Fashion Statements Made in YoungBoy Never Broke Again's 'Big Truck' Video

Fashion Statements Made in YoungBoy Never Broke Again's 'Big Truck' Video


The fashion statements made in YoungBoy Never Broke Agains Big Truck vid


Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again's new music video for his single 'Big Truck' is all about style. While rapping about his life and career, we witness some of his most striking fashion statements made throughout his 23-year-old music career.

YoungBoy has made his name through constantly releasing music - something which would normally be considered detrimental, yet for YoungBoy it has only served to strengthen his brand.

2. The jacket

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's sexless hoodie is just one of many fashion statements made in his 'Big Truck' video. The rap artist is best known for his provocative music which often addresses violence and retaliation; and has an array of clothing that speaks volumes about his gangster roots.

YoungBoy, known as Youngboy among Mormons, has become a household name in Utah where he and his family reside. A regular at church events and has even graced a stage inside Salt Lake Temple to perform, YoungBoy has quickly become a cult figure in Utah.

However, despite his cult following and millions of copies sold of his mixtapes, he remains virtually unknown on the mainstream music scene and has never charted on Billboard as a lead singer.

Kenoe Jordan, Motown vp of A&R, recognized YoungBoy's hard work ethic and helped secure him a deal at Motown after his contract with Atlantic expired. YoungBoy had voiced some displeasure towards Atlantic in the past regarding how their label seemed to take advantage of his success and ignore him while reaping financial gain off it.

Jordan made an informed choice when selecting Motown as YoungBoy's label; Motown already partnered with Never Broke Again and had signed Montana when she was still minor. Caren felt this decision allowed YoungBoy to develop his rapping abilities while providing him with more resources than Atlantic would.

3. The hoodie

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's iconic hoodie in his "Big Truck" video is an icon. Comfortable yet lightweight and durable, it can be worn by children to adults alike and is available in numerous colors, sizes, and styles.

Gift-givers will love this limited edition item as they make someone smile!

Attractive designs stand out in any crowd with bold text to stand out, making this gift the ideal present for rap fans.

The lyrics of this track are equally captivating; combining elements of both gangster rap and tender balladry, they resonate deeply with many listeners.

They go beyond violence and retaliation; they also touch upon family issues, parental neglect and identity concerns. While such topics might not fit with industry's expectations, these artists have managed to make them their own.

These stories have propelled them into some of the highest-earning musicians ever; for instance, Eminem became one of the most profitable musicians of the 2000s with his personal narrative about being bullied, beaten up, neglected or even murdered.

His music may help normalize violence and gang activity in society, but that isn't what has made him successful; his massive fan base and consistently high-quality releases are what make him successful.

"Invisible music stardom," or streaming-era phenomenon in which musicians enjoy massive fan bases but relatively smaller pop cultural footprints, is something this musician embodies perfectly. Not on radio, rarely performing live and deactivating social media accounts regularly yet still considered one of the world's top rappers, this musician remains immensely popular today.

4. The shoes

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's 'Big Truck' video showcases impressive fashion statements. However, his footwear may steal the show: Nike Air Max 270s are undoubtedly his most comfortable shoes and also relatively inexpensive compared to other options on offer.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has made waves since his release from prison, producing several chart-topping albums and amassing an avid online following. The latest addition to his illustrious catalog is 33-song "Don't Try This At Home", an outstanding effort and strong contender for album of the year honors. YoungBoy even signed a $60 million record deal with Cash Money Records; joining other superstars such as Drake and Taylor Swift under its auspices if his legal department can get his act together; otherwise there's much potential ahead for YoungBoy to enjoy success!

5. The sunglasses

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's 'Big Truck' video featured daring fashion statements. The rapper donned several shades, such as those bearing Versace logos with Medusa heads.

Sunglasses were an integral component of his look as they added both style and flair, reflecting both his vibrant personality and making him appear both cool and confident.

YoungBoy wore a blue-and-white Comme des Garcons Play shirt, Balmain jeans and an Adidas Originals trainer on set, along with an oversized pair of sunglasses from Oakley to complete his look.

He was seen sporting them while performing "Toxic" at COLORS Studios and they are the latest pair from YG sunglasses to appear on its Instagram account.

In this video, YG stands on a white backdrop and performs his new track titled "I Got Issues," set to feature on his upcoming album I Got Issues. Wearing black bandanas completes his look.

Meanwhile, his manager and producer Fee Banks paces nervously in the background - an iconic Louisiana figure known for his meticulous skincare regime and serene demeanor.

YoungBoy is surrounded by layers of people, all who offer support in various forms. His loyal French bulldog Naomi and one-year-old twin sons Kayden and Kamron provide emotional stability while 31-year-old Montana helps navigate New Orleans for him; YoungBoy trusts this man with such an important responsibility.

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