General Hospital (GH) Spoilers Reveal Who is Leaving in 2023

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers Reveal Who is Leaving in 2023


Who is leaving general hospital in 2023

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that several major characters on the ABC soap will depart in 2023, including Prince Nikolas Cassadine played by Marcus Coloma.

He is believed to have completed filming his final scenes on the show, joining other GH stars Franco Baldwin, Roger Howarth and Austin Holt in potentially departing.

Marcus Coloma

Marcus Coloma is an Italian and Hawaiian TV actor who has starred in various shows and movies. Most recently, he played Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital from 2019 to 2023.

He can also be seen in Hilary Duff's Material Girls and Disney movies Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and 3. Additionally, his roles include Matt Evans on South Beach, Father Tomas on Fox's Point Pleasant, and Leo Cruz from Make It or Break It.

In October 2019, Coloma took over Nick Stabile's role on General Hospital (GH), replacing him. It's expected that his exit will come as a shock to fans since he's been an integral part of Port Charles for almost a decade.

Deadline reported that Coloma had a contract with GH for three years until this year. He was supposed to film his last scenes in January, but decided against it due to health reasons.

In December, it was reported that Coloma would be leaving the show. However, he denied these rumors and explained to Newsweek that his departure was mutual between himself and the show's production team.

Coloma has had a prominent role on the show, featuring prominently in several storylines. He's been pursued by an evil ex-lover and her uncle, as well as going through a marital crisis with his wife Ava Jerome (Maura West).

His character has grown into one of the show's most beloved and intriguing figures, drawing a large following that pays close attention to him. Aside from his relationship with Ava, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) has had an intense conflict with him while Spencer remains estranged.

Fans eagerly anticipate his continued involvement in the daytime drama's storylines. Whether he will die or remain mysterious, viewers eagerly await news of his fate.

Daytime Confidential previously reported the actor's departure on Friday, December 20. He will depart the series in January of 2023 and be replaced by Adam Huss, who has filled in for him multiple times.

Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth is best known for his role as Todd Manning on the ABC daytime drama One Life to Live. In 1994 he won a Daytime Emmy Award for his portrayal of the character and is considered an icon within the soap opera genre.

At the age of seven, Howarth began his acting career with The Grand Duke. He continued on in high school drama classes and featured in several theater productions such as Macbeth and Henry IV before pursuing acting full-time.

He made his television debut on ABC soap opera Loving in 1992, but left after one year to pursue a role as Todd on One Life to Live. Immediately, fans took notice of him and praised his work on the series. He left again in 1998 but returned again in 2000 to reprise his role.

Following his tenure on OLTL, Howarth returned to General Hospital as the recast Franco Baldwin. Additionally, he continued appearing as Todd on One Life to Live's online version as Todd. He was last seen on March 9, 2021.

On GH, Howarth currently stars as Austin Gatlin-Holt. He has become an important member of the cast and a driving force behind various storylines - but could soon face danger.

The character has become embroiled in the Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) murder mystery and his close connection to Ava Jerome (Maura West) makes him a prime target for those responsible. Already, he's taken an enormous risk by helping Ava hide Nikolas' body from investigators.

His recent actions have earned him a great deal of support from viewers, and it appears unlikely that Howarth will be written off the show. As they become closer together, viewers seem likely to view him as an integral part of its family.

However, there remain uncertainties as to how long he will remain on General Hospital. It hasn't been confirmed whether he'll depart permanently or not, and reports have swirled that another actor could replace him in the role.


Austin Gatlin-Holt has become an integral character on General Hospital, but it appears his time in Port Charles may be coming to a close. Lately, he's been spending much of his free time at Wyndemere helping Ava Jerome (Maura West) cover up Nikolas Cassadine's (Adam Huss) murder. However, GH spoilers suggest Austin may soon find himself in an unexpected place at an unfortunate time.

Last week on GH, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) broke out of jail and decided to pursue Ava Jerome (Maura West). On Friday's episode, the escaped prisoner attacked Mac Scorpio (Kristina Wagner), stole his gun, and made his way towards Wyndemere castle where he took Ava and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) hostage. As Austin arrived at the castle to help Ava move Nikolas' body, things got more complex for him.

At Wyndemere, Austin entered the foyer and attempted to call for help. He thought he heard voices coming from the living room, so he reached for his phone to call someone. But when he turned around, Heather Webber (Alley Mills) stood in the doorway waiting to receive him.

In the GH recap, Austin tried to help Ava and Felicia out after they were trapped at Wyndemere; however, Heather has other plans for him. According to General Hospital spoilers, Heather will hook up with Austin and leave him struggling with his emotions.

As you can see, this storyline has some intriguing potential and could ultimately lead to their being accused of Nikolas Cassadine's murder. If that occurs, Austin and his family will certainly face a difficult journey.

But Nikolas also has another major storyline that could put him in an uncomfortable situation - and it involves Ava Jerome! According to GH spoilers, Ava and Austin will be interrupted when they attempt to move Nikolas' body, which could prove devastating for their relationship.

On General Hospital, Ava and Austin are in for an exciting week! Don't miss out - stay up to date on all the spoilers, news, and updates by subscribing to Soap Opera Digest today!

Franco Baldwin

General Hospital is rumored to be bringing back one of its most beloved characters, Franco Baldwin. Roger Howarth, who played the character, told Soap Opera Digest he is thrilled to return to Port Charles again and plans on reprising his role.

Franco was introduced as an eccentric artist with a dark history of serial killing, who came to Port Charles due to his obsession with mob hitman Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). He believed that he was Jason's long-lost twin.

He began posting crime scene reenactment photos online to try to gain Jason's attention. Additionally, he seduced Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and kidnapped Sam McCall, Carly Corinthos, and Lulu Spencer in order to get closer to Jason.

As his relationship with Liz Webber deepened, Franco was forced to confront memories from his past that had been difficult for him to suppress. From locking Elizabeth's rapist in a dog cage to being accused of killing Kiki, Franco began questioning whether he had truly evolved as an individual.

He found some peace in his relationship with Liz, but it was difficult to deal with the secret affecting their family. Ultimately, he turned to Dr. Kevin Collins for assistance in sorting through his complex past.

He soon realized he wasn't actually Jason's twin, but rather Drew Cain whom his adoptive mother Elizabeth Webber had mistaken for Jason. Together they were able to share their struggles and triumph over them.

In the end, he and Liz were able to find love, marriage, and their first child, Jax. Despite his struggles, he still managed to be a good father and form an emotional connection with Josslyn.

As he returned to Port Charles, he began having feelings for Carly Corinthos. Unfortunately, her relationship with him wasn't well received by those around him and she began to resent him for shielding her from Jason and Sonny Corinthos' anger. Additionally, it transpired that Heather had lied about his true parentage in an effort to keep him away from Carly.

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