Finally Got My Hands On The Blackcurrant Mogu Mogu

Finally Got My Hands On The Blackcurrant Mogu Mogu


Finally got my hands on the blackcurrant Mogu Mogu

Finally, I was able to try the blackcurrant Mogu Mogu and it was one of the best drinks I've ever had. Packed full of big coconut cubes and an unforgettable aroma, it made for an incredible experience that I won't soon forget.

This drink, originally from Thailand, has become increasingly popular over time as a refreshing alternative to soda and other sugary beverages.


Finally, I got my hands on the blackcurrant Mogu Mogu! A delicious and refreshing beverage featuring big chunks of coconut jelly that will make your taste buds dance to tropical beats. A perfect way to quench thirst and hydrate the brain at the same time, this 320ml bottle is sure to keep you energized on-the-go!

In addition to boasting an amazing blackcurrant taste, this drink also stands out with its vibrant color. Nata de coco adds an interesting texture and together with blackcurrant juice create a highly nutrient dense drink that will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed. In fact, I'm so impressed with Mogu Mogu that I will now include all of their products into my lunchtime routine - can't wait to try them all! Thanks a million for these incredible new flavours and beautiful packaging!


Finally, I got my hands on the delicious blackcurrant Mogu Mogu - a refreshing blend of real blackcurrant fruit juice and chewy cubes of coconut jelly. This unique beverage makes for an ideal refreshment and snack in one. With its vibrant blue colour and big chunks of coconut jelly giving it a special flavor and aroma, this is sure to become one of your go-to drinks for picnics or lunchboxes!

Mogu Mogu drinks are renowned for their chewy texture, which allows you to savor your favorite flavors in an entirely new light. Available at Oriental Mart in both single 320ml bottles and boxes of 24, these refreshing and healthy drinks make a perfect summer beverage.

Mogu Mogu drinks are an irresistibly refreshing combination of juicy fruit and tasty coconut jelly, providing a sweet and tart taste that's sure to brighten up your day. Choose from delicious flavours like melon, mango, lychee and more for this summer beverage that's sure to leave you wanting more! Whether served fresh or chilled, Mogu Mogu drinks will leave you feeling refreshed and energized - so grab your bottle now and get started! Don't forget to shake before drinking!


Finally, I got my hands on the blackcurrant Mogu Mogu and I must say, it smells divine! This has a refreshing fresh scent that reminds me of freshly cut blackcurrants mixed with some chewy pieces of coconut jelly (nata de coco).

This drink smells very sweet and creamy. I highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a fruity, refreshing beverage that is both healthy and enjoyable!

These Mogu Mogu drinks are an enjoyable and unique way to get your kids to drink real fruit juice. Choose from a range of flavors such as Melon, Mango, Lychee and Blackcurrant; available in single 320ml bottles or in boxes of 24.

Mogu Mogu has been a longstanding favorite in Thailand since 2001 and their playful flavors have taken the beverage industry by storm. Their drinks have become beloved by both kids and adults alike, quickly becoming one of the top sellers across the country.

Nata de Coco(r) drinks are widely known as the world's favourite "chewy" drink, featuring natural coconut jelly chunks (known as Nata de Coco). Not only are these refreshing and fun to drink, but their variety of flavours will leave your taste buds tantalized! Perfect for picnics or lunchboxes, Nata de Coco should be served chilled and is best served chilled; an ideal alternative to iced tea! Plus, these beverages contain no added sugar, gluten free status, low in fat content and contain no added sugar - you'll find them exclusively at Oriental Mart!


Finally, I got my hands on the blackcurrant Mogu Mogu and was truly amazed by this juice! Not only will it leave you feeling refreshed, but it also has just enough sweetness for an irresistible sweetness!

This juice is an enjoyable and healthy beverage for the entire family to enjoy. It combines real fruit juice with chewy cubes of coconut jelly (nata de coco), giving it a unique texture and unique dynamic. Plus, it's packed full of Vitamin C and dietary fibre!

Start the day off right with this refreshing beverage and snack! Be sure to shake well before opening; best served cold or chilled! This 320ml bottle has 220mg of caffeine per serving.

Mogu Mogu derives its name from a Japanese onomatopoeia for chewing, and this beverage certainly lives up to its name! This blue tinted beverage is perfect for anyone who appreciates fruity-infused juice. It makes a refreshing and enjoyable beverage to sip on during a hot summer day!

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Recently, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. These typically feature sound effects such as the soothing crunch of ice on a silver platter.

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1. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a refreshing beverage served over ice and made with either regular brewed or cold brew coffee. Typically, it's flavored with some milk or sweetener for flavoring.

Iced coffee drinks are a popular summertime choice at most cafes and restaurants, from lattes to frappes to Americanos. Whatever you prefer, you're sure to find it there!

Furthermore, many people enjoy making their own iced coffee at home. It is a relatively straightforward recipe that only needs a few ingredients.

For optimal iced coffee, brew it strongly and then add ice. Doing this prevents it from diluting too much and ensures a fresh, bold flavor.

Another popular option is to make a coffee concentrate with cold water and serve it over ice. This type of iced coffee has been found to be more beneficial for the body than regular hot brew, as it tends to be less bitter and acidic, plus easier on the stomach than its hot brew counterpart.

A delightful drink that can be enjoyed year-round, even in cold climates like the UK. Not only is it tasty, but also helps keep you cool and hydrated during summer days.

