most renowned couples, yet their union has hit a rough patch. Since announcing their divorce in February 2021, West has been criticised for his behavior; in particular, he's been accused of trying to control her and their children.

When he was first seen dating Uncut Gems star Julia Fox, some fans wondered how Kim would take their relationship. Despite rumors that Kim was unhappy about it, she's kept her feelings private.

But just a few weeks ago, things took an unfavorable turn. Kanye posted an Instagram post that was highly offensive to Kim. He called out her for being "so mean" to North and accused her of letting her kid use TikTok without his consent.

Though the post was quickly taken down, it had a profound effect on Kim's feelings towards Kanye. She was so distressed by his remarks that she immediately reached out to his management team in an effort to have them removed.

Kim wasn't the only one upset by this behavior. A source told E! News that Drake's actions have made their relationship with their daughter Chicago even more challenging.

Kanye may or may not have posted that comment, but it's clear he isn't winning over Kim with his online behavior. Aside from the regrettable Instagram post, Kanye has been consistently critical of Kim and her family on social media platforms.

Kanye has been vocal about his disdain for Kim and her daughter Chicago in recent months. He's been accused of calling them "pimps" and labeling her an "insane woman".

Kanye's behavior with Kim has become increasingly uncomfortable as both of them struggle to come to terms with it. Kim, who previously avoided discussing her issues with Kanye publicly, is now more willing to open up about her personal life to the world.

Kim despite all this is still madly in love with her husband and wants to maintain a positive relationship with him. That's why she works so hard to protect him; knowing full well Kanye will never forgive her for abandoning him, she wants to ensure her children grow up with an understanding and loving bond with their father.

3. He’s Trying to Control Her

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are one of the world's most powerful couples, sharing four children - North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm - after being together for nearly seven years.

Recently, their relationship has hit a rough patch and it appears that West will need to put in extra effort in order to win over his wife. According to Page Six, Ye is currently dealing with an ongoing battle regarding his relationship with Kim.

The rapper's behavior appears to be spiraling out of control, particularly for their children. In July 2020, he posted a series of tweets accusing Kardashian and her mother of trying to "lock him up" and suggested that he was considering divorcing her.

He's also allegedly been threatening violence against her, her family and new boyfriend Saturday Night Live stand-up comedian Pete Davidson.

Kim has become increasingly defensive and protective of her man. Even their 8-year-old daughter North is aware of what's going on and has been talking to her friends about it.

Kim snapped into action when she saw the rapper's latest Instagram post and quickly took it down. Additionally, she sent a message to her ex-boyfriend expressing her hurt over his remarks.

She even asked him to delete his Instagram account from her phone, which he eventually did. But while Kanye has taken some steps toward rebuilding his relationship with Kim, it remains uncertain how much progress has been made.

Despite all of their disagreements, things appear to be calmer than they were back in 2020. Both parties are making an effort to spend time together and work on their relationship. Entertainment Tonight reports that they are now trying to establish a structure for their marriage, with sources reporting Kanye is working on his mental health.

Kanye West may have struggled with bipolar disorder in the past, but that doesn't stop him from loving his wife and children. If he doesn't make an effort to repair their relationship and convince Kim to join a structured structure, their marriage won't last for long.

4. He’s Trying to Control Their Kids

In May's episode of Hulu's The Kardashians, Kim revealed her desire for Kanye West to be part of her children's lives regardless of their relationship status.

Although they appear to be working through their divorce together, the couple has still engaged in heated battles over their children. For instance, he recently accused Kim of trying to control their kids' lives by restricting their access to certain social media platforms.

The rapper, who has previously spoken out about his bipolar disorder and mental health struggles, has expressed concerns about how his daughters North, Saint, and Chicago are being represented in the media. Specifically, he worries that they'll be seen as objects for sexual pursuits.

Sources report that Kim and Kanye haven't been on friendly terms since their divorce. It has been said they had some "tough conversations" about their children's upbringing, with Kanye even being accused of cheating on her with NBA player Chris Paul.

But now, it appears that things are improving between them. Ye recently shared videos of his children North and Saint at their school - Donda Academy in California - a private institution.

Later this month, Kanye West posted an emotional rant on Instagram in which he apologized for any stress he caused her during their marriage. The six-year husband of Kardashian said he's trying to make peace with her by working through his issues.

He also addressed the fact that his relationship with Fox, an actress and singer, hasn't been kind to Kim's self-esteem. Although she may be flaunting her new non-billionaire lifestyle by spending time at outlet malls and pizza joints with him, it's not making Kim contented.

No matter the truth of it, Kanye and Kim have been engaged in an intense battle over their children's upbringing for months now. Despite this, it appears they have made progress and reached agreement on how to co-parent together.


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