#GloRilla Reacts To Fan Installing Wig

#GloRilla Reacts To Fan Installing Wig


GloRilla Reacts To Fan Installing Wig Glo Ripped Off Her Own Head at concer

Memphis rapper GloRilla concluded her 15-city tour in support of CMG debut project, Anyways, Life's Great, on a wild note. As someone tried to grab her wig while crowd surfing, GloRilla tore it off and launched it into the audience.

Bigboujiela, an ecstatic fan, proudly donned her new periwig in an Instagram video.

Video of GloRilla Reacting To Fan Installing Wig

On Sunday (February 26), GloRilla's Last Stop on Her Howevers, Life's Great Tour came to a dramatic close in Philadelphia when fans attempted to snatch away her wig. In response, GloRilla took it off herself and threw it into the crowd - with footage going viral as one fan caught every moment of glory.

The 19-year-old Memphis rapper has a distinctive sound that's earned her a place as one of the major players in the local music scene. She met Hitkidd at an open mic and quickly began working with the producer on projects featuring other promising young women like K Carbon and Big Gloss; tracks like "Set the Tone" and "F.N.F" helped pave the way for success for this emerging artist.

GloRilla's music may appear more masculine than some would expect, but she has the unique ability to reach across gender boundaries in an inspiring way that other young women don't. She conveys her message with such passion and clarity that it becomes imprinted on listeners' minds and hearts.

She inspires her listeners to celebrate through adversity -- to put on a brave face instead of moping around, have faith that things will work themselves out, and take time for what matters most in life. Whether you're feuding with an ex's new outfit or fighting an inconsiderate man, she encourages them to do what's right no matter what's going on around them.

GloRilla's lyrics aren't just snarky; they're sharp and provocative as well, creating a powerful impact. At a time when women struggle to break into rap, GloRilla provides an achievable path forward.

When her debut album, Most Likely Up Next, dropped in 2019, the Memphis MC was already a rising star on the local scene. Her ominous, bellowy voice had already captured listeners' attention but it wasn't until this summer that she thrust herself into national recognition with a single that promises to be her career-saver.

GloRilla's debut tape, released as a song, showcased her sex-positive message. It encourages women to prioritize having fun with their homegirls over sticking around with someone who may not be loyal. It's an inspiring message that resonates deeply with a generation of Memphis girls who grew up on the streets.

Video of GloRilla Reacting To Fan Throwing Water Bottle

At an Oakland nightclub earlier this month, GloRilla was videotaped being mobbed by fans after leaving an after-party without performing. She had reportedly been paid $30,000 to perform but fans got angry when she didn't take the stage.

On Wednesday, February 7 at New Karibbean City in Oakland, the Memphis native was seen leaving after a brief "walk-through." As she prepared to leave, one angry fan threw a water bottle at her and spat on her.

Security and other people quickly escorted her out of the club, but her ordeal didn't end there. Someone threw a drink at her and started cursing as she replied with, "F**k you b***h, weak a** b***h!" CMG rapper shouted back but thankfully security moved the fan to safety before things got out of hand.

CMG, where GloRilla is signed, has now weighed in on the drama. He responded to a tweet alleging GloRilla had been paid $30k to perform at a nightclub and clarified that she wasn't actually booked as a performer but only hosting.

According to The Shade Room, the 'Tomorrow' rapper has responded to those who accused her of not performing at the club. She stated that she only hosted and wasn't paid to perform, adding that it was her "crazy tail self."

Yo Gotti also addressed the incident on Instagram, noting that having GloRilla perform is far more expensive than $30k. He shared a clip of an sold out show and what the crowd looked like in attendance.

Many were taken aback by this turn of events, especially after GloRilla's meteoric rise to stardom with her single "F.N.F." which earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear what went wrong in the unfolding drama. Regardless of what caused it, it's disheartening to see such an up and coming artist get attacked by angry fans. Hopefully things will get resolved quickly and GloRilla can receive her due accolades for all her hard work in making a name for herself.

Video of GloRilla Reacting To Fan Throwing Jacket

GloRilla is one of music's most successful artists, and her hit songs have helped cement her place as a star. She recently collaborated with Cardi B and earned herself an Academy Award nomination. Additionally, GloRilla is currently touring to promote her latest album "Anyways Life's Great," released last month.

Recently, she was confronted with a jacket during one of her performances in Denver. A fan threw the coat at her and it hit her in the face, prompting her to react angrily.

This week, a video of an incident went viral on social media. It shows a fan throwing a jacket at the rapper while she was performing. The clip has now been viewed over 230,000 times and was recorded by one concertgoer who posted it to YouTube.

GloRilla is in the video launching into her song "Blessed" when a jacket hits her in the face. She takes out her frustration on those present by cursing at them in front of a large audience.

After some time has passed, the woman who threw the coat is seen standing before her with an angry expression on her face. She yells out "Fuck you bitch, weak ass b***h!"

Video footage of this incident has been circulating online for some time now. It depicts a fan throwing her jacket at GloRilla during her performance. She spits at the woman and engages in verbal combat before security personnel take her away to safety.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred during a performance at New Karibbean City on Wednesday night. The rapper had been booked for the club but failed to show up as scheduled - prompting an altercation that ended with her being escorted out of the venue.

Yo Gotti, CEO of CMG Records, took notice of this incident and took to social media to defend his artist, asserting that promoters had not paid her to perform. According to Complex magazine, she was paid only to party and not perform.

GloRilla has taken to Instagram to express her disappointment and anger towards those fans who threw the coat at her. She wrote, "This person did f*ck up my stage diving mood."

Video of GloRilla Reacting To Fan Throwing Drink

GloRilla Reacts To Fan Installing Wig

One of GloRilla's most memorable moments from her "Anything Goes" tour was when a fan attempted to install her wig on her head during a performance in Philadelphia. This incident left an unforgettable impression on both her fans and herself.

Luckily, she was able to save the wig and bring it home with her. However, there were a few minor issues along the way.

On Sunday (February 26), the Memphis native was seen throwing her wig into the audience during her performance in Philadelphia. Earlier this month she also tore off her own head during a concert in Denver, Colorado.

Though this wasn't the first time she's been criticized by fans, she quickly responded and apologized for any offense caused. She reiterated that it wasn't her intention to cause trouble and it was simply an innocent misunderstanding.

Recently, GloRilla experienced a similar issue at a club in Oakland, California. As she left with her entourage, an angry fan threw a drink at her and spat on her.

GloRilla bravely shared a screenshot of her Instagram Story to explain the situation. In it, she and her entourage walk towards the exit as someone splashes them with clear liquid.

A member of her crew then responded by dousing them with the same beverage. Eventually, security personnel from the club escorted out the fan.

Uncertainty remains as to what happened next, but TMZ Hip Hop reports club promoter Con B has claimed he paid CMG $30,000 for GloRilla's show. On his Instagram story he stated the payment was for a "performance" and not just a walkthrough.

When asked about the controversy, Yo Gotti noted that booking an artist costs much more than $30k. Furthermore, he added that CMG head Tom Gore "isn't going to settle" for a performance which does not justify their investment.

GloRilla may not have had the best night at her concert, but she made sure to pay it forward by donating $25k to her alma mater. This comes on top of winning Female Rapper of the Year and Best New Artist at the 2023 XXL Awards.

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