Greater Bay Airlines Orders 15 Boeing 737 Max Jets

Greater Bay Airlines Orders 15 Boeing 737 Max Jets


Hong Kong airline orders 15 Boeing 737 Max jets

Hong Kong-based Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) has ordered 15 Boeing 737 Max jets to expand its fleet. These aircraft will support GBA's international long-haul service plans.

The 737 Max is a highly sought-after jet for airlines due to its fuel-efficiency. This helps offset rising costs caused by high oil prices, which can be a major setback for airlines.

Greater Bay Airlines (GBA)

Greater Bay Airlines (GBA), one of the newest airlines to enter the market, has ambitious growth plans for their fleet. An order of 15 Boeing 737 Max jets is an important milestone in their development strategy - particularly on long-haul routes.

Hong Kong-based Greater Bay Airlines began operations last summer with flights to Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul. It has plans to expand into other Asia and Mainland China markets with backing from Shenzhen tycoon Bill Wong Cho-bau - founder of Donghai Airlines.

The 737 Max family of aircraft, consisting of the 737 MAX 9 and 8 models, offers enhanced efficiency, environmental performance, passenger comfort, and economics to single-aisle operators around the world. Furthermore, it reduces fuel use and emissions by 20% compared to what it replaces.

Since 2011, more than 100 customers worldwide have placed firm orders for Boeing's 737 MAX airplanes, according to Boeing. This shows the value proposition of this series that Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, believes is unbeatable.

Wong Cho Bau, Chairman of Greater Bay, believes the 737 MAX family will enable them to launch new routes with unbeatable economics and expand their network to include more cities in Asia and Mainland China.

In addition to 15 737 MAX 9 jets, Greater Bay has also committed to purchasing five 787 Dreamliners from Boeing. This will give them the capacity to fly longer-haul destinations and capture more regional market share in the region.

At present, Greater Bay operates three 737-800 aircraft that are leased from mainland ICBC Leasing.

Greater Bay is looking to upgrade their fleet with the 737 MAX family, providing passengers with a more luxurious on-board experience while still keeping costs down. This will lead to lower operating expenses and increased profits for the airline.

Greater Bay Airlines' new 737 MAX aircraft will enable them to offer passengers lower fares than competitors such as HK Express and Cathay Pacific. By ordering these planes, the airline can focus on expanding their business while guaranteeing customers receive top-notch service.

Ordering a 737 Max

Hong Kong airline Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) has ordered 15 Boeing 737 Max jets and committed to buying five 787-9 Dreamliners as it expands its fleet over the next few years. With this order, GBA expects their total 737 and 787 aircraft count to reach 30 and 55 respectively by the end of 2027.

Greater Bay is a newly established airline that began flying in July 2017 with an ambitious plan to expand across Asia and China by the end of this decade. To reduce trip costs and enhance service coverage, Greater Bay plans on using the 737 MAX's enhanced capacity and range as part of their strategy.

The 737 Max, which replaced the 737-800 in 2015, is designed to be more fuel-efficient and reduce emissions and noise pollution. Furthermore, it boasts a longer range than its predecessor and can fly further while using less fuel.

It is powered by a CFM International LEAP-1B engine with an impressive 78-inch fan. Additionally, it boasts several aerodynamic features like a higher gauge aluminum wing and two overwing exits.

Furthermore, it features fly-by-wire spoilers on the wings for weight savings and load alleviation benefits. However, these options require additional maintenance and fuel consumption, making it difficult to justify their installation on a short-haul airline.

One of the more unique characteristics of the MAX is its streamlined tail cone, similar to that on an Airbus A320neo. This will reduce its profile and make it more aerodynamic, increasing fuel economy at high speeds.

Though its design has been altered, the MAX remains true to its roots in the 737-800. It utilizes the same engine and flight deck systems as its predecessor and shares a common cabin design based on that original model 737-800 which offers more room at lower altitudes for improved comfort.

Although the re-engineered Max was originally scheduled for delivery in 2017, it will now be delivered by late 2017. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines, who was the initial launch customer of this aircraft, has moved their order up from mid-2017 to early 2018. According to Scott Fancher - Boeing's vice-president of airplane development - this early delivery is due to their confidence in both program and design.

The 737 Max’s fuel-efficiency

Boeing's 737 Max was an effort to replicate Airbus' success with single-aisle aircraft and meet the demand for lighter, more fuel-efficient jets. At that time, both manufacturers were competing in the narrow body short haul market with their 787 Dreamliner and A380 superjumbo aircrafts.

The CFM International LEAP-1B engine-equipped 737 Max is engineered to offer consumers in the single-aisle market improved fuel efficiency, improved environmental performance and superior passenger comfort.

The new CFM Leap-1B engines and nacelles in the 737 Max have resulted in a 14 percent reduction of fuel consumption compared to their predecessor, the 737-800NG. This reduction can also be attributed to completed engine system audits as well as an improved design of the winglet.

