Fuerza Regida X Becky G - Te Quiero Besar Official Video

Fuerza Regida X Becky G - Te Quiero Besar Official Video


Fuerza Regida x Becky G  Te Quiero Besar Official Video

Fuerza Regida, Mexico's number one urban music group, presents "Te quiero besar", their debut single featuring Becky G and released under the moniker 'RANCHO HUMILDE'.

El sencillo has amassed more than 1.5 million digital reproductions. Produced by Jesus Ortiz Paz, Jimmy Humilde and Edgar Barrera.

Te quiero besar

Today, in honor of Valentine's Day, we have an extra-special treat for you. Starring two of Latino entertainment's most beloved stars: Fuerza Regida and Becky G, here is the official video for "Te Quiero Besar."

The song itself is quite captivating, but to fully appreciate its lyrics you may need to take a few listens. Particularly, there are several clever lines that combine Latin lexicon with popular English expression. In essence, this piece explores falling in love in an unconventional manner and its romantic consequences.

Although this song may be a classic, its video still deserves viewing for its stunning visuals. Directed by Fuerza Regida and featuring Becky G's stunning on-stage performance, the clip serves as proof that even popular songs can be enhanced when Latino flair is added. Furthermore, viewers get an insight into the history of this iconic Latino music genre through this iconic video.

Te quiero amar

Te quiero amar is a commonly used phrase in Spanish that simply means "I love you", though it doesn't carry quite the same romantic connotation. This expression works best when expressing your feelings to parents but can also be used with friends and family members.

In Latin American Spanish, the word amar is often combined with the verb encantar to signify enthusiasm or enthusiasm for something. You might hear someone say: "Mi me encanta jugar al tenis tres veces por semana."

Another useful use of the verb amar is when you want to express your admiration for someone's hobby or sport. For instance, Lucia ama cocinar y leer could mean that you are thrilled by her interest in cooking and reading books.

In addition to amar, there are other pronouns you can use to make different people the subject of your sentence. These include te and os. For more information on Spanish pronouns, be sure to read my article on them!

When conveying your affection to someone, the most frequent use of the expression te quiero amar is when conveying that you love them. This sentiment is especially crucial if the two of you are just starting out in a relationship as it helps set the mood for what follows afterwards.

Superstars Akon and Pitbull join forces in an iconic collaboration, releasing today the official video for their song "TE QUIERO AMAR" (I WANT TO LOVE YOU). This energetic reggaeton track conveys a powerful message of love, deep connection, and the desire to be with that special someone.

Today, Akonik Label Group in partnership with BMG released the third single from Akon's full-length SPANISH ALBUM EL NEGREETO which debuted at No. 1 on Apple Music!

Gil Green shot the video for "Te Quiero Amar" in Miami and it features both artists performing at a dance party. The song has an upbeat, upbeat feel-good vibe that could certainly serve as comfort in these trying times. It's definitely worth listening to during these difficult times.

Te quiero a ganar

Los Angeles -- Fuerza Regida, an urban Mexican music collective, releases their first collaboration single with Becky G: "Te quiero besar." This unique tune blends Daviles De Novelda's flamenco and rap sounds with traditional Mexican bachata rhythms for an unforgettable musical journey.

Te quiero a ganar is the Spanish verb for "winning," or "gaining." This expression can be used in many contexts to indicate one's desire to gain something, or it could also signify victory in battle or war.

Te quiero a ganar can also be used in the subjunctive future perfect and imperative affirmative. For beginners, the Indicative Present is the best place to begin learning this verb since it's straightforward and applicable in various contexts.

The Indicative Present is the most frequently used form of this verb in Spanish. It's a regular AR verb and one of the 100 most popular Spanish verbs! If you're learning Spanish, be sure to check out our verb tables for Te Quiero A Ganar and over 1,650 other verbs! Plus, get lessons and interactive quizzes to help you master conjugation!

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