Hellas Verona F.C. Serie A A.S. Roma U.S. Salernitana 1919

Hellas Verona F.C. Serie A A.S. Roma U.S. Salernitana 1919


Hellas Verona FC Serie A  AS Roma  US Salernitana 1919

Verona have been in Serie A since 2013, after being promoted from Serie B. They boast a long and successful history in Italian football, having played in the "Campionato Nazionale" between 1926 and 1929.

Despite their success, they couldn't stay up and finished 18th in the league. On Thursday night they will hope for a better run of results when they face bottom side Cremonese.

Hellas Verona was founded in 1903

Verona is a city full of history, from Roman ruins to Renaissance culture and the world's largest open-air opera venue. Additionally, Verona boasts an exciting club called Hellas Verona.

Hellas was founded in 1903 by a group of high school students who wanted to play football. They asked their Greek teacher Decios Corumbola for assistance and his suggestion of the name Hellas proved successful.

At that time, football had only just started to gain popularity in northern Italian cities and had yet to gain traction there. Indeed, most people in the region were indifferent towards it until two local teams chose the Roman amphitheatre as their home venue in 1906 - sparking crowd enthusiasm and media interest alike.

At this time, AC Hellas began to gain local support and in 1911 the city authorities granted them a new stadium. In 1959 the club merged with Bentegodi and Scaligera (two other city rivals) to form AC Verona.

In 1972-1973, the team enjoyed an impressive season that saw them build up a seven-point lead early in the campaign. For some weeks, they even led the standings; however, after several disappointing results, they eventually fell to second place.

In 1975-1976, Napoli enjoyed an exemplary season, finishing second in Serie A and reaching the Coppa Italia final. In this competition, they knocked off many of Italy's top clubs before succumbing 4-0 to Napoli.

Ten years later, Hellas returned to Serie A and managed a fourth-place finish. In 1983-1984 they qualified for their first ever UEFA Cup appearance; two years later they reached the quarterfinals before losing out against German side Werder Bremen.

Hellas FC is proud to be part of the Italian Football Federation and competes in Serie A. They have achieved incredible success over time and gained global recognition as one of the most beloved soccer clubs worldwide.

Hellas has achieved great success, yet they are not without its challenges. Recently, the team has faced multiple scandals and financial troubles.

Legendary fan group of Hellas is le brigate gialloblA1 ("the yellowblue brigades"). These supporters are renowned for their passionate displays and unyielding determination.

Hellas Verona is a professional football club based in Verona

Hellas Verona is a professional football club based in Verona, Veneto, Italy and plays in Serie A - Italy's highest level of league competition. They have achieved great success over their history, winning the Serie A Championship for four consecutive years from 1984-85.

In 1903, a group of high school students from Greece founded the club as an honor for a professor of classics. At that time, only few larger cities played football and most people in Verona were unaware of its growing popularity until 1906 when two city teams faced off at the Roman amphitheater, sparking interest and growing the game's popularity ever since.

In 1919, Verona FC was formed when two city teams merged to form Verona FC. This enabled the club to compete in regional matches and eventually reach the top tier of Italian soccer leagues.

Since 1963, Chievo Verona has played at Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi, one of Italy's oldest and largest stadiums shared with rival Chievo Verona. This venue boasts outstanding facilities as well as an illustrious past.

In 1963-1964, Hellas Verona made history as it became the fifth Italian city to host an intercity fixture in Serie A (known as "Derby della Scala"). This inaugural derby took place on matchday 11 against Chievo Verona and ended with a 3-2 victory for Hellas.

The club's colors are yellow and blue, representing Verona. Additionally, they have a distinctive logo featuring a yellow cross on a blue shield.

Aside from Serie A, Milan also competes in Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana. Their roster features several top-tier players such as Koray Gunter, Kevin Lasagna and Mattia Zaccagni.

These players possess a range of attributes, such as ball control, physical strength and an explosive attacking style. Furthermore, they possess great physical prowess when facing off against opponents in duels - qualities highly sought-after by fans.

Brigate Gialloblu, or Blue Brigaders as they are affectionately known, are an integral part of the club's culture and are known for their humorous slogans and chants. You can spot them wearing various colorful t-shirts, caps and jackets as well as unfurling funny banners during matches and dancing along with them.

Hellas Verona plays in Serie A

Hellas Verona competes in Serie A, Italy's highest level of football. Established in 1903 and based in Verona, Italy, they are members of the Italian Football Federation and host their home matches at Stadio Bentegodi.

Teams in Serie A must play nine matches during a season, with one tie and two home matches. A team can qualify for the Europa League if it finishes in the top half of their table.

Hellas Verona had an uphill struggle during its early years of existence, failing to make any progress. They were still amateurs when Campionato Nazionale became a professional league in 1929; so, to try and improve, the team merged with Bentegodi and Scaligera (two of their city rivals) to form AC Verona.

After making a strong debut in Serie B, the team was promoted to Serie A in 1968; however, due to financial issues and poor performances they weren't able to remain there long.

The club's most renowned triumph came in 1984 when they claimed the Serie A championship - an astonishing result for the gialloblu. It was only the second club ever to achieve this feat in Serie A history.

They are distinguished by their yellow and blue colors, along with classic stripes on the back of their uniforms. Furthermore, they have an emblem featuring a blue shield with a yellow cross.

At present, Hellas Verona is ranked as the 12th best team in Serie A. They have won seven matches, drawn four and lost six this season.

This team boasts a formidable defense, as well as an impressive attack. Mattia Zaccagni leads the scoring with 5 goals, and they boast plenty of talented players such as Czech Republic national team player Antonin Barak.

Darko Lazovic is another key member of the team and plays as a winger for the club. A Serbian national, he's an impressive goal scorer and an important component of their squad.

Hellas Verona is a member of the Italian Football Federation

Established in 1903, Hellas Verona is a professional football club based in Verona, Italy and part of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). They compete in Serie A - Italy's highest level of professional football - for over 125 years.

The team plays its home matches at Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi, one of Argentina's most iconic venues. Refurbished for the 1990 World Cup, this stadium can hold up to 45,000 spectators.

Hellas Verona have achieved great success since their foundation, including winning the 1984-85 Serie A championship. This achievement brought international attention to Verona and revolutionized Italian football's perception.

This victory also brought about a revolutionary shift in how referees are chosen for matches. For the first time ever in Serie A history, referees were randomly assigned matches as part of an initiative designed to improve Italian football's image.

Hellas Verona enjoyed an illustrious career during the 1980s, culminating with their fourth-place finish in Serie A 1982-83. That season they also reached the Coppa Italia final.

However, their Serie A and Coppa Italia triumphs were overshadowed by an underwhelming UEFA Cup run in 1985-1986. This year the team finished tenth in the Serie A table, missing out on a crucial UEFA Europa League spot.

Despite these setbacks, they still managed to achieve considerable success on the European stage, earning a place in the 1986 FIFA World Cup. They faced off against some renowned teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool in their matches.

Their primary target for the 2021-22 season is to earn a spot in Serie A. To do this, they expect to finish near the top half of the table and potentially qualify for an appearance in UEFA Champions League play-offs.

Hellas Verona typically plays with a 5-4-1 formation, which is often used for defense. This setup allows them to utilize their forwards as support players while featuring an impressive midfield and defensive line.

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