Are you searching for an innovative way to enjoy your iced coffee? Why not try using this spherical coffee ice mold? These spheres will have a more delicate flavor than regular cubes and the resulting coffee will dilute at a slower rate, which is perfect if you like your iced coffee undiluted.

2. Ice Tea

Ice tea is a refreshing summer beverage that can be made with any type of tea, including green, white and black. Ice tea helps you stay hydrated in the heat by providing essential fluids.

Classic iced tea is served with lemon and sugar. It can be made with a simple syrup composed of equal parts sugar and water, or without any added sweetener at all.

For a healthy yet delectable iced tea, add fruit or other natural ingredients. Fresh fruits or herbs will enhance the flavor while keeping it from becoming overly sweet.

You can also freeze a mixture of water and herbs or flowers to make infused ice cubes. These can be used instead of regular ice cubes to add an elegant flavor to your iced tea.

In the Southern States, iced tea is typically served sweet. This refreshing beverage has become a beloved year-round favorite and often referred to as "Southern Iced Tea".

History states that ice tea was first invented at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, when India Tea Commissioner Richard Blechynden offered free samples to attendees.

Historians have disputed the assertion that he invented iced tea. Rather, he was simply the first person to serve it at a public event.

No matter who is credited with inventing iced tea, it remains an irresistibly tasty and refreshing beverage. Not only does it keep you cool on hot days, but also provides numerous health benefits; including being an excellent source of antioxidants which may reduce cardiovascular disease risks.

3. Iced Lemonade

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Our Copycat Chick-Fil-A Frosted Lemonade Recipe is creamy and sweet with that wonderful tang of lemon! This drink is so simple to make and tastes just like the real thing.

Our frosty lemonade recipe uses homemade lemon simple syrup and vanilla ice cream, for a fun take on Chick-fil-A's classic frozen drink. It's an irresistibly refreshing summer treat that kids will love!

You can make this refreshing lemonade recipe using either lemon concentrate or bottled lemonade, and you can customize the simple syrup by adding different fruits and herbs. For an extra boozy twist, try adding some lemon vodka or rum to the drink!

This refreshing frosted lemonade is ideal for serving at any backyard party or barbecue, and it takes only minutes to make! You can even prepare it a day in advance and store it in the refrigerator.

Once your mixture has chilled, you can quickly blend it with ice cream in your blender. Finally, pour into glasses and garnish with a slice of lemon for an elegant presentation.

No matter the season, this refreshing beverage makes an irresistible dessert to serve after dinner. Even better, freeze it into popsicle molds for a fun frozen treat that the kids will love!

Make this refreshing frosted lemonade with lemon juice, sugar, water and ice. Any type of lemon will do; just be sure to zest before juicing for maximum flavor! For an extra special twist, you could try using different citrus fruits like limes in combination with each other for additional color and flavor.

4. Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee, also known as cold coffee, is brewed without heat and much more delicious than your average cup of joe. With less acidity and a smoother taste than hot coffee, cold brew makes for an ideal option for those suffering from acid reflux or digestive symptoms.

For those who want their coffee to last longer, storing it in the fridge is a great idea. After all, cold brew takes up to 18 hours to brew a pot so it makes sense to store large batches in your fridge for several days at a time.

For this recipe, I suggest using coarsely ground beans and water just below room temperature. This will create a strong cold brew that's ideal for pouring over ice or mixing with milk. Experimenting with different ratios to get the ideal flavor and strength may be beneficial before committing.

Once the brewing process is complete, strain out the coffee grounds from the liquid. Doing this will give you a concentrated concentrate which can be stored in your refrigerator for up to two weeks before diluting with water or cream when ready for consumption.

For a stronger flavor, double, triple or even quadruple the amount of beans and water used. Be sure to adjust your steeping time as well; the longer it takes for your cold brew to brew, the stronger it will be.

Iced coffee, which is dilute with cold water and usually less caffeinated per ounce, does not have as much caffeine per serving as cold brew does. Therefore, people with health conditions that make caffeine intolerance difficult may want to opt for cold brew instead.

5. Canned Coffee

Canned coffee is a ready-to-go version of coffee that can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores. Often sold through vending machines offering both hot and cold options, canned coffee has become especially popular in Japan and South Korea.

Coffee delivery services provide a convenient way to enjoy coffee without ever leaving your house, but there can be risks as well. Some brands contain BPA which may leach into the beverage and cause health issues for some individuals.

Canted coffee products come in a variety of flavors and caffeine content. Some are brewed using the flash-brewing process for smoother taste than others, while others taste more like traditional iced coffees.

The finest canned coffees use high-quality beans grown and roasted within their home countries or regions. Some even feature single-origin beans, meaning they come from one farm or area within that country.

For an enjoyable start to your day, Peet's Iced Espresso offers four unique flavors made with single-origin Colombian beans. Elemental Beverage Co also uses flash brewing technology to craft delicious canned coffee.

Ceremony's Cold Black Coffee is ideal for those who appreciate a strong cup of black coffee but don't want it to be overly bitter. Additionally, this beverage uses RAIN (reverse atmospheric infusion) brewing technology which extends shelf life and locks in flavors.

For fans of iced coffee, we suggest investing in Lily's Narrow Ice Stick trays. These narrow cube trays fit perfectly inside narrow glasses or bottles and are easy to grab and serve. Available in various colors, these ice cube trays have received rave reviews on Amazon for being both easy to clean and store.

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