First Look at Lady Gaga in the 'Joker' Sequel Revealed

First Look at Lady Gaga in the 'Joker' Sequel Revealed


First look at Lady Gaga in the Joker sequel revealed

Director Todd Phillips shared the first look at Lady Gaga in the 'Joker' sequel on social media Tuesday. The image shows Gaga gazing with a mixture of love and fear at Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Arthur Fleck.

The film chronicles the psychological decline of a wannabe comic and clown who is rejected by both his friends and romantic interests. After becoming obsessed with The Joker, his violent alter ego emerges. It became one of the most successful comic-book adaptations ever, grossing over $1 billion worldwide.

Director Todd Phillips shared the image on social media

Valentine's Day provided fans with their first glimpse of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in the upcoming 'Joker' sequel. Director Todd Phillips shared a photo of Joaquin Phoenix and Gaga on Instagram, showing Gaga as Harley Quinn, the Clown Prince of Crime's longtime love interest.

Though it remains uncertain if Gaga will play Harley in the film, she has a history of collaboration with director Phillips; she starred in his critically acclaimed A Star Is Born and also voiced characters such as Patrizia Reggiani from House of Gucci - so it's not surprising that she would be involved with this endeavor.

Unsurprisingly, the title of the film - Folie a Deux - refers to a medical term that describes two people with delusion or mental illness. Although we don't know much about its plotline yet, rumors swirl that it may be a musical.

Phillips directed and co-wrote with Scott Silver the film Elseworlds, which will hit theaters October 4th. Starring Phoenix, Zazie Beetz and Catherine Keener, it is part of DC's Elseworlds franchise which exists outside of main DC continuity.

It's worth noting that the first 'Joker' movie became the most successful comic book movie of all time, so there has been considerable interest in a sequel. Unfortunately, it has yet to be integrated into DC co-chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran's new cinematic universe.

One possible explanation is that Phoenix and Phillips have yet to announce a release date for their film, which is currently shooting as part of an upcoming series called "Joker: Folie a Deux."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phoenix will reprise his role as Arthur Fleck in a slightly altered portrayal. This version of Fleck appears more gritty and worn-out, which mirrors his appearance in the original.

In the upcoming movie, Fleck will be joined by Harley Quinn. Her introduction in the first movie caused quite a stir and it appears likely that she will be the villainous character Fleck falls in love with at Arkham Asylum.

Gaga is playing Harley Quinn

After years of speculation, Lady Gaga has finally been cast to portray Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker sequel. She will star alongside Joaquin Phoenix as the chaotic Batman villain. The original DC Comics-based film earned $1 billion at the box office and won several awards.

Though the plot of the movie remains unknown, it's being reported that it will take place at Arkham Asylum. This is because Harley Quinn (real name Harleen Quinzel) falls in love with Arthur Fleck (aka Joker) while imprisoned at the asylum.

Gaga will reportedly be making her first big-screen lead role in the film. She previously made cameo appearances in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills (2013), Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) and American Horror Story: Hotel, an anthology series from FX Networks.

She received her first Oscar nomination for her role as a young, unguarded singer in A Star Is Born (2018), directed by Bradley Cooper. Additionally, her acting credits include several short films and music videos.

Fans cannot wait to see how Gaga will portray Harley Quinn, a beloved comic-book character. Margot Robbie who played Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movies expressed her hope that Gaga offers an original perspective on her character.

It appears the upcoming Joker sequel will take a more serious approach to the character than previous movies based on DC Comics have done. Nonetheless, it promises to still be an entertaining movie for fans to enjoy.

While the film is currently being shot, it is expected to hit theaters October 4, 2024. This will be the second installment in the 'Joker' franchise after the success of its first outing in 2019.

On February 14th, 2019 director Todd Phillips posted an image that depicted Gaga cradling Joaquin Phoenix's face inches away from her own. Their lips appeared to be tightly sealed together as if they were ready for some fun.

The film is a musical

Director Todd Phillips shared an image of Lady Gaga in the 'Joker' sequel that caught everyone by surprise. In it, Gaga can be seen cradling Joaquin Phoenix's face as she appears to kiss him.

This image is quite romantic, fitting the intense romance between Harley Quinn and The Joker we all know. Joaquin Phoenix will star as Arthur Fleck (aka The Joker) alongside Lady Gaga portraying Harley Quinn.

Reports indicate the movie will be released in 2024, five years after the original. While there's little information available about its plot, it appears to take place in '70s Gotham as the first film did.

We know the film will take place in Arkham Asylum, which has been the setting for many Joker and Harley Quinn stories. Unfortunately, Phillips' image posted to social media doesn't provide us with any specifics about what will transpire there. Nonetheless, we know it will take place within a world similar to Taxi Driver meets King of Comedy as they both descend into madness.

If the rumoured musical numbers in the film are anything to go by, then it will be an intriguing cinematic experience for fans of both Joker and Harley Quinn characters. Whether it's a full-on show or just moments of Gaga's astounding vocal talent, this could be just what the doctor ordered to bring these two characters together onscreen.

Zazie Beetz, who played Sophie in the original film, is expected to reprise her role. According to reports, she may return for another outing as well.

Given Gaga's portrayal of Harley Quinn in her latest album, 'Joanne', we can't help but think this could be another chance for her to hone her comedic skills and bring a unique spin to the character. In the end, it will be up to Phillips and his team to decide how the character will be portrayed in this movie.

The release date is October 4

Joaquin Phoenix is returning as The Joker and Lady Gaga is playing his love interest in the upcoming 'Joker' sequel. Director Todd Phillips revealed her first look in the film on Instagram today.

On Valentine's Day, Phillips shared a photo of himself with Gaga and Phoenix with the message "happy Valentine's day." In the picture, Gaga is wearing blonde hair with her head tilted skyward as she embraces an in-love looking Phoenix who was wearing black.

Last summer, a release date for the 'Joker' sequel was announced; however, little else was known at that time. Rumors swirled that it would be a musical.

Though it remains uncertain if Gaga will portray Harley Quinn in the film, her casting has left fans incredibly excited about a Gaga-starring DC Comics franchise. If Phillips decides to go down this route, it could mean Gaga reimagines Harley's origins rather than following Margot Robbie's take on her character from Suicide Squad films and Birds of Prey.

The cast for 'Joker's sequel includes several accomplished actors, such as Zazie Beetz (who played Arthur Fleck's neighbor Sophie in the 2019 film), Brendan Gleeson (whose role in 'The Banshees of Inisherin' has garnered Oscar buzz), and Catherine Keener. Additionally, Mark Wahlberg will join them for this project.

Deadline reports that the 'Joker' sequel, due for release on October 4, 2024, will be a musical. It will reportedly take place at Arkham Asylum where Arthur and Harley will first meet.

The title of the film, Folie a Deux, translates to "madness shared by two," likely reflecting on Arthur and Harley's evolving relationship in the movie. We don't know much about its plot yet, but it appears to be an enjoyable musical with Gaga singing her heart out.

Gaga will reunite with director Phillips, who produced her latest album A Star is Born. Phillips has long been a fan of Gaga's work and has even collaborated on other projects with her in the past. Additionally, Phillips loves Harley Quinn so it should come as no surprise that he's thrilled to see her in this role.

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