Gracie Abrams and Halsey Lead Hot Trending Songs Chart

Gracie Abrams and Halsey Lead Hot Trending Songs Chart


Gracie Abrams  Halsey Lead Hot Trending Songs Chart

Gracie Abrams and Halsey Lead Hot Trending Songs Chart

Olivia Rodrigo may not be world-famous yet, but Gracie Abrams is on the rise in her own right. The daughter of Hollywood royalty is becoming a rising star in her own right and her music has been nothing short of amazing.

Bedroom pop has arrived. This crisp, minimalist production blends the emotional depth of indie singer-songwriters with the polished shine of mainstream radio.

1. Gracie Abrams & Halsey – Mean It

Gracie Abrams, the young singer who started posting self-recorded videos of her original songs to Instagram, has made waves in the music scene. Her debut single "Mean It" is heartbreaking and accompanied by an equally stunning video.

Abrams has consistently sought out the industry's biggest names to collaborate on her music, such as Sarah Aarons (Mabel), Joel Little (Taylor Swift, Lorde, Khalid) and acclaimed producer Aaron Dessner. Her debut EP Minor released in 2020 featured her captivating vocals accompanied by amplified production.

Her previous three EPs featured more of a bedroom pop sound, but on Minor she ventured outside her comfort zone to explore experimental songwriting and amplified vocals. Working with producers such as Sarah Aarons and Joel Little gave the songs an updated sound and renewed assurance.

Abrams has the unique ability to take her more ethereal tracks and turn them into full-fledged pop performances. Her capacity for delivering intense emotions in an authentic manner is one of her strongest assets, which was evident on Good Riddance.

The album's opening track, "Where Do We Go Now?" is an intimate love story that captures the uncertainty of romantic uncertainty. Narrated from a partner's point of view, this song explores where they feel lost and uncertain about their next move.

As the song progresses, Halsey's lyrics get more pointed and her production gets darker as it builds to a climactic peak with heavy EDM beats and her signature voice. It's an inspiring moment that challenges stereotypical notions as she sings: "Lock up your sons / Make way for the daughters."

Good Riddance's final track, "Western Wind," is another poignantly raw moment rooted in grief. With its hazy soundscape and haunting melodies, it serves as a poignant reminder of the loss of someone dear; yet this time around she seeks peace through those memories which remain.

2. Gracie Abrams & Halsey – This Is What It Feels Like

Today, November 12th, Gracie Abrams & Halsey continue their hot trending songs streak with "This Is What It Feels Like," earning the highest placement on this week's Mediabase pop radio airplay chart. Additionally, both tracks made their Top 40 debuts on Alternative Airplay and Hot AC charts this week.

At fourteen, Abrams from Los Angeles began recording and performing music under her own name as Gracie Abrams. She quickly discovered she had a knack for crafting emotionally-charged pop songs, leading her to collaborate with producers such as Joel Little (Taylor Swift, Lorde, Khalid) and Sarah Aarons (Mabel, Halsey).

Her debut EP, minor, established her as a talented songwriter with an ear for emotionally charged pop music. Now, with This Is What It Feels Like, she takes her talents even further with an album that further displays them.

As the daughter of Hollywood royalty, Abrams has access to an abundance of resources that allow her to pursue her passion for writing and performing. Her lyrics are raw and honest, complemented by cinematic production that's both art and instrument for listeners alike.

Abrams is part of the emerging bedroom-pop movement that's taking the genre mainstream. While its roots in indie pop revival of the late 20th century remain, this sound has evolved into something altogether more flamboyant and contemporary.

As a result, there are many artists working hard to make the genre more authentic and meaningful for fans. From Olivia Rodrigo and Bo Burnham to Gracie Abrams and MUNA, these musicians are all tackling topics rarely heard in popular music: identity, self-worth, sexuality - they're songs about things teenagers face every day.

3. Gracie Abrams & Halsey – Love Me

On our charts for the week ending March 4, Gracie Abrams & Halsey lead the charge with their song "Love Me." Directed by Aaron Dessner, this captivating track also features one of the biggest hits off their album Good Riddance.

The song marks the start of what promises to be an exciting year for Los Angeles-based teen singer Meghan Trainor, who recently announced her first headlining tour and is set to release an EP and several singles this month that promise more chart topping success. Her father, film director J.J Abrams, will co-produce several tracks on the upcoming record as well.

Abrams' pop production is full of captivating elements, from her vocals to Sarah Aarons' songwriting. But perhaps most notable is the song's expansive use of space and texture - no surprise given their propensity for experimentation with sound.

Over the past several years, several major trends have taken the pop world by storm. One of them was social media's role in fueling interest in music videos - particularly TikTok's rise, which has created a major clash between DIY video content and mainstream consumption of music.

Pop music remains a mysterious art to many listeners, but those who appreciate technology-infused songs will certainly appreciate Gracie Abrams' track "Love Me," which showcases her captivating vocals. Additionally, this track serves as an example of the growing trend in augmented reality among musicians today.

4. Gracie Abrams & Halsey – How Does It Feel

As it turns out, Gracie Abrams & Halsey's debut EP Minor is an impressive pop record. It also serves as a testament to the current state of bedroom-pop music, in which artists like Abrams are infusing indie-pop elements into more conventional radio-ready forms.

One of the most distinctive trends in pop music recently has been the rise of bedroom-pop, a genre that sounds like it came from someone's luxurious bedroom. This genre features breathy vocals and confessional lyrics about heartbreak, often accompanied by delicate pianos or guitars.

But it's also a genre being revolutionized with cutting-edge technology, enabling songs to be released at an incredible rate. This has given artists more chances than ever before to reach the top of the charts quickly.

Billboard's Hot Trending Songs chart has seen an uptick in music-related social trends over the last 24 hours or seven days, measuring global music-related conversations live across Twitter over 24 hours or seven days.

BTS' latest single "Permission to Dance" has received 231,000 Twitter mentions in the last 24 hours and 1.1 million over seven days, propelling it to become the undisputed leader of Twitter's Hot Trending Songs Chart powered by their social trends algorithm.

Other leaders this week include Metro Boomin, The Weeknd and 21 Savage's "Creepin'," Morgan Wallen's "Last Night" and XO rapper Suga's "Franchise". All these songs boast high digital sales rankings but their presence on this chart is somewhat unexpected: they haven't been on Billboard Hot 100 for very long.

5. Gracie Abrams & Halsey – Unlearn

Gracie Abrams & Halsey are leading the Hot Trending Songs Chart with "Unlearn," a song that speaks to those feeling trapped in their relationships due to trauma from the past. But this tune encourages listeners to try and unlearn those patterns and start over with something safe, healthy and loving. The piano and vocoder synthesiser on this track are incredibly light; allowing Abrams' emotions without overwhelming listeners. Furthermore, her vulnerable lyrics are beautifully showcased in the video below that showcases Abrams' vulnerable lyrics.

Recently, Gracie Abrams and Benny Blanco appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to perform their song, "Unlearn," from their upcoming album Friends Keep Secrets 2, due out March 26.

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