#FTN #Bae #Speaks - #She #Says #She #Was #Set #Up #by #OTF #Doodie #Lo

#FTN #Bae #Speaks - #She #Says #She #Was #Set #Up #by #OTF #Doodie #Lo


FTN Bae Speaks She says she was set up by OTF Doodie Lo

Britney Reed, better known by her Instagram handle FTN Bae, has spoken out after being arrested and charged with perjury following her loss of an $11 million lawsuit against OTF Doodie Lo.

Last week, FTN Bae's former flame Doodie Lo was awarded $11 million in damages after falsely accusing her of sodomizing their son.

What is FTN Bae?

FTN Bae is an American rapper, singer, dancer and social media star with a devoted fan base on her social media handles. She's made appearances on television shows and concerts as well as modelled for numerous clothing brands.

Her Instagram profile states she is the proud mother of her son Wesley. She posts photos of him on her account but does not reveal who his biological father is.

Reportedly, FTN Bae accused her former boyfriend OTF Doodie Lo of sexually assaulting her 5-year-old son in October 2021. After posting the story on her Instagram page, Doodie Lo filed a defamation lawsuit against her.

Doodie Lo filed court documents seeking damages for defamatory statements. He sought five million dollars in actual damages and an additional 10 million dollars in punitive damages.

The rapper has since responded to these allegations, joining his lawyer on Instagram Live to discuss the situation.

After she publicly disclosed the abuse, Doodie Lo began publishing text messages which some claim prove she was still communicating with him despite her claims of abuse. This suggests she is not only fabricating details of the incident but also seeking revenge against Doodie Lo for no longer wanting to be in her relationship.

This is an incredibly distressing scenario and we sincerely hope it never occurs to another family. This has caused many people to become worried and concerned for their own children's safety.

Doodie Lo and his legal team have responded to these allegations and pledged to fight back against those making false accusations. Even taking a lie detector test in order to disprove them.

It appears the case is spiraling out of control, and fans are calling on Lil Durk to remove Doodie Lo from his OTF label. Hopefully soon enough this nasty drama will come to a close.

What happened to her son?

Maryland-born musical artist FTN Bae recently posted an audio clip on her Instagram feed featuring a child recounting an intense account of how they were assaulted, all the while sobbing. This audio has a timestamp and was recorded October 27, 2021 at 3:28 pm.

According to his mother, 5-year-old son was sexually abused by OTF Doodie Lo in August. This experience proved to be extremely traumatizing for him as it took two months before he finally came forward about what had happened.

In October, she shared an audio clip of her son speaking about the incident. He wept while telling her OTF Doodie Lo had implanted screws into his rectum and that he was afraid to go out in public due to fear of having his body dirtied.

After the audio was released, Doodie Lo faced an outpouring of criticism and social media users were furious with him. Eventually he took the allegations seriously and issued an apology.

Since then, Doodie Lo has done his best to put the controversy behind him and has even gone so far as to sue his former girlfriend FTN Bae for defamation of character over the accusations.

Doodie Lo has his own lawyer who is working hard to represent him in this matter. The rapper is reported to have filed a lawsuit for defamation of character, slander, and interference with business relations.

The lawyer insists he takes his client's story seriously and hopes to get him out of jail quickly.

Furthermore, he's been accused of setting up his ex-girlfriend to make false allegations in order to undermine her credibility and influence. She contends that he was setting her up to create false evidence so as to discredit and undermine her.

Hopefully this issue can be resolved quickly so the child can be safe and his life restored. In the meantime, FTN Bae is doing her best to keep her son secure; she has promised that she will do everything within her power to ensure Doodie Lo never has another opportunity to molestate her again.

Why was she set up?

In October 2021, OTF Doodie Lo's ex-girlfriend Brittney Elder (aka FTN Bae) made shocking accusations of sexual assault against her then five-year-old son Wesley. She shared recordings of these accusations across various social media platforms and it quickly became the focus of a public battle that lasted months.

In November 2021, a judge awarded Doodie Lo $11 million in damages. Unfortunately, FTN Bae's attorney Ariel E Mitchell claimed the lie detector test used to clear Doodie was inaccurate.

On February 28th, FTN Bae was arrested for stalking and harassment of her former partner, allegedly violating a restraining order she had previously secured against Doodie Lo. Court documents reveal that she has been charged with aggravated stalking-dating violence as well as stalking after injunction for protection, according to The Shade Room.

FTN Bae remains determined to prove her innocence in the case. She believes OTF Doodie Lo, his lawyer and even law enforcement were behind a plan to prevent her from testifying in a case. Despite numerous legal battles and being arrested, FTN Bae remains determined to prove her innocence.

She is now working with an attorney to reclaim the money owed Doodie Lo, and she has some ideas on how to achieve this. Additionally, she vows to use her platform for spreading the truth about his alleged abuse of her son.

Why does she do this?

FTN Bae says she wants to be a voice for those who are being hurt by the negligence of others. She feels it is her moral duty to help those being exploited by the criminal justice system, and hopes her words will motivate those experiencing similar suffering as herself.

Though it is a tragic situation, FTN Bae's willingness to speak out about her problems is encouraging. She shows that not only is speaking up possible, but necessary in order to protect oneself from getting into the same predicament in the future.

What is her plan?

FTN Bae, a member of the Only The Family (OTF) collective of rappers, has made a bold assertion. She claims her ex-boyfriend OTF Doodie Lo molested her son - and she has audio proof to back it up!

This week, the 25-year-old former model took to social media to share a video of her son recounting the tale of how he was sodomized with screws. It's an astonishing tale that has gone viral on Instagram - catapulting OTF rapper into overnight success!

She has received support from other mothers who have also endured the agony of witnessing their children being sexually abused. In her video, she shares audio of her son talking about his abuse by his father; additionally, pictures are shared of his swollen ankles, broken kneecaps and scar on his face!

Doodie Lo and his attorney responded on Instagram Live to her claims, though neither denied them outright. They are still working out the details of what transpired and have determined that they will continue their fight for justice.

They have yet to determine how many children were injured as a result of the incident, but it appears enough for an extensive investigation. According to this Source, OTF rapper must address this matter immediately or risk jeopardizing his career.

It's unfortunate her son was molested, but she has shown great courage by speaking out about it and demanding an exhaustive investigation into the matter. We applaud her decision not to settle for anything less than a full investigation into this matter.


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