Grease Star Olivia Newton-John's Last Song

Grease Star Olivia Newton-John's Last Song


Olivia NewtonJohn  Jolene ft Dolly Parton

Grease star Olivia Newton-John has recorded her last song - a duet of Dolly Parton's country hit Jolene. The track, out this week, is taken from her upcoming album Just the Two of Us: The Duets Collection and features Dolly's iconic line: "Everyday we feel lucky".

In the video, it's evident that both women are delighted to be singing together. It's one of several tracks on their album which will release May 5.

Recorded Before Her Passing

Last year, Grease actress and country music megastar Olivia Newton-John recorded a breathtaking song before she passed away, prompting her husband John Easterling to take an emotional look at what would become her final recording. The rendition is an updated version of Dolly Parton's classic 1970s hit "Jolene," released on her posthumously titled album Just the Two of Us: The Duets Collection.

The album features 17 tracks and is accompanied by an impressive video. The standout track is a reimagined "Jolene," featuring Newton-John alongside country superstar Dolly Parton. If you haven't already watched it, we highly recommend it; especially those who appreciate classic rock genre music or want to hear Newton-John's angelic voice in all its glory. Her family also shared their thoughts during a live-streamed interview with TODAY host Hoda Kotb that offered viewers an insightful look into one of music's true stars.

Released Posthumously

Olivia Newton-John and Dolly Parton joined forces for a duet of their iconic hit Jolene. This song will be included on Newton-John's forthcoming posthumous album Just the Two of Us, due out May 5th. Recorded several months before she passed away from cancer last year, this collaboration was recorded before she passed away from illness last year.

Dolly and Olivia first became friends in 1974 after both winning the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year award. On Dolly's 1976 record Come On Over, Olivia featured Dolly singing a cover of "Jolene" that became one of their signature pieces; since then they've collaborated extensively in other projects as well.

Newton-John's career as a country singer extended into pop and R&B during the 1970s. She would perform covers of popular songs as part of her live shows, while also beginning to release her own albums and songs during this time.

In 1977, she achieved superstardom with the success of her debut hit song "Here You Come Again", ushering her career into more pop-oriented territory. That same year she co-starred in the film 9 to 5" with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris which reached number one on both country and pop charts.

Dolly was renowned for her ability to craft songs that spoke directly to real people. Her 1973 hit "Jolene" dealt with a woman trying to take her husband away from her, and Dolly said the simplicity of the melody was what made it so effective.

She stated that the song wasn't meant to be malicious; rather, it was her way of showing her husband how much she cares and desires to spend the rest of her life with him.

Over the years, this song has been covered by many artists such as Mindy Smith and Miley Cyrus. Many versions have been translated into other languages as well.

Though no longer a chart-topper, Dolly's song remains an integral part of her legacy. It has endured through time as both timeless and beloved, being covered by new generations of artists with each passing year.

Music Video

Dolly Parton has long been celebrated for her timeless songs, and one of the best is "Jolene," written back in 1973 and featuring Grease star Olivia Newton-John. On Friday, February 17th 2018, this poignant duet was released to celebrate Dolly's 75th birthday!

This version of Jolene is stunningly beautiful. Both women sing together in this music video, and you can tell they have such an amazing chemistry between them. It's a very touching video and one you will want to watch.

In addition to the music, this video also includes the lyrics of the song and two singers performing it with accompaniment from the Pentatonix choir. This is an engaging way for anyone to learn the tune in an enjoyable manner, making learning it a fun experience for everyone involved.

This heartbreaking song first released on the 1973 album Jolene is one that will never become outdated. Not only has it become a beloved staple in many country music albums over time, but its message of perseverance also remains unchanged.

Many have been curious where the inspiration for this song came from, and Dolly finally revealed. According to NPR, she was inspired by a real person.

Dolly was motivated to pen this song by a red-headed woman who she found highly flirtatious with her husband Carl Dean, making it difficult for her to be around them. This spurred Dolly on to create the song which has since gone on to become an international hit.

It's an incredibly powerful song that remains relevant today and will always hold a special place in the hearts of country music enthusiasts. The massive hit has been performed by numerous artists over time.

Dolly is an incredible artist with a passionate fan base, so it's no surprise that she would include this song in her album. Additionally, you can find various versions of the song on YouTube - be sure to take a look!


Olivia Newton-John was one of the world's most beloved singers during the 1970s. Her hits reached number 10 worldwide, including in both America and Australia. Moreover, she earned numerous awards including a 1974 Grammy. Additionally, Olivia battled cancer three times; championed environmental and animal rights causes; toured around the globe; and made charitable contributions.

She has released numerous albums throughout the years, with many of her songs covered by artists such as Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald, John Travolta, Jon Secada and Barry Gibb. A duets album featuring original compositions is expected to be released later this year.

Throughout her career, she recorded a variety of music, such as country-pop songs and ballads. She was renowned for her powerful vocal range.

In the early 1980s, she achieved success with her rock-pop single "Physical" and starred in the roller disco fantasy Xanadu which became a big box office success. John Travolta later rejoined her for Two of a Kind (1983), which produced another hit single titled "Suddenly."

Since then she's released several studio albums and toured around the world. Additionally, she is actively involved in supporting various causes, becoming a spokesperson for her Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, she publishes a cookbook featuring healthy recipes as well as quotes about health and happiness which all benefit her center.

Newton-John was still performing even after she suffered several heart attacks in the mid-90s. She toured America twice with a symphony orchestra backing her ballads for an enhanced sound.

In 2004, she released the tribute album Indigo: Women of Song, featuring renditions of songs by Joan Baez, the Carpenters, Doris Day, Nina Simone and Minnie Riperton. It was dedicated to her mother who had passed away from breast cancer the previous year.

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