As a result, the 737 Max can be utilized on longer routes with increased capacity and fewer passengers, helping airlines reduce fuel costs and offer customers lower fares.

Boeing claims the 737 Max will offer a 20% improvement in fuel use and emissions compared to jets it replaces, saving operators up to PS3m (US$2 million) annually on operating expenses while improving environmental sustainability.

Boeing has optimized flight controls, cabin pressurization, anti-icing equipment and bleed air systems to achieve the best fuel economy possible. To reduce weight even further, Boeing replaced a mechanical spoiler with a fly-by-wire spoiler that reduces wing area.

The Boeing 737 Max will feature more sophisticated electronics, such as Rockwell Collins large-format displays in the cockpit. These aid in improving situational awareness for pilots and co-pilots alike.

Additionally, the 737 Max will be equipped with an electronic bleed air system to optimize cabin pressurization and anti-icing equipment. This draws air from the engines to improve cabin pressure and help prevent ice formation on wings.

In addition to improved fuel-efficiency, the 737 Max will feature an all-new cabin with more space and comfortable seats for passengers and crew alike. It also comes equipped with larger, more energy-efficient windows to enhance passengers' views of their environment, as well as a more energy efficient air conditioning system designed to reduce energy consumption.

The 737 Max’s safety record

The Boeing 737 Max is the newest generation of its most successful commercial airplane, competing against Airbus' A320neo family. It boasts a larger cockpit, larger engines, and is more fuel-efficient than previous generations.

Unfortunately, the 737 Max's safety record has taken a severe hit after two fatal crashes of the same model within four months occurred. Both crashes were caused by malfunctioning of its flight control system known as MCAS.

In one crash, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the MAX's computerized flight control system repeatedly pushed its nose down, killing all 157 passengers and crew aboard. This caused the plane to dive into the sea due to a single faulty sensor and incorrect reading from it.

However, the NTSB and French aviation safety authority BEA disagreed with Ethiopian investigators regarding what caused that first sensor to malfunction. BEA refuted NTSB's conclusion of a quality issue, instead suggesting it was likely a bird strike that sheared off part of the sensor from its wing.

That means the original malfunctioning sensor was not directly responsible for the crash, but it may have caused other issues to develop. These could have been related to production quality issues at Boeing's factory in Seattle, which manufactured the 737 Max aircraft.

A congressional oversight committee has unanimously agreed to audit Boeing's factory. This audit will verify if Boeing's quality control systems were in place, how they were monitored, and whether the company had an effective maintenance program.

In addition, the committee will examine the FAA's risk assessment report process which evaluates airliners for safety. It also intends to look into the airline's training programs for pilots and other staff, as well as how it communicates with customers and the public.

After two fatal accidents in 2018 and 2019, the Boeing 737 Max's safety record is under scrutiny. Nevertheless, it remains a top seller for Boeing. Some countries, including China, have banned the MAX from their skies.

Recent report by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the FAA improve its risk assessment reports and make them more systematic. Furthermore, it asserted that the agency should be more open about its decisions.

Big 12 reportedly in contact with Colorado other Four Corner schools

The Big 12 is reportedly in Contact With Colorado Other Four Corner Schools About Possible Expansion

According to reports, the Big 12 has been in contact with Colorado and other Four Corner schools about possible expansion. This indicates how tense things have become since USC and UCLA announced their departure from the Pac-12 for the Big Ten.

Now that Texas and Oklahoma have officially exited, Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark is focused on adding more teams to his conference. Houston, Cincinnati, UCF and BYU were added as replacements for those early departures.


According to The Athletic, the Big 12 has reached out to Colorado and other Four Corner schools about potential expansion. If this occurs, it could mark a monumental shift in college football's landscape.

George Kliavkoff, Pac-12 commissioner, had long expressed his confidence that no member of his conference would join the Big 12. However, that optimism appears to have evaporated with USC and UCLA's departure to join the Big Ten, as evidenced by their reemergence as college football powers.

On Wednesday, The Athletic reported that the Big 12 is "reinvigorated" in their efforts to convince four schools who previously left for the Pac-12 to join their conference. Specifically, they are reaching out to Arizona State and Utah with this message.

Yormark has effectively relaunched the conference by striking a deal for new TV rights and resolving the Texas-Oklahoma crisis within his first year as president. Now his focus is on adding more teams to the conference - an ongoing three-step process.

According to The Athletic, Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark is in "deep discussions' with Gonzaga University about joining the league," sources have confirmed. This comes after he successfully negotiated a new TV deal and agreed on an early exit for Texas and Oklahoma in 2023.

By this count, the Big 12 would boast 16 members - more than either the Big Ten or SEC combined. Furthermore, this puts it in an unprecedented position of being the only major conference with representation across all four time zones, creating a rare phenomenon in college football.

The only obstacle standing in the way is that the Big 12 must negotiate a new media rights deal by March, as stipulated in their contract with ESPN.

