Everything Kelsea Ballerini Reveals About Her Divorce From Morgan Evans 2023

Everything Kelsea Ballerini Reveals About Her Divorce From Morgan Evans 2023


Everything Kelsea Ballerini reveals about her divorce from Morgan Evans

Kelsea Ballerini is on a mental health journey of healing after ending her marriage. She recently released her new album, Subject to Change, and is currently on tour.

Divorce can be a trying time for anyone, but it's especially challenging if you're a public figure.

She’s Open About It

Kelsea Ballerini shocked fans when she announced she was divorcing her husband, Morgan Evans. After being married for nearly five years, the country star and her husband decided to part ways - a painful breakup for both of them.

After their divorce, Ballerini provided a lot of insight into why she chose to end her marriage and stressed how much she trusted her instincts. She described herself as being "incredibly intuitive and in tune with herself," knowing it would be better to leave than stay in an unhealthy situation.

Ballerini also acknowledges that her divorce wasn't as difficult as it seems and credits the support of her friends with helping her cope. After the news of her separation became public, Ballerini took some time off social media in order to focus on herself during this trying time.

Eventually, she broke free of her shell and started creating music again. To record her new album, Subject to Change, a team of Nashville-based musicians joined her; due for release September 23.

The project takes on an old school approach, featuring Nineties country and pop elements. It offers an intensely personal look at the experience of divorce that goes deeper than anything we've heard from her previously.

In addition to her new album, Ballerini has also released a short film that chronicles her story. In it she sings the songs off her new EP while an actor portrays scenes of an unhappy marriage.

Valentine's Day is the ideal time to celebrate, and this album provides us with a poignant glimpse into her heartbreak that drove her to create such an intensely personal work of art.

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat is Ballerini's deep-dive into the turmoil that she explored on her recently released album, Subject to Change, and it serves as an outlet for her fans to hear her side of her public divorce.

The six-track EP marks the first time she's shared the story of her marriage and divorce with the public. It's an opportunity for fans to witness how much she's grown since Evans left, demonstrating how fully she has accepted life after divorce.

She’s Moving On

After nearly five years of marriage, country singer Kelsea Ballerini and husband Morgan Evans decided to divorce in August 2022. The couple had been together since they were both teenagers, spending countless hours in therapy together; yet ultimately they came to the realization that their union no longer worked for them.

As she went through her divorce, she expressed to her fans that she needed time away from work to focus on herself and her mental health. Furthermore, she did not want to worry about what people thought of her situation.

Court documents indicate that Ballerini and Evans have divided their assets after filing for divorce in Davidson County, Tennessee. Additionally, they have vacated their home in Nashville which is now up for sale.

Though her divorce from Evans came as a shock, the songstress is adjusting to life post-divorce. Rumors swirl that she may now be dating Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes; the two have been seen out and about together.

At the January 9th NCAA College Football Championship game in which she performed, Chase Stokes was photographed cuddling up to her. The photos show them having some serious chemistry as they show off some affection towards one another.

Kelsea is still getting used to the idea of life without her husband, but she's moving on and finding joy again. As she prepares for her new tour and writes new music, Kelsea also makes sure she takes care of herself and her mental health.

When she's not performing or touring, Ballerini enjoys spending time with her family and pup Dibs. She also loves spending time outdoors, whether it be on a Nashville rooftop or at the Grand Ole Opry.

Ballerini is an accomplished musician, but she also a poet. She has published multiple collections of poetry and plans to release more in the near future.

She loves sports and has an affinity for the Kentucky Derby. She often shares her enthusiasm about this beloved event on her Instagram feed.

She’s Not Concerned With the Public’s Opinion

Country superstar Kelsea Ballerini recently announced she's divorcing her husband, Morgan Evans. After nearly five years together, the couple have decided to part ways.

After several days, Ballerini finally shared the news to her fans on Instagram. Additionally, she released an EP called Rolling Up the Welcome Mat that explores her relationship with Evans and eventual decision to part ways.

The singer, who has achieved unparalleled success with five back-to-back Top 10 country albums, wrote the music for her latest record, Subject to Change, during a period of personal transition. Through it all she says that she gained a deeper insight into herself and what matters most to her.

She writes honestly about her experiences, never hiding away from emotions nor worrying what others think of her. Instead, she focuses on herself and what others might think of her instead.

She recognizes that the breakup was difficult, yet she remains confident in herself and knows it's time for her to move on. She's learned not to fear herself and believes she can achieve success without feeling like a failure.

Though her latest album, Subject to Change, deals with divorce and a new chapter in life, it's not entirely depressing. Instead, the collection offers an eclectic blend of upbeat and reflective songs.

But this work is her most intimate work to date. It examines the most intimate parts of her recent life and seeks to heal.

Ballerini emphasizes that she isn't a victim of her circumstances and has the strength to move forward. In fact, she even sings about her divorce on "Doin' My Best," which includes lyrics that reflect on her failed marriage to Evans.

She speaks candidly about the negative comments she's received from her followers and how she has evolved as a person over the past few months. She emphasizes how open she has become about her divorce and how she feels since its end.

She’s Taking Care of Her Mental Health

Kelsea Ballerini has experienced a lot in recent years, including her divorce from Morgan Evans which has profoundly altered her life.

In August 2022, the couple announced their separation. While many fans weren't pleased with the news, Ballerini expressed her gratitude for their five-year marriage and expressed excitement at what lies ahead for them.

The country singer is taking time to adjust to her new situation. She seeks out support from family and friends during this transition, taking a break from social media in order to spend quality time with her daughter Willow.

Ballerini admits she's still learning how to cope with her divorce. While she may not be "back" to her usual self yet, she's much more aware of her emotions and takes better care of herself.

What's the best way for her to cope with the end of her marriage? Turns out, the best way to combat post-divorce blues is by surrounding yourself with good friends and great music. Plus, she makes sure she stays fit and healthy at all times.


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