GloRilla Trolled By NBA YoungBoy Fans After Previewing New Lil Durk Collab

GloRilla Trolled By NBA YoungBoy Fans After Previewing New Lil Durk Collab


Chicago drill icon GloRilla had an incredible year in 2022 with hits like "F.N.F." and a Cardi B remix of her song "Tomorrow." Now she's back with another hot single featuring Lil Durk.

NBA Youngboy fans aren't pleased about it. They say she should have connected with him sooner, and are calling her out on Twitter for it.

Lil Durk’s Relativity Issues

Although we're all well-aware of the longstanding feud between NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk, their feud is far from over. These artists have been engaged in online and musical battles for years now, with recently taking a turn for the worse.

GloRilla, who recently previewed her collaboration with Lil Durk, is being teased by NBA Youngboy fans. While she doesn't seem to be getting involved in the feud herself, she did post a shoutout to YoungBoy on her Instagram page earlier this week.

On Tuesday, March 14th, she posted a snippet of the song entitled "AHHH HA" to her Instagram page which quickly gained momentum among fans.

In the video clip, Lil Durk can be seen walking across the stage and then being hit in the face with a burst of smoke. His face is then covered in white T-shirts as if he is in pain.

However, the song didn't take long for it to become a huge success. When released, it topped the Billboard 200 and reached number 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

Not only that, but YoungBoy makes an appearance in the song as well - sure to stir up even more controversy. The two rappers are currently involved in a bitter feud after King Von, a close friend of both men, was shot and killed outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta.

Reports indicate the feud between YoungBoy and King Von began when they clashed over King Von's relationship with labelmate Quando Rondo, signed under YoungBoy's Never Broke Again record label.

This feud between these three MCs has grown into one of hip-hop's most publicized, and we don't anticipate it to end any time soon. Therefore, it's essential to comprehend how it has formed.

The primary issue with much of the news coverage surrounding Durk and YoungBoy's feud is that it fails to adequately take into account the real context behind it. Both MCs have children and families that love them, so despite all the violence their music depicts, these MCs remain beacons of hope.

India Royale’s Relationship With NBA YoungBoy

India Royale is an acclaimed beauty and fashion blogger with 4.5 million followers on Instagram, as well as a TikTok account and YouTube channel.

The social media star has also pursued an entrepreneurial career by founding her own makeup and hair line. She is the founder of India Royale Beauty and runs a Vendor that sells Brazilian hair products to salons and beauty providers.

India Royale has had her share of ups and downs on social media, but she always chooses her battles carefully to protect those she cares about. That is why it came as no surprise when NBA YoungBoy took a swipe at her on Twitter when the rapper called out her relationship with Lil Durk for being "free."

However, when India Royale responded to the comments, she did not specifically name-drop YoungBoy. Instead, she criticised the remarks and advised her followers to ignore them.

According to the rapper, she should not take advice from online sources that is not grounded in reality. For instance, someone has trolling her by suggesting she should get intimate with and have a baby with YoungBoy so as to earn his respect and admiration.

Though the rapper has yet to respond, he has made several posts in defense of his former partner and baby mama over the last few months. In fact, he even took to his Instagram story to make an emotional confession about their relationship, detailing how it ended.

Due to her relationship with Durk, India has been the target of many online trolls. This prompted her to take a shot at NBA YoungBoy over the weekend.

In her torrent of tweets, she defended herself and even challenged the Chicago rapper's street creds. Additionally, she questioned his six children with different women.

After years of dating, it appears Lil Durk and India Royale may have finally parted ways. Rumors began swirling when the 'Back in Blood' rapper posted an Instagram Story tagging his then-girlfriend with an ominous message, seemingly confirming the breakup rumors.

GloRilla’s Collaboration With Lil Durk

GloRilla, from Memphis, has quickly become one of the hottest new artists in music. Her song "Tomorrow 2" has gone viral and quickly climbed the charts; GloRilla has big plans for her future endeavors as well.

GloRilla has seen her popularity soar, yet she continues to face backlash from NBA Youngboy fans after previewing a Lil Durk collaboration. Many online fans of the Baton Rouge rapper have been critical online, calling out GloRilla for working with Durk instead of him.

GloRilla doesn't give a damn about who the critics are; as long as she can keep making music, GloRilla won't stop. She's already collaborated with several artists to create some of the hottest tracks in the game, such as Cardi B and Trina.

She also plans to release an EP soon with a bonus edition featuring "Ex's," featuring Lil Durk and Trina.

GloRilla recently released her latest track and was involved in an unfortunate incident. She and her band Finesse2Tymes performed at a concert in Rochester, New York last month before it was tragically stampeded during their performance.

Three people died as a result of the stampede that followed after the show ended, when people scrambled for safety. According to TMZ, three people were tragically lost during this incident.

The incident motivated the rapper to donate $25k to her alma mater, which plans to launch a music program there. Furthermore, she hopes to break into acting as she has always loved being on camera.

GloRilla, a Memphis native, has seen tremendous success since she began rapping in 2022. Signed with Yo Gotti's CMG label, her debut single "F.N.F" quickly went viral and earned her nomination for a Grammy Award. Additionally, GloRilla participated in Rolling Loud: New York - an music festival known for its controversy in the past - which earned her some notoriety of its own.

GloRilla’s Response

GloRilla, from Baton Rouge, has been making headlines this year with her hit single "F.N.F." She further cemented her fame through Yo Gotti's CMG label and continues to climb the charts.

Her recent single, "Broadway Girls," featuring Lil Durk, has become an instant success on radio and streaming platforms. However, NBA Youngboy fans have taken issue with her preview of the Lil Durk collaboration before its official release.

GloRilla hasn't released any music since her breakout single, but she shared a sneak preview of her upcoming collaboration with Lil Durk on Instagram earlier this week. Additionally, GloRilla assured fans they won't have to wait long for the record as it's set for release later today (Mar. 15).

Lil Durk addresses his love life in the lyrics, rapping about someone he truly cares about while also noting that his record label is trying to fund fake relationships. While some viewers are criticizing GloRilla for joining Lil Durk, others are in support of her pairing.

GloRilla has not commented much on the controversy surrounding her relationship with NBA Youngboy in the past, however she has expressed her disdain for those who criticize him in the past.

He recently shared a family portrait featuring himself, his fiance Jazlyn Mychelle and their two children to hint that he will release his sixth album this year, entitled "Ma' I Got A Family," soon.

YoungBoy recently shared on his Instagram that his album will include 13-17 songs and be released this week. Many of the tracks will be family-themed, as YoungBoy has been particularly inspired by his two children lately.

YoungBoy has an ardent fan base; his unique style appeals to many listeners and he works tirelessly for their satisfaction. This dedication to self-promotion has resulted in his YouTube page generating an estimated 292 million views per month, translating into $1.4 million in streaming revenue - an amazing feat in today's world where pop stars aren't the only ones who can monetize off their social media presences.

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