Future Connects With Eladio Carrion on Mbappe Remix Video

Future Connects With Eladio Carrion on Mbappe Remix Video



Premiere Future Connects With Eladio Carrion on Mbappe Remix Video


Future has joined Eladio Carrion for a remix of his hit single, "Mbappe." Almost four months after its original release, Future and Eladio joined forces on Thursday.

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Mbappe Remix Video

Eladio Carrion, the Puerto Rican reggaeton superstar, joined hip-hop icon Future for an energetic remix of their recent hit "Mbappe." Nearly four months after the original version hit streaming services, both songs and their official videos have finally been released.

On this Mbappe Remix Video, the Puerto Rican singer shows off his musical prowess alongside ATL rapper as they both perform "Mbappe" against a confetti-filled backdrop. This track marks their first collaboration as a duo and it's an absolute must-listen for fans of both musicians.

The Atlanta rapper delivers a catchy rap verse, while Carrion adds some additional vocals. This uptempo track comes off his 2022 project SEN2 KBRN Vol. 2, which recently debuted at #4 on Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and #1 on Spotify's Top Albums Debut Global list.

Though the original version of the song may not be a hit, Carrion wanted to give it an updated vibe with his remix collaboration with Future. Along with adding a rap verse and instrumental that's reminiscent of dancehall beats, they create an entirely different vibe than their original form - exactly what Carrion wanted when he decided to collaborate.

He expressed that he'd always wanted to collaborate with the Atlanta rapper, so when this opportunity presented itself he grabbed it with both hands. According to Future, they have a similar style when it comes to music and enjoy having an excellent working relationship.

Musically, these two have much in common and that's why they decided to collaborate on this track. It fits perfectly for their style and serves as a showcase of their abilities for the world.

If you like this track, be sure to share it with your friends and family. You can download the song on iTunes or stream it now through Apple Music and Spotify.


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Eladio Carrion

Eladio Carrion has earned a loyal and enthusiastic fan base throughout his nearly two-decade long rap career, known for his prolific output and constant inventiveness. His albums range from bright and upbeat Sauce Boyz series to darker trap-heavy Sen2 Kbrn volumes that capture different moods and feelings.

He's also a skilled collaborator, often featuring on songs with rising artists such as Bad Bunny and Karol G. Recently he announced a world tour that'll take him from the Caribbean to Latin America and beyond. Additionally, he's actively involved in philanthropy by funding education and healthcare programs in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

His latest album Monarca was an immense success, reaching number 10 on Billboard's Latin Rhythm albums chart and earning him a Grammy nomination for his song "Hello," which topped our charts. Additionally, this was one of the first major releases from a new major label to enter the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100.

This LP is truly remarkable in its own right; ten tracks of eclectic trap music, boisterous dancehall beats and poignant lovelorn lyrics all expertly executed by an innovative artist who never stops evolving.

It's not hard to see why he holds the record for most streams in one week and has become one of Latin music's biggest names. Additionally, his creative music videos continue to gain steam as time goes on - promising an ever-increasing show!

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