Food Theory - Logan Paul is LYING About Prime!

Food Theory - Logan Paul is LYING About Prime!


Food Theory Logan Paul is LYING About Prime

Logan Paul has made a fortune with his energy drink Prime Hydration. As a YouTube star, he has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales since the beverage launched last year.

However, he was recently threatened by YouTuber 'Pimblett' who claimed that his energy drink is an imitation of Prime Hydration due to its two grams of sugar content.

Prime Hydration

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI recently launched Prime, a sports drink marketed as a healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks like Gatorade. Plus, this vegan, gluten-free beverage contains no added sweeteners for added sweetness. It has quickly become a hit with fans due to its claims of healthier benefits.

This drink is marketed as a hydration beverage and comes in various flavors. It features 10% coconut water base, 825g electrolytes, 250mg BCAA for muscle recovery and many antioxidants. Available flavors include Meta Moon, Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime and Grape.

But is the drink really healthy? Some people remain uncertain about the potential health benefits of this new beverage.

In reality, this beverage is quite straightforward - simply water and a pinch of salt. Unfortunately, the marketing behind it has created much confusion.

Some stores have run out of product and had to impose a one bottle per person limit. One Aldi store in Crawley had sold out completely within 30 minutes of opening on Thursday morning.

Prime has caused a stir before. Last month, Asda ran out of bottles and crates began selling at exorbitant prices on eBay. Shoppers had no choice but to go to Wakey Wines in Wakefield, West Yorkshire - a newsagents with an infamous local reputation - in order to get their hands on discounted wine bottles.

These drinks look and taste a lot like sodas, but they contain essential vitamins and minerals to hydrate your body. It's an ideal way to replenish lost fluids after strenuous exercise or when feeling dehydrated.

Prime Energy drinks come in strawberry watermelon, blue raspberry, tropical punch, lemon lime and grape flavors and provide a good source of energy as well.

Unfortunately, due to its immense popularity, it can be hard to locate. Even when you do locate it, supply may not keep up with demand.

Some have noticed a slight variation in Prime bottles. Some appear heavier plastic with an unfamiliar base shape compared to their original shape.


KSI is an English YouTuber, rapper and boxer with over 41 million subscribers across his three main channels. He's also ventured into vlogs and comedy-style videos. Additionally, KSI founded Misfits Boxing, co-owned Prime energy drink, XIX Vodka and Sides restaurant chain - all under his own name!

KSI, despite his fame on YouTube, has had some controversy throughout his career. In 2023, he became involved with the CoffeeZilla scam and lost millions of dollars investing in cryptocurrencies. Since then KSI has spoken candidly about his experience with CoffeeZilla and shared a video detailing it. While he remains determined to escape this predicament, he knows he must do something about it.

Another issue involving KSI has been his relationship with his brother Deji. Initially, this was a friendly one between them but eventually turned into an intense drama.

On Christmas 2018, JJ and Deji had a heated argument in their family home. Deji became furious and threatened to call the police or destroy his computer to pressure JJ into deleting his diss track. Later that night, Deji went live on Twitch to announce that he would be attending therapy with his brother.

He further disclosed that he was experiencing suicidal thoughts due to the drama. After asking his brother for legal assistance, he promised that he would do everything in his power to resolve the matter.

On the following day, he released an intense video condemning his brother for his behavior and for being a bully. In it, he declared that he was manipulative and didn't have his brother's best interests at heart.

Deji suffered as a result, losing subscribers to his channel. He was additionally accused of sexually abusing a girl he liked and that he had slept with her.

However, the KSI and Deji drama soon came to a close as both were on Paul's side in their boxing rematch. This was because Randolph, another Sidemen member, posted a diss track against KSI on their Sunday video titled "SIDEMEN FAMILY FORTUNES".

On this track, Randolph called out KSI for creating videos that seemed to be'slaves' of him and doing everything for him, in addition to insulting his wife. In response, KSI responded with a video showing him divulging his private bank details - sparking further tension between the two brothers.


Food plays a crucial role in our lives, providing energy and essential nutrients essential for various bodily processes. Unfortunately, eating the wrong foods can lead to serious health issues like obesity or other diseases.

Eating nutritiously can extend our lives, make us healthier, and more productive. It also has positive effects on our moods, mental health, and physical fitness levels.

Human beings develop different eating habits based on their social-cultural environment. This includes the food they consume, how it's prepared, and the attitudes they hold toward certain foods.

Habits are formed through our interactions with others, their culture and other factors such as education. All of this can shape our food choices in ways we may never anticipate.

For instance, the right food can help you combat a cold or increase your energy levels during the day. Furthermore, it has the potential to keep you healthy and prevent illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

Food plays a vital role in providing our bodies with essential nutrition and keeping all its systems running optimally. Common staples that people often include in their meals are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats and eggs - all of which provide essential essential amino acids and other essential nutrients.

Eating nutritiously can also aid in weight management and keep cholesterol at a healthy level, as the right type of food increases metabolism and burns off extra fat.

Conversely, eating the wrong food can lead to health issues like obesity and diabetes. This is because certain foods cause your blood sugar levels to spike, leading to insulin resistance - an increasingly common condition.

Food can help you curb cravings and even enhance your performance in sports. It also aids recovery after a workout or training session, making you less fatigued. Eating nutritiously also has been known to promote better sleep patterns.

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett is one of the most renowned UFC lightweights in history, often compared to Conor McGregor and enjoying an enormous fanbase. With a 19-3 record and former Cage Warriors champion title under his belt, Pimblett also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

His debut UFC fight saw him defeat Luigi Vendramini by way of a stunning knockout victory. Since then, he has gone on to win eight other bouts and become an international star.

He's recently been in the spotlight for his out-of-the-ring antics and controversial diet. Recently, during an interview on Steve O's 'Wild Ride' podcast, Pimblett revealed how many calories he can consume in one day.

Liverpool native John generally consumes around 470 calories for lunch. After that, he likes to indulge in either a protein bar (200 calories) or chocolate cake (220 calories).

Dinner for him is typically a big meal like pasta with meatballs or wagyu beef burger with sweet potato fries. After that, he enjoys having his favourite sweet treat - chocolate protein cake or protein cookies.

In the past, he has often put on weight between fights and enjoyed indulging in junk food. After winning his last fight against Jordan Leavitt, he snacked on a kebab and devoured a pizza for breakfast.

Steve-O revealed during an interview that, if he were to step on the scale today, he'd exceed the light heavyweight limit. Additionally, he claimed to be capable of consuming around 20lbs of food during a binge!

The Baddy has earned himself a place of honor in the UFC, often making headlines for his daring behavior outside the ring. His unique hairstyle and aggressive fighting style have won him fans over, too. When not competing, The Baddy enjoys watching movies with friends and finding humor wherever it may come from; deep dish pizza is his favourite food too!

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