From Gold Teeth to Veneers - Trick Daddy's Journey to a Better Smile

From Gold Teeth to Veneers - Trick Daddy's Journey to a Better Smile


From Gold Teeth to Veneers Trick Daddys Journey to a Better Smile


After 30 years with gold grills, Miami rapper Trick Daddy finally received some relief. His top teeth have been extracted and will have their respective bottom ones completed the following week.

porcelain dental restorations may offer more natural-looking restorations that outlive gold alternatives. Furthermore, porcelain offers long-term cost benefits.

What Happened?

After nearly 30 years of wearing gold chompers, Miami rapper Trick Daddy has decided to change up his look and has begun using veneers instead of his signature grills, according to TMZ.

MoneyBagg Yo and Lil Pump have also upgraded to white porcelain veneers on their grills, something which should not be done lightly; prolonged exposure to gold teeth has been linked with heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

After realizing he had neglected his oral health for 15 years, the rapper made the decision to switch out his gold grills for veneers after having an epiphany regarding them. According to Danielle Noguera of 5 Star Smiles and reported by TMZ, she described this revelation as being like having "a moment of clarity". Danielle noted how this led to him realizing something major about himself - in particular about the state of his teeth.

Noguera notes that Trick first had his gold grills installed in 1994 and worn them for 30 years until their permanent caps began to decay, prompting the rapper to undergo bone loss surgery in 2015.

She also revealed that a rapper has already spent over $60k in dental work so far, with plans to complete it all within two months and complete his transformation with porcelain veneers! All of this will be documented for fans when Love & Hip Hop: Miami premieres later this year.

A fresh new look with porcelain veneers from rapper 50 Cent may come from his new smile of porcelain veneers; but more importantly, they will help improve his oral health and strengthen overall wellness. Maintaining good dental hygiene is vitally important to being healthy overall.

Regular dental visits and practicing proper oral hygiene are of vital importance for everyone, but for celebrities it can be especially essential as they spend much of their time in front of cameras, often having to smile in public. Therefore, celebrities must prioritize their oral health so that they can remain at their peak performance levels while continuing to represent their cities well.

Treatment Plan

Trick Daddy recently decided to replace his iconic gold grills with veneers - both as a cosmetic upgrade and for health reasons. His decision is sure to increase confidence for many fans of "Let's Go."

TMZ reports that Miami rapper Trick has decided to end his 30-year gold grill era after receiving alarming news regarding his oral health. Refusing to visit a dentist for 15 years, Trick was given an eye-opener after permanent caps had deteriorated so badly they required bone loss surgery and temporary fillings until his gums healed completely. According to Danielle Noguera of 5 Star Smiles Danielle Noguera said Trick needed bone loss surgery along with temporary fillings while his gums healed completely.

Though Trick Daddy's iconic grills helped him earn the status as the "King of Hip-Hop", prolonged use can cause tooth decay and an impaired immune system, as well as lead to other health complications including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Without proper dental care, long-term exposure can have severe repercussions.

Rap star 50 Cent recently turned to 5 Star Smiles to update his teeth, and is now proudly flaunting his new pearly whites. 50 also joins other rappers such as 21 Savage, Plies, and Soulja Boy who have upgraded their flossy fangs with porcelain veneers in recent months.

For those unfamiliar, veneer installation is a fairly routine dental practice that entails placing new veneers over existing teeth to improve their appearance and give patients a dazzlingly bright smile. Sometimes this can even be done without shaving down natural teeth which results in an unparalleled smile makeover experience.

Trick is expected to finish his treatment within two months for an estimated cost of $60k and can be seen being documented on Love & Hip Hop: Miami as fans can get an up close view of his transformation. In the meantime, check out a photo gallery below of his upgraded smile.

Treatment Cost

When considering cosmetic dentistry, one of the first questions a patient must address is, "What is the cost?" Cosmetic treatments can often be quite costly; however, you have several choices for improving your smile that may reduce its cost significantly. Prices may depend on what material was used as well as its complexity - they could vary significantly.

Chairside composite resin veneers tend to be the most cost-effective and can usually be created at your dentist's office, costing anywhere between $800 to $1,100 depending on the extent of any tooth damage or discoloration that needs correcting.

Veneers come in various materials such as porcelain and ceramic. No matter their composition, veneers can be highly effective cosmetic treatments in hiding chips, cracks, discolorations and small gaps from visible teeth. With veneers you can achieve a naturally beautiful smile that lasts years longer!

Gold crowns can also be an option, being highly durable and able to withstand significant forces. They're especially beneficial in cases of molars where less tooth structure needs to be extracted compared to porcelain crowns; however, their disadvantage is that they tend to break more easily when worn by individuals who grind their teeth regularly.

Porcelain veneers can also be an effective choice for patients who want to enhance the appearance of their smile. They're more durable and longer-lasting than composite veneers; with proper maintenance they could last over 10 years!

Veneers can also be used to correct issues like crookedness and misalignment of teeth - known as "instant orthodontics". This technique gives patients a straight, beautiful smile that will remain appealing over time.

Although getting veneers may not be cheap, they are an investment that will pay dividends over time. Not only will they improve your appearance, but also help preserve healthy teeth for a lifetime of happy memories.

Additionally to dental insurance coverage, some insurance companies also provide financing solutions that make procedures more manageable for you. CareCredit(r) and Compassionate Finance(r) offer flexible loan programs to make affordable high-quality treatments possible.

Final Results

After nearly 30 years of sporting gold grills, Miami rapper Trick Daddy has decided it is finally time to give his teeth some love and care they so deserve. Spending serious cash on porcelain veneers he now boasts stunning results from this new dental technology.

According to TMZ, 21 Savage received his treatment at 5 Star Smiles in South Florida - an award-winning dental practice which offers services including cosmetic and restorative dentistry such as tooth whitening and extractions as well as full mouth reconstructions. 5 Star Smiles has previously performed the services for 21 Savage, Plies and Lil Pump, among other celebrities.

5 Star Smiles boasts an exceptional dental lab capable of performing any size or shape replacement procedure, from implant replacement dentistry and gum surgery, to gum transplants. In addition, they employ various dentists who specialize in specific fields like dental implants or root canal therapy. To find out more about their state-of-the-art facilities, visit their website; or get in touch with the team at 5 Star Smiles now and see what awaits you - their experts are standing by to answer all of your queries about improving oral health! The best way to promote better oral health is to regularly have your teeth checked out by experts - contact 5 Star Smiles today and take action now to keep yourself and improve!

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