Future Lawyers Use Alcohol As a Crutch

Future Lawyers Use Alcohol As a Crutch


Future lawyers use alcohol as a crutch

Future lawyers will face a variety of obstacles, some familiar and some unknown. Assessing the skillsets necessary to meet those obstacles can provide guidance as they embark on their legal career.

The legal profession is facing a crisis due to several factors. This issue must be addressed urgently.


Recent studies reveal that some future lawyers use alcohol as a coping mechanism to manage stress. It appears they may be concealing mental health issues instead of seeking help, potentially jeopardizing their prospects of becoming lawyers or finding employment after graduation.

Due to this, many lawyers tend to drink too much and make poor decisions. This type of drinking can be hazardous, so it's essential for lawyers to comprehend the repercussions of abusing alcohol.

Research has demonstrated that lawyers who drink too much are less likely to perform their duties effectively. This is likely because alcohol impairs judgment and lowers emotional intelligence levels. Furthermore, those who consume excessive amounts of booze tend to experience more disciplinary issues with the bar association.

Alcohol has a variety of effects that are unique to each individual. Some individuals experience an elevated sensation when drinking, while others find them depressing or addictive.

Researchers have recently observed that alcohol produces its euphoric effects by activating certain brain cells. This occurs due to its interactions with various receptors such as GABA, glutamate and FGF21 in the brain.

Additionally, cannabis has the power to stimulate appetite and induce sleepiness. Plus, it has been known to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in some individuals - making it the ideal solution for some.

Despite its many benefits, alcohol remains a leading cause of death in the U.S. It's estimated that more than 50,000 people die annually due to alcohol-related causes.

What can you do if your law firm or company is worried about a lawyer with an alcohol problem? Call 1300 85 85 84 for free support and advice.

Consider implementing a program of education and awareness. This could include training sessions or meetings where the potential risks associated with alcohol abuse are discussed, as well as some anonymous avenues for attorneys to get assistance. Addressing this topic should be part of any professional workplace wellness initiative for legal firms or corporate law departments.


Depression is a mood disorder that causes an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss of interest in life. It has the potential to negatively impact your work, study and relationships as well as alter eating and sleeping patterns as well as impair thinking and decision-making skills. Although treatable, it's essential that you seek assistance at the first sign of trouble in order to avoid things getting worse.

People suffering from depression often turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medicating, numbing or masking their feelings. They may use these substances for sleep or dealing with emotional pain caused by breakups or death. Conversely, some choose these substances to numb physical discomforts caused by medical conditions like fibromyalgia or cancer.

People suffering from depression are not uncommon to have hallucinations or delusions, which can make it difficult for them to function. They may believe they are being watched or followed by an invisible group, or that their lives are in grave danger.

Psychotherapy can be an invaluable asset. Many people who suffer from depression find relief through treatment. This may include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family or couples therapy, as well as hospital or residential treatment if the illness proves too severe for home care treatment.

If you are struggling with depression, it is wise to seek treatment as soon as possible. Delaying treatment could make your symptoms worse and may even lead to suicidal thoughts or thoughts.

Genetics, lifestyle and stress all play a role in depression development. Studies have found that those who have a parent or sibling with depression are three times more likely to experience it than those without such a history. Other risk factors for developing depression include financial troubles, medical conditions, stress and certain medications.

Some future lawyers may use alcohol as a crutch to cope with depression or other mental health issues. This can lead to unhealthy coping behaviors and addiction. It's essential for students to recognize that using alcohol as an outlet is not healthy and seek professional help instead.


Anxiety is a persistent feeling of tension and worry that can linger long after a stressful event or situation. While anxiety is an essential physiological response for survival, when unchecked it may lead to serious problems.

There are various forms of anxiety, but all can be challenging to manage. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is the most widespread and involves persistent, overwhelming worries about any area of life - work, family, relationships and health - that impair your capacity for normal functioning.

Panic disorder is a severe form of anxiety that can impair daily activities. Individuals suffering from panic attacks feel like their body is failing them and that they are losing control, often with physical symptoms like trembling, sweating and shortness of breath.

A recent study has revealed that future lawyers often turn to alcohol for help when their mental health is suffering. According to the report, law students were significantly more likely to be problem drinkers than business or psychology students and experienced higher rates of social anxiety and depression.

Lawyers may be reluctant to seek treatment for their anxiety due to the stigma attached, and may not know where to turn due to lack of resources such as support groups or therapy sessions. Furthermore, they may lack access to support networks or therapy facilities, as well as limited free time to devote towards treatment.

To get the most out of your healthcare, speak with your doctor about what is ailing you and how best to treat it. They can administer tests and psychological questionnaires to gauge your level of anxiety, then may prescribe medication or psychotherapy as appropriate.

