ENA's New Voices

ENA's New Voices


ENAs New Voices

Peruvian animator Joel Guerra's surrealist series ENA (popularly known as "3NA") draws inspiration from video games, old computer operating systems, vaporwave music and sci-fi surrealism to create a world that proudly wears its influences on its sleeves.

Ena, the show's protagonist, has a dual-colored body (blue and yellow). Her face also differs on either side: her right ear has blue ears while her left side has yellow ones.

Happy ENA

ENA is a series of surreal, strange and confusing videos that follow the adventures of Ena. She navigates a world that appears to have been computer generated with an unconventional storyline that makes it impossible to predict what will happen next.

Her name is derived from the Japanese words "Xiao Yan" (egao, smile) and "Lei" (namida, tears). In her videos, she uses she/her pronouns which refer to her either as Ena or Ena-chan. Often referred to as Happy ENA, her name may reflect both positive and negative emotions within her.

She is a female humanoid character whose visual design changes according to her emotional states. Her face was inspired by Pablo Picasso's painting "Girl Before a Mirror," and her outfit features both shapes and geometric solids in various hues; blue on the right and yellow on the left sides respectively.

Gabe Velez, who voices Season 1 Ena and Venti in Genshin Impact and Juna Crawford in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III and IV, has been cast as her voice. A Puerto Rican voice actor, he was previously Marc Rafanan's partner on Danganronpa.

He is renowned for his voice-acting in anime, having collaborated with numerous renowned animation studios. His credits include Kaede Akamatsu, Kyoko Kirigiri and Kyoko Sakamoto in Danganronpa; Venti in Genshin Impact; and Juna from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III and IV.

In addition to her voice acting, she also plays the role of Moony in Danganronpa 4. This role is currently unfinished and will be recast in an untitled episode.

Though Season 1 Ena was not featured in the Dream BBQ game announcement trailer, it is possible that she may make another appearance later. At the end of Temptation Stairway, fans speculated she may appear in Dream BBQ; however, it remains uncertain whether her "full-happiness" form will appear elsewhere.

Moony ENA

Moony is one of ENA's newest voices, and she exudes personality. Her tone can be described as "stiff and irritable," yet at other times it can be quite charming.

Her screams and whimpers aren't exactly vulgar, but they do sound like they come from a completely different realm than the rest of ENA's dialogue. Her character design draws inspiration from both Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso and Romero Britto's art; the left side of her body is blue while the right is yellow.

She can best be described as a "stuffy fuck," as she curses in Korean even in series that strive to be otherwise mild-mannered. At the end of "Auction Day," she throws up and then makes vomiting noises in front of The Toei Company logo during her breakdown in "Temptation Stairway."

ENA's character design is similar to the rest of the series, yet she has some unique features that set her apart. For instance, her smile has an extra-special "twist" to it that sets her apart from other characters.

She exhibits a lot of arrogance, both in her personality and abilities. Her voice can range from cheerful to self-hating to oblivious - with all those feelings fluctuating throughout the show.

Character design aside, she stands out with two distinct personalities. The left side of her face is colored yellow to signify joy and the right side blue for sadness; this helps explain her emotional states in "Temptation Stairway."

She doesn't possess a particularly large mouth, making it difficult for her to say some of her most memorable lines. On the other hand, her wide nose allows her to express herself with expansive expressions.

Her hair is long and jet-black, falling into a triangular point on her face that looks like the waning crescent. She has one small, squinted eye on the left side of her head as well as an eyebrow that's rectangular in shape above it.

Drunk ENA

ENA's drunk voice has long been a fan favorite and an exciting addition to the game. It can be used in various ways, such as as a visual pun and to describe a character's vomit in "Auction Day."

One thing that sets this voice apart is her ability to transform into Monster Form, as evidenced during her breakdown in Act 1 of "Temptation Stairway." Additionally, while in this state of altered consciousness she experiences an acute stomach upset as evidenced by noises made at the end of Auction Day and during the first part of Temptation Stairway.

She uses a distinct language pattern in this form as an obvious dig at The Master. She's not afraid to use harsh or curse words when it suits her purpose.

Her drunk voice is distinct from her normal one, making it easier to distinguish. Additionally, the mouth she uses when intoxicated is much smaller than usual and lacks the characteristic 'pointed' ears.

Although having a drunk voice isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can be challenging to get the tone correct. Her "poop" sound seems slightly off when intoxicated.

When she's drunk, there is a slight stutter in her vocalization which can be heard when saying things that don't make sense or don't fit with her character. This small detail adds an authentic quality to her voice and helps it seem more genuine.

ENA's voice has a distinct difference, and she appears to be experiencing alcohol intoxication. This could indicate an entity is possessing her or simply that her mind has been manipulated.

It also means the glitches she experiences aren't her own, which could make them all the more bizarre and frightening. Thankfully, we'll get to see her normal form again soon!

Salesperson ENA

A salesperson is an expert at pitching products and services to potential clients. They must be friendly, knowledgeable, and persuasive while working diligently to complete the task at hand. Salespeople may work in various environments such as door-to-door sales, digital advertising, retail shops or dealerships.

The character features a multicolored body, consisting of pale blue sections on her upper right side and yellow sections on both her lower right and left sides. She also has a small black triangle on her right eye that resembles an eyelash.

Her right hand is claw-like, while her left hand resembles a mitten. Inspired by Pablo Picasso's painting "Girl Before a Mirror", both hands display smiley expressions when talking; more often with one side than the other.

Her expressions can be permanently altered between these sides, though it remains uncertain whether these changes are permanent. Her red side typically displays a smile while her paler side usually depicts serious or angry expressions. You'll most often spot her red side when speaking into her megaphone in her Dream BBQ game trailer; conversely, the paler side usually exhibits either frowning or neutral expression.

In her red alternate form, her eyes are more focused on the products she's promoting. Additionally, she appears more animated and moves much faster than when in her yellow alternate form - likely due to having a larger brain.

Ena is an expert salesperson, skilled at pitching products and convincing people to buy them. She possesses excellent communication abilities and is an attentive listener. Additionally, Ena is highly observant; looking for potential customers who fit the profile of her company or product.

She has a strong commitment to her job, always going the extra mile to serve clients and colleagues. This loyalty has served her well over the years as she has gained valuable experience working as a salesperson for companies such as Avon, Tupperware, and Copperware. With so much expertise under her belt, you can be certain she will do an excellent job!

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