GOT7 Singer Jackson Wang Releases New Single With Singaporean Artist JJ Lin

GOT7 Singer Jackson Wang Releases New Single With Singaporean Artist JJ Lin


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GOT7 singer Jackson Wang recently released the touching single, "Should've Let Go," featuring Singaporean artist JJ Lin. It serves as a poignant reminder of past regrets.

MAGICMAN also unveiled Team Wang, a line of merchandise that brings together his passion for fashion and Chinese heritage. Furthermore, he's become an ambassador for jewellery brand Cartier.

Who is jj lin?

JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer-songwriter and record producer renowned for his work in Chinese music. Additionally, he has featured on multiple TV shows.

Lin was born on 27 March 1981 in Singapore to a Kim - Mui Hokkien family. As part of the Singapore Armed Forces, he attended Saint Andrew's Junior college before embarking on his musical career.

He has released several popular albums, such as Music Voyager (2003), 600 Days (2006) and She Says (2011). He is one of Asia's most sought-after singers with a significant fan base on the Chinese mainland. Nominated for numerous awards throughout his career - including Best Male Artist at the 15th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards and "True Hero" award at 22nd Beijing Music Awards - he continues to build upon this success.

He not only produces music, but he also owns the fashion line SMUDGE. Furthermore, he's part of China's Victory Five esports team.

The Singaporean crooner recently collaborated with Swedish DJ Steve Aoki on the song 'Drifter', earning him the title of Spotify's most-streamed local artist in Singapore. Additionally, he has performed previously with Swedish EDM duo Galantis.

Since his debut, Lin has been a force in the music industry and is renowned for his talent and versatility. With an unique voice and infectious passion for what he does, he's earned several nominations and sold over one million copies of his albums - cementing himself as one of music's premier acts.

Despite his success, he remains humble and modest. He says that he has a special connection with his fans, hoping that his heartfelt songs and performances will be remembered for their sincerity.

JJ Lin is a renowned songwriter who has written numerous hits for Chinese singers. He has also been nominated for numerous awards and seen his songs featured on various television shows.

His latest hit 'Guo Should've Let Go' is an inspirational Mandarin track featuring Jackson Wang and Singaporean Mandopop singer JJ Lin duetting together. The poignant melody brings back memories of past relationships that should have ended sooner.

What is jj lin’s music?

JJ Lin is a renowned Singaporean singer-songwriter who has been active in the music industry for many years. He has released 14 albums and earned himself numerous accolades for his work, currently signed to Warner Music Taiwan label.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with many artists such as Steve Aoki, Anne Marie, Jackson Wang and Jason Mraz. His songs have amassed over 120 billion streams on various platforms.

Lin has voice-overed for numerous television advertisements, such as Sprite, Durex, Dota 2, Cornetto Royale and the anti-drug campaign "Taiwan Fan Du Da Shi" (The Anti-Drug Ambassador).

He has also starred in numerous films such as Spider Lilies (2007) and Love (2008), earning him nominations for numerous prestigious awards like the Golden Melody Awards and MTV Asia Award.

Lin is renowned for his powerful vocals and versatile musical style. He has achieved great success in the Asian market, earning four Golden Melody Awards, two MTV Asia Awards, and six Singapore Hit Awards to date.

Lin is not only a gifted musician, but an equally accomplished songwriter. While still training under Ocean Butterflies, he composed over one hundred songs for other artists including A-Mei's "Remember", A-Do's "Let Go", Harlem Yu's "What's Wrong With You?" and Comic Boyz's "Heart of Superman".

Lin was born in Singapore on March 27th, 1979 to a Filipino mother and Chinese father. He began playing the piano at an early age, becoming certified in classical music after eight years of training. Later he pursued Multimedia Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

He manages to find time for family and friends while still working hard as a musician. In his free time, he enjoys traveling around the world to experience different cultures - places such as Japan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia are some of his favorite destinations.

When not recording or touring, he can be found at home in Singapore with his girlfriend and children. When not working or touring, he likes to relax by watching television shows.

Who is jj lin’s manager?

Music and entertainment scouts and managers around the world are constantly on the hunt for the next great act. They want to see if an artist can withstand fame's trials and build a career that endures.

JJ Lin, a Singaporean singer-songwriter who has been in the industry for 18 years, has achieved tremendous success during that time. His success has earned him recognition and cemented him as one of the top musical acts in Asia.

He has been able to sustain a successful career through the support of his management team. They have guided and taught him how to stay grounded, becoming resilient in the face of all that comes with being in the music business.

They have also helped him gain the attention of major labels, such as Sony Records and Universal Music. Furthermore, they manage his social media accounts and work on his PR strategy.

In addition to his music career, he has also been active in the fashion industry for some time now. He's collaborated with renowned brands such as Armani Perfume, Fendi and Ray-Ban. Additionally, he owns Team Wang Clothing & Accessory Boutique that specializes in apparel & accessories.

Recently, Jackson Wang has been busy crafting some new music. He released several singles in recent months such as "Should've Let Go" and "Papillon".

Jackson Wang produced both singles himself. He was involved in the planning and editing process for both songs as well as working with various directors to craft their music videos.

He has collaborated with renowned American music video and commercial director Rich Lee on numerous high-profile projects such as Disney and Broadway shows.

His most recent endeavor has been the music video for his single, "Cruel." Additionally, he collaborated with Kinjaz dance studio on choreographing a series of ads for the brand.

Jackson Wang has collaborated with some of the industry's biggest names, such as Gucci Mane and JJ Lin. Additionally, he has toured around the world and earned himself a place of honor around the globe.

Who is jj lin’s label?

JJ Lin, a Singaporean Mandopop singer-composer who has earned numerous awards for his work, has recently signed with UTA to gain international representation. He has released multiple albums and is known for experimenting with new technologies and styles.

Lin's music is inspired by R&B and hip-hop. He's written songs for other artists such as Harlem Yu and Comic Boyz, and enjoys including sci-fi themes in his compositions.

JJ Lin is an exceptional artist in that he can express different emotions through music. This feat of hiss proves difficult for many singers, yet JJ Lin excels at it.

Lin has faced health challenges in the past, such as acid reflux and flu. Although he had to take time off from recording and touring due to these ailments, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of his dreams.

Lin has overcome these difficulties to pursue his career. He has toured the world multiple times and released multiple albums, as well as working with renowned artists such as Hans Zimmer, Jason Mraz and Steve Aoki.

Lin is renowned for his music and innovative approach to esports and gaming. He founded Team Still Moving under Gunfire, a professional esports team in China and Southeast Asia that utilizes cutting-edge technology.

He has joined forces with entrepreneurs Kiat Lim and Elroy Cheo to form ARC, a private digital community powered by NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain technology. The aim of ARC is to create a metaverse where people can engage with different worlds.

Jackson Wang is the latest artist to feature on JJ Lin's label with his song and video "Guo Should've Let Go", released today, December 17th. Featuring Lin, this release can be streamed online here.

The track is an emotional one that sees Lin and Wang duetting as they reflect on past relationships and how things could have turned out differently. The accompanying music video will soon be released, featuring flashbacks of the two singers' younger selves reflecting on their love lives.

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