Galaxy Z Flip 5 Rumored to Introduce a Larger Cover Screen

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Rumored to Introduce a Larger Cover Screen


Galaxy Z Flip 5 rumored to introduce a larger cover screen

Display analyst and leaker Ross Young has reported that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 will feature a larger cover screen than its predecessor - 1.9 inches. This would represent an enormous upgrade over the 1.9-inch cover display on the Z Flip 4.

In addition to the larger cover screen, Samsung is also believed to be introducing a new hinge design. This should make the seam on foldable displays less prominent.


Recently, a leaked rumor about the Galaxy Z Flip 5 suggested Samsung may introduce a larger cover screen. If true, this would be great news for users who desire more screen real estate on their clamshell foldable smartphone.

At present, Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 features a 1.9-inch secondary display. However, analyst Ross Young recently suggested that Samsung could offer a bigger one in their next iteration. A larger cover screen would provide for an improved user experience by providing quicker shortcuts to important apps, better navigation and more functionality on-screen.

Young anticipates that the new device may also rework the hinge design to make it less noticeable. This would reduce the crease in the middle of the cover screen and enhance overall user interface design, according to Young.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 may even feature the revolutionary Flex In & Out technology, which enables both sides of the foldable screen to open inwards or outwards. Samsung has already shown off pictures of this tech, so if it makes it into the next version, that would be an important design upgrade for users.

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 suggest it will launch around August this year with a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 chip, expected to boost performance without compromising battery life improvements from its predecessor.

If these reports are correct, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 may be worth patiently awaiting. Not only does it boast an improved user interface and larger cover screen, but it may also address some major shortcomings present in its current iteration.

Additionally, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 may even boast a better camera setup than its rivals. Although this clamshell foldable is impressive, it lacks some key features other competitors possess.

Samsung must address these design flaws in the Galaxy Z Flip 5 to win over mainstream users and return to prominence. This is an important milestone for the South Korean company and one that could potentially boost its sales figures significantly.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is expected to introduce some significant design enhancements, especially when it comes to its cover screen. Rumors have it that they plan on introducing a larger cover display compared to the current model's 1.9-inch external display.

According to Ice Universe's report, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 may also come equipped with a larger battery than its predecessor, making the phone more durable and ensuring it remains charged throughout the day.

Another notable upgrade to be expected is a larger cover screen, expected to measure at least 3 inches across the diagonal. This would be an impressive improvement from Z Flip 4's 1.9-inch display and even better than Oppo's Find N2 Flip's 3.26-inch panel - an excellent competitor to Samsung's own foldables.

A larger cover display gives users more workspace when not using their phone as a foldable device. This could enable them to utilize apps installed on the main screen, perform app-specific quick tasks, and customize watchfaces or widgets accordingly.

Samsung should consider adding this functionality to their Z Flip 5. After all, having to open your device each time you need to perform a certain task can be an enormous hassle.

There are a few third-party solutions for this issue, however. For example, CoverScreen OS is an Android cover screen version that lets you run all applications on its 1.9-inch display.

This could be an ideal way for users to complete their tasks without opening the phone, and it would not be hard to add it to One UI as well. Not only would this make the device simpler to use without unfolding, but it also prevents distraction from irrelevant content appearing on the inner foldable screen.

However, Samsung must make some additional design modifications before this transition is complete. We hope the company does a fantastic job with these adjustments so users will continue enjoying using the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for years to come.


The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is widely regarded as one of the finest flip-style smartphones currently available. But it has a fierce competitor in the form of the OPPO Find N2 Flip, offering better specs at a PS100 cheaper price tag.

Samsung hasn't given up on foldable smartphones, and is now set to release the Galaxy Z Flip 5. This phone will boast a 6.7-inch foldable display along with Qualcomm's 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset.

It's also expected to have a modern design and features like an S Pen slot machine, but the biggest transformation is believed to be on the cover screen.

Currently, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 features a 1.9-inch external cover display that lets users interact with widgets when the main screen is folded down. While this can be useful, it's not ideal for anything more complex than checking notifications and the time.

That said, the larger cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is definitely an advantage over its rival OPPO Find N2 Flip. At 3.26 inches when closed, this extra real estate allows the Galaxy Z Flip 5 to handle more tasks and give users even more customization options.

The current Galaxy Z Flip 4 features a 3300mAh non-removable battery and 6.7-inch 1080p foldable display. Furthermore, it includes fingerprint scanning, face unlock, as well as special stereo speakers.

This combination of features should set the Galaxy Z Flip 5 apart from its competitors. Furthermore, its affordable price should help it remain competitively priced.

Although we do not yet know the price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, it is expected to be more budget friendly than its predecessor, making the phone more accessible for potential buyers.

Ice Universe reports the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 will likely sport a large cover display with at least 1080p resolution, enabling the phone to take impressive photos when opened. Furthermore, reports indicate the phone could come equipped with an impressive octa-core processor. According to Ice Universe, the smartphone may ship with Android 13 out of the box but may receive an update to One UI 5.1 or 5.2 shortly after release.


As foldable smartphones become more and more competitive, Samsung has begun to tweak their design. Rumors suggest the Galaxy Z Flip 5 may introduce a larger cover screen than previous versions - making it easier to interact with the device when folded shut and correcting some design flaws.

According to display analyst Ross Young, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 may launch with a 3.3-inch cover display, an upgrade over its predecessor's 1.9-inch panel. This larger surface area can accommodate more information and help address some of the shortcomings of the previous model.

Another notable point is that the new smartphone may use Qualcomm's 8 Plus Gen 2 chipset, offering impressive gaming performance and battery life. This bodes well for foldable users since it will make the Galaxy Z Flip 5 even more competitive in this segment.

Pricing wise, Samsung is likely to keep its foldable phones competitive with other smartphones on the market. Although they still occupy a higher price point, prices for folding devices have been declining steadily as more people take interest in them.

Rumors swirl that the Samsung Z Flip 5 may be priced around 999$, which would mark a substantial reduction from last generation's model. European markets, however, may see more of a discount than American ones which saw slight increases in Z Flip 4 prices.

Samsung may add a telephoto lens to their camera lineup, which would significantly improve image quality. A telephoto lens is necessary for taking better shots since the Z Flip 4 only has dual-lens technology which is insufficient for such tasks.

We would also prefer to see more advanced hinge designs for foldables, since the deep crease on the Z Flip 4's folding display needs to be addressed. A new hinge design that reduces this crease might make it more desirable to consumers, and Samsung should definitely consider that option.

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