Fantasy Football Schedule - Week 10

Fantasy Football Schedule - Week 10


10 team fantasy football schedule

Fantasy football involves a great deal of luck. Not just in the weekly matchup draws, but also when teams are selected for playoffs.

One way to mitigate some of that luck is by opting for a 12-team league. This setup provides for the ideal playoff setup without sacrificing any regular-season value.


No matter if you play in a 2QB league or Superflex, quarterbacks are key components to your fantasy team's success. Ideally, have two starters at this position and one backup for when an injury or bye week occurs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of quarterback options available at the start of the draft. When selecting a quarterback, it's essential to take into account their schedule and which offense they will be playing for.

To accurately assess their value in your league, look at their schedule and identify any defensive matchups they'll have to contend with. This will give you a good indication of their chances for producing impressive numbers and how much value you might assign them.

When selecting a quarterback, it is essential to take into account the scoring system used in your league. Most fantasy football leagues reward points for passing touchdowns and rushing scores; however, some also give bonuses for reaching certain yardage milestones.

Start by looking at the average passing fantasy points allowed by defenses last season. This will give you insight into how valuable a particular quarterback may be in your league.

When selecting a quarterback, it's essential to take into account their strength of schedule. This will give an idea of which games they will face and how favorable or challenging these matchups may be.

Running Backs

Running backs are an integral part of any Fantasy Football team. They tend to be one of the first positions chosen in most drafts, although there may be options available later in rounds with fewer picks available.

In today's NFL, the bell cow role is gone. That doesn't mean you can't find great running backs who can put up impressive fantasy numbers. It's just that the pool of high-volume backs is smaller than it used to be when teams relied heavily on one running back for offensive production.

Thankfully, there are plenty of young running backs who have already demonstrated they can make a significant impact when given the chance. Jaylen Warren (vs. Saints), Isaiah Spiller (@ 49ers) and Elijah Mitchell (vs. Chargers) all show potential to shine if given more touches in their offense this season.

There are also a number of talented younger running backs who lack the pedigree to be considered starters at present but could prove highly valuable in fantasy football. Breece Hall, Ken Walker, James Cook, Isaiah Spiller, Rachaed White and Tyrion Davis-Price could all be league winners if given more chances this year.

One important element to consider when playing fantasy football is how different scoring formats affect running backs, particularly PPR formats. When playing PPR, having a running back who can catch passes is essential since they increase your fantasy points per reception (PPR FPPR) rather than just rushing yards alone. Doing this may allow you to win weeks without needing touchdowns as often.

Wide Receivers

Wide receivers are essential components of your fantasy football team. Their career spans are longer than running backs', meaning you can rely on them more during the regular season and reap the benefits of their more consistent fantasy production throughout the year.

Dynasty leagues place even greater value on wide receivers, as they can be an integral part of building a championship-winning fantasy football team. You should target players who will provide long-term value in your dynasty league and help you come out on top at the end of the season.

Tier 1 WRs are low-risk options with high ceilings and an impressive target share. They tend to be selected in the first round of most fantasy drafts, making them a great place to begin your team's development.

Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson are the top wide receivers in this tier, both having enough upside to be selected in the first round of any fantasy draft. Last season, Kupp racked up 294.5 fantasy points while Jefferson added 222.4.

This tier boasts several PPR ADP gems, such as Julio Jones, Crowder and Boyd. Jones is likely to see the most targets out of all three due to Tampa Bay's passing attack and new quarterback; Crowder and Boyd both possess WR2 potential with Buffalo and Cincinnati respectively.

The remainder of the tier offers some great bye-week streaming options, though many will be passed over early in the season. Players such as Brandin Cooks and Nico Collins aren't expected to score more than 19 points per game, making them unsuitable picks for fantasy owners in the first two rounds.

Tight Ends

Tight ends are one of the most underrated positions in Fantasy Football, yet they're an essential element of any Fantasy Football team. With this week's schedule offering several excellent chances to grab a TE who will make an impact on your squad, there are several great chances to secure one this week.

Particularly if you are in the playoffs, every point counts. Even if a tight end doesn't lead your league in total fantasy points, they can still be an invaluable position to have on your roster as they often catch the ball deep and score their own touchdowns.

If you want to maximize the use of your roster space, it is essential to fill out your tight end lineup as early in your draft as possible. In particular, try to secure at least one top tight end by the seventh or eighth round; this will give you an edge over players who may have already been selected ahead of them.

With that being said, there are some players who have had ups and downs throughout the season who could still be worth considering this week. These include Jacksonville's Evan Engram who scored 11 catches in Week 14; Tennessee's Chigoziem Okonkwo had his best game of the season with six targets.

This year's playoffs have provided several tight ends with favorable matchups that should enhance their Fantasy Football production. As such, they make for great options on the waiver wire for those searching for players to add. Denver's Greg Dulcich, for instance, is available in over 60% of Yahoo leagues and makes for a great streaming option due to his strong start this season.


Kickers are essential members of any fantasy football team and a crucial element to creating a winning lineup. Their job requires them to score extra points and kick field goals, both worth three points each.

Making the decision whether or not to draft a kicker in 10 team fantasy football league can be daunting. With so many teams, it's difficult to know who will score the most points and how much value should be placed on that position.

To determine who will be the top scoring kicker in the league, it's best to look at their upcoming matchups. In this week's fantasy football schedule, there are several high-scoring kickers that could be worth taking a chance on, such as Harrison Butker (vs. Jaguars), Matt Prater (vs. Rams), Cairo Santos (vs. Lions in Week 10), Ka'imi Fairbairn (vs. Giants) and Chase McLaughlin (vs Raiders).

These three kickers all have favorable matchups against defenses ranked among the top 12 for fantasy points per game to kickers, making them great options this week. Furthermore, all three contests take place in stadiums with roofs which could provide an additional edge for kickers.

Kickers may seem like an unimportant position on a 10-team fantasy football roster, but they can be invaluable assets to your team's production. That is why it is critical to take into account when selecting them for your upcoming fantasy football draft. But remember: kickers are highly luck-dependent; so if you plan on using them on your roster, wait until the very last round before selecting them.

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