It's essential to remember that you don't have to live with your anxiety. There are numerous techniques and strategies you can employ to manage it and enhance your life.

Some of these techniques include mindfulness, exercise and limiting caffeine intake. Others involve taking anti-anxiety medications, attending therapy or joining support groups. You could also try alternative therapies like yoga or meditation for added benefits.


Recent research by the American Bar Association and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation revealed that young lawyers often turn to alcohol as a comfort. Studies have suggested this type of coping mechanism can lead to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse issues for these professionals.

According to a study, one in three practicing attorneys are problem drinkers, with nearly 28 percent suffering from depression and 19% experiencing symptoms of anxiety. These results are alarming and indicative of an unsustainable professional culture, the authors write.

Law students are particularly at risk for substance abuse problems. A study of 1,829 first-year undergraduates from four Ulster University campuses and Atlantic Technological University in Letterkenny, Co Donegal revealed that 53% of them who got drunk within 30 days compared to only 39% for graduate students across other disciplines.

However, the study also revealed that problem drinking among young lawyers decreased with age and experience in the field. Furthermore, researchers who included attorneys working at law firms for 15 to 20 years found a greater percentage of younger lawyers had alcohol use disorders than older lawyers, according to its authors.

Many lawyers become problem drinkers at an early stage of their career due to stress from student debt, lack of job prospects and other pressures. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), these findings indicate a need for the association to provide assistance programs that address mental health issues - especially among younger lawyers.

Alan Jackson Didnt Think His 90s Classic Chattahoochee Would Be a Hit

Alan Jackson Didn't Think His 1993 Hit "Chattahoochee" Would Be a Hit

Jackson never expected his 1993 hit single "Chattahoochee" to become such a massive success, yet it did and has become one of his most iconic songs.

It's about growing up in a small town and coming of age, but it also has plenty to do with love. It's one of those songs that has managed to connect people from all backgrounds together.

1. It’s about growing up

The 1990s marked the height of country music, with top country artists dominating the charts. There were many iconic hits that defined this era - some still popular today.

Alan Jackson Never Expected His 90's Classic Song "Chattahoochee" to Be a Hit

The country star never imagined having such success with "Chattahoochee." It marked an abrupt change for him, and some fans weren't thrilled either.

Although the song has a humorous tone, it conveys some serious messages. It talks about growing up and learning how to lead an honest life with hard work; additionally, it stresses the significance of passing these lessons down through generations.

It's one of the most beloved songs from his album A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'Bout Love), released in 1993 and nominated for a Grammy Award. To this day, it remains one of country music's greatest love songs.

This song was composed by Jackson and Jim McBride for their bluegrass album, but ended up sounding more pop/country than Jackson's previous works.

In 2008, Jackson began releasing this record to show a different side of himself. He composed a song about his friend and longtime housekeeper Leslie "Sissy" Fitzgerald that captured the bittersweet sentiment from deep within himself; it quickly became an instant hit on radio stations across America.

Jackson's song eventually reached Number One on the country charts and continues to be a beloved favorite today. It was an immense success for Jackson and serves as proof that country music can encompass more than just country music.

This song is an example of Jackson's lyrics being inspired by real life experiences. He writes about growing up in small town America and shows his true self through his lyrics. He shares how he found happiness by being honest and doing what's right - a simple tale but one which rings true for many across the globe.

2. It’s about love

In 1989, Alan Jackson made his country music debut but never expected his 90s classic 'Chattahoochee' to become a classic hit. The Georgia native and Jim McBride wrote the uptempo tune about two teens falling in love along the banks of northern Georgia's Chattahoochee River.

This song went on to win both CMA Single and Song of the Year awards, becoming a classic staple on many country music playlists today. Despite its lighthearted lyrics, this tune is much more than just an ode to teenage love; it's also a feminist rally cry.

Jackson began as a young country artist, inspired by classic rockers such as the Rolling Stones and George Jones. But he also loved country artists like Hank Williams and Ray Price, making it clear that he wanted to be part of this vibrant world of country music.

His debut album was released in 1990 and became an instant classic. A year later he followed it up with another classic, 'Don't Rock the Jukebox,' continuing his success throughout the decade.

Jackson is one of country music's most talented and versatile artists, whether it's through his solo albums or as part of a duo. He's written and recorded numerous hit songs that have become staples across America.

With 16 studio albums and three greatest hits collections under his belt, Jackson has achieved great success over the years, earning numerous awards including four CMA Awards. Additionally, his song "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" received a Grammy for commemorating those lost during September 11th terrorist attacks.

Jackson has achieved great success, yet not without its flaws. He has battled addiction and mental health issues; yet he has always been there for his family; he has a wife and three children, plus is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, Jackson is known for his outspoken personality as well as an affinity for animals.