However, if the dollar figures are inadequate or the deal details remain murky, then the Big 12 could find itself liable for a substantial sum if its expansion doesn't take place by then.

It's a lot to ask of the conference, but if they are willing to take that risk then we could be in for an exciting future. It's something we haven't seen in some time and could be exactly what the Big 12 needs in order to become the dominant power in college football.


Colorado and other Four Corner schools are believed to have reached out to the Big 12 in search of a better media rights deal. This would enable the conference to expand into prime football recruiting territory, bring Pac-12 television shows into strategic TV markets, and boost its brand.

Since USC and UCLA announced their departure for the Big 12, the Big 12 has expressed interest in adding four Four Corner schools. Although those schools are not yet eligible to join, league leader Scott Yormark is said to be in talks with those schools about joining its roster.

Although not a guarantee, the addition of these four schools could help the Pac-12 become the highest-rated college football conference in America and bring some much needed competition to the West Coast. Furthermore, they would give the Pac-12 more television exposure on a national scale while giving the Big 12 an opportunity to establish itself in the Pacific Time Zone, which will be key when they expand the conference later this year.

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham, who turns 64 in November, is in excellent shape and has a long-term goal to get his team into the CFP and Rose Bowl. Plus, he's got some of the game's most sought-after recruits.

Deion Sanders, the Buffs' new coach, has already made some significant moves to reshape his team and bring in some top recruits. He added quarterback Shedeur Sanders from Jackson State and five-star cornerback Travis Hunter from Georgia among other highly rated prospects.

These players are just the start, and will be essential for Colorado's future success under Prime. After two seasons of 1-11 play, Prime is bringing in transfers and early enrollees that will drastically alter its identity.

Though it's too soon to tell if Prime will be a successful coach at Colorado, he is an excellent hire and in an ideal position to turn things around. His positive attitude and personality fit perfectly with what the program needs right now--largely stagnant for some time. With some talented young players on his roster, it will just depend on how quickly Prime can restore Folsom Field's energy level.

Arizona State

CBS Sports' Dennis Dod reports that the Big 12 has recently renewed contact with Arizona State, Colorado and Utah as it struggles to come to a decision regarding its latest television contract negotiations. This development comes at a crucial juncture as UCLA and USC look set to leave for the Big Ten in 2024, placing pressure on Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff to reach an agreement soon.

Yormark, a former businessman and now Big 12 commissioner, has made no secret of his desire to expand the conference westward. This has caused tension between Yormark and Kliavkoff, creating uncertainty regarding the conference's future direction.

If the Big 12 were to take on a large number of Pac-12 schools, it would become much more competitive in the league. However, another potential threat comes in the form of the Big Ten which has expressed interest in expanding into western America.

The Big 12 holds a unique position in this case, as it is the only power conference still open to expansion. This has caused some consternation among schools negotiating a new media contract with the Pac-12.

It is encouraging that the Big 12 has not given up on streaming, which may eventually replace traditional TV broadcasts. Rumors indicate they are currently in talks with Amazon to become its exclusive media partner for games - an indication of potential success for the league.

Another crucial factor is the Pac-12's current media rights deal, which many consider to be one of college football's worst ever. That agreement expires in March and the Big 12 needs to secure a new one before then.

By adding ASU, Arizona and Utah to the Big 12, it will give it 16 schools - exactly the same number as both the Big Ten and SEC have. Furthermore, adding three time zones could give it a greater reach on television than either conference currently enjoys.


According to The Athletic, the Big 12 conference has been in talks with Colorado and other Four Corner schools about leaving the conference. Sources familiar with the discussions say that conference officials hope these schools will see benefits from joining the Big 12.

After USC and UCLA announced their plans to depart the Pac-12 for the Big Ten, there was a flurry of realignment speculation across college football. Many questioned if the Pac-12 could remain competitive without those two teams; others saw USC and UCLA's departure as evidence that their conference was losing its national relevance.

Though there can never be a guarantee, the Pac-12 appears to be taking no chances. Commissioner George Kliavkoff is quietly creating the conditions for expansion while also striking a deal for new media rights.

The Pac-12's current contract, which expires in 2024, grants Fox and ESPN 63% of their pro rata revenue - the same share the Big 12 has enjoyed since becoming 14-team league in 2010.

However, if those Four Corner schools join the conference, its revenue model would shift to something different than what it currently uses. That means the Big 12 would pay any new team or schools a substantial sum - perhaps up to $20 million annually.

Money would be a major incentive for schools to join the Big 12 and could have an immense effect on its future. It might even force an unequal revenue sharing model - something Clemson and Florida State have been advocating for.

If the Big 12 were to include those Four Corners schools in its league, that could spell the end of the Pac-12 as we know it. That's because expanding into the Pacific Time Zone would increase available game inventory there and give the conference national reach with more eyes and advertising dollars at stake.

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