3. It’s about pursuing a career

At the time, Jackson never expected "Chattahoochee" to become one of country music's iconic anthems. After all, he'd stayed somewhat traditional throughout his career -- even while enjoying some success with more contemporary country artists.

That's why it was such a surprise when "Chattahoochee" rocketed straight to #1, catapulting A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'bout Love) into an instant summer hit and earning him both CMA Single of the Year and Song of the Year honors. Additionally, his third studio set went multi-platinum, helping it surpass six million sales in total sales.

As he and his wife Denise grow older, they've come to appreciate how deeply their music touches people. Hearing people express connection with a particular song has been such an incredible experience for them.

One of the most beloved songs from A Lot About Livin' (And 'bout Love) is "Drive," co-written by Jackson with longtime collaborator Jim McBride. This uptempo tune celebrates the thrill of driving on open roads - it's both a love song to Jackson's dad who passed away in 2000, as well as an upbeat celebration of freedom.

Another defining moment for the singer came with "Where I Come From," from his 2001 album When Someone Loves You. As its title implies, it's a sweet song about coming from the South.

Alan Jackson's song, "Out to Seek My Dreams," offers an insightful look into the life of a man from a small town who leaves to pursue his aspirations despite having grown up with certain prejudices. It's an intriguing piece that balances nostalgia and self-assessment, showcasing aspects of Alan Jackson that may not always be so pleasant.

On a recent podcast, his daughter Mattie asked what brings him joy. He replied that hearing stories from people who connect to his music brings him immense joy. Additionally, he remembered his favorite song, "Chattahoochee," written about growing up in Chattahoochee, Georgia.

Alan Jackson's powerful, emotional song was a major breakthrough - it marked his first release of such material and catapulted him to stardom as both country music's biggest star and winner of his first Grammy Award.

4. It’s about feminism

At the time, Alan Jackson released the title track from his 1993 LP A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'Bout Love), he had no idea it would become a hit. In 1992 he told the New York Times that he "had no idea" it would become such a massive success, adding: "I just didn't expect that to be the outcome."

Jackson and fellow songwriter Jim McBride created an uptempo song about two teens falling in love on the banks of Georgia's Chattahoochee River that quickly gained iconic country status. It spent four weeks atop Billboard Country Airplay charts before winning both CMA Single of the Year and Song of the Year awards.

Jackson has performed this song continuously since 1982 and earned himself a Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in 1993. It remains in the top 20 on Billboard Country charts today and has become an iconic part of his concerts for three decades.

The song's iconic line, whether or not Jackson himself was in it, remains one of pop and country music's most memorable and iconic classics. No matter if you are a fan of Jackson or not, people everywhere can relate to its message.

Moreover, the song's underlying feminist message makes it an essential addition to the canon of women's empowerment songs from the 1990s. It was the first major country song to explicitly discuss a woman having the power to make her own decisions.

Even in the digital age, this message remains true to its original intent: it's straightforward, honest and encouraging regardless of one's opinion about the state of the world. It is an inspiring thought-provoking piece that anyone can appreciate regardless of their political opinions.

This song is as pertinent today as when it was released, and it has profoundly shaped how we view women's rights within our culture.

Where is Elvis Graceland?

Graceland, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is the birthplace of Elvis Presley and a popular destination for music fans, tourists and dignitaries alike.

It's an expansive property open to the public that attracts over 600,000 visitors annually - second only to The White House as America's most popular tourist attraction.

The mansion

Graceland's mansion is one of the most beloved attractions, drawing in thousands of admirers each year to pay their respects to rock legend Elvis Presley. Once a private home measuring 10,266 square feet (1,632 m2), this landmark now serves as a museum and draws an average annual attendance of 650,000 visitors from across America.

Elvis Presley Boulevard leads to this estate situated on 13.8 acres. Built in 1939 by Dr. Thomas Moore in Colonial Revival style, it was named for his aunt Grace Toof.

Today, the estate is open to tours as a museum and hosts an annual event known as "Elvis Week." Additionally, it boasts several museums and souvenir shops.

To enter the mansion, you need to purchase a ticket; these can be bought either in advance or on the day of your visit. Your admission price includes entrance into the mansion and an engaging guided tour led by Graceland staff members who will share information about its history, architecture and grounds.

Touring the mansion by yourself takes around an hour and a half, but for an even more informative and knowledgeable experience of its history and architecture, book a guided tour. Doing so will ensure that you make the most of your visit and don't miss any important details.

On entering the mansion you'll come upon a grand foyer - where Elvis' mother Gladys would often welcome guests and greet them. Today this area serves as an exhibition space for family photos and other items from the home's original decor.

After leaving the foyer, you will pass Elvis's kitchen and then a set of stairways leading to his mother's bedroom. These rooms were decorated in various eras throughout its existence; however, most are from 1960s-1970s era.

Next you will pass through the jungle room (also known as soundproofing room), where Elvis had his recording sessions. Decorated with Polynesian-style furniture to bring Hawaii into the mansion, it also boasts a waterfall and is surrounded by plants planted to recreate its atmosphere.

The Meditation Garden

The Meditation Garden, built by Elvis Presley in 1964, is a peaceful haven of flowers and fountains enclosed by white columns and a pergola. During his life, Presley would often sit here to reflect; after his passing it became his final resting place.

Every August, Graceland hosts the iconic Candlelight Vigil - a tradition started by visitors that eventually became part of its "Elvis Week" activities.

Graceland has grown into one of Tennessee's premier tourist attractions since 1982. The 13.8-acre estate features a museum, shooting range, two jets and more attractions for guests to enjoy.

Visitors to Graceland can take tours of the mansion, which is 175,000 square feet (17,552 m2) and remains mostly unchanged since its original construction. It also houses the Graceland Exhibition Center with rotating exhibits on music, motorcycles and Muhammad Ali.

The main entrance of Presley's house is through an elliptical-arched door with classical details, leading into the Living Room. Here, there is a portrait of Presley's parents Vernon and Gladys as well as photographs of him on display.

On the top floor, Presley had his primary suite. This was his most private space and where he passed away on August 16th 1977 according to The Daily Express.

After his passing, the second floor was sealed off so no one could view his body. Years later, an attempt was made to steal his remains and hold them for ransom; however, police caught them and three men were arrested.

No fee is charged to enter the Meditation Garden, but you must enter before 8:30 a.m. If you're not a local, non-residents can visit for free with valid passport.

The Meditation Garden is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd. in Memphis, TN and its gates open daily from 7:30-8:30 a.m. However, you must leave the grounds before Graceland tours begin.

The Smokehouse

The smokehouse was one of the original buildings built at Graceland. It's a one-story brick building with two heavy wooden doors on its front facade, used by Elvis for target practice and to store his guns and ammunition. Nowadays, this building houses an array of vintage fire arms, guns, knives, etc.

The second floor of the house remains private and not open to the public, featuring Elvis' bedroom at southwest corner; dressing room and bath room at northwest corner; daughter Lisa Marie's bedroom in northeast corner; as well as a personal office for him in southeast corner.

Inside, you'll find a grand piano and 1950s-style TV. Plus, Elvis' collection of gold records and jumpsuits can be seen.

Elvis built the racquet ball building in 1975 when his doctor advised him to exercise more. It features a lower lounge with furniture, pinball machine, bar and weight-lifting equipment on the upper floor; additionally it serves as Elvis' private dressing area with shower, Jacuzzi and massage table.

Visit Elvis' iconic wood barn, purchased at age 22 in 1957. There are a few horses on-site including one golden palomino named Rising Sun and a Tennessee Walking Horse named Bear.

Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie received a special jet that was customized with her name and purchased for an eye-watering $250,000 back in 1975.

Elvis Presley fans must visit Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee - you won't be disappointed! Make your trip to Memphis an unforgettable one by visiting this iconic attraction!

Graceland has become a must-see destination for tourists in the city. Don't miss your chance to visit this incredible mansion and have an unforgettable experience! Be sure to book your ticket ahead of time for the best possible experience at Graceland.

The Airplanes

At Graceland, the airplanes have been a major draw since the mid-1980s. Elvis Presley loved flying so much that he even purchased his own private jet for touring. When designing interiors of these planes, Elvis took into account fabrics, color schemes and even 24K gold fixtures in bathrooms - with advice from Priscilla, Elvis' ex-wife.

The Hound Dog II, a Lockheed JetStar that held eight to 10 passengers, is the smaller of the two aircrafts. The Convair 880 that had been restored specifically for Presley remains on display at Graceland for over 30 years and continues to draw tourists alike.

For years, the planes had been displayed at Graceland. But their future became uncertain this week when OKC Partnership approved a proposal to move them nearby to an empty lot.

Many are wondering what will become of the jets. There are several potential solutions, such as moving them to a private museum or keeping them where they currently stand.

In the meantime, visitors to Memphis who happen to be around during spring or fall can check them out as part of an exhibit called "Elvis Presley's Memphis," which has been expanded to encompass his cars, outfits, and influences.

Elvis often practiced his firearms at the smokehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada during the 1970s when he wasn't touring or working. It served as both a target practice facility for him and also served as his personal gun range when he wasn't busy touring or working.

Graceland employees currently occupy several trailers on the property that were once used as housing. You're welcome to explore the aircraft and take pictures of the Smokehouse, but you must not touch anything inside.

Unfortunately, it appears unlikely you will ever be able to fly them and they won't be airworthy for much longer. That is why Elvis Presley Enterprises sent a letter to the owners advising them to prepare to remove the planes from Graceland by April of next year.

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