Elton John Collaborating With Lady Gaga on Her Upcoming Album Artpop

Elton John Collaborating With Lady Gaga on Her Upcoming Album Artpop


Elton John has revealed on Beats 1 radio that Lady Gaga and Elton John are working together on her upcoming album. According to the legendary musician, two songs sound more like vintage Gaga than what was featured on her 2013 album ARTPOP.

This track has a neo-classical vibe and sounds more soulful than most of 2018's pop music. It's an intriguing cover of an old classic that promises to be a hit.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's artpop album is a dance music album that explores themes such as fame, sex and self-empowerment. Released on November 11, 2013, it includes collaborations with DJ White Shadow, Zedd and Madeon; its tracklist contains references to Greek and Roman mythology as well as artwork by Jeff Koons.

Since ARTPOP, Lady Gaga has dabbled with jazz music and collaborated with Tony Bennett on the Cheek to Cheek album. Additionally, she starred as Lady Gaga on American Horror Story: Hotel. Her artistic tastes have broadened over time, replacing her sultry appearance with a more somber one.

She stands out among other pop stars due to her fashion sense; often wearing pieces designed by English designer Alexander McQueen. Additionally, she is renowned for her charitable activities and supports various causes.

She is an accomplished singer, having earned multiple awards for her performances. Her music showcases both her personality and ability to express emotions through lyrics.

Her music is spiritual to the point of ecstasy, with lyrics that evoke memories and fantasies of romance or sex or agony. No wonder why her music has become so popular - she has sold over 73 million records worldwide!

Gaga has long been recognized for her artful clothing and music, but with her latest project ARTPOP she is blurring the lines between commercial art and high art- making it difficult for many people to differentiate between what is genuine art from what is not. Through both music and fashion, Gaga is expressing her emotions while asking for help finding happiness that she has been searching for.

ARTPOP is a musical album that blends European dance music, American pop and glam rock with influences from Madonna in the '80s, hair metal in Giorgio Moroder's The Killers'. This fourth studio album from American singer Lady Gaga was released on November 11th 2013 and features guest vocals from T.I., Too Short, Twista and R Kelly; it was named one of the best albums of 2013 by numerous critics and was certified platinum by RIAA in 2014.

Elton John

On her third studio album, Artpop, Gaga collaborated with two of pop music's most influential musicians. She wrote and co-produced the single "Artpop," which became an instant hit upon release in 2013.

Gaga has always had a knack for crafting catchy, danceable tracks. She is an unnatural pop prodigy whose work elicits feelings of nostalgia and joy while also infusing them with modernity. Plus, Gaga draws from an extensive and distinguished musical background when creating her work.

Gaga was raised with early rock and roll music thanks to her mother Sheila Eileen Harris, who brought home records of Elvis Presley, Bill Haley and the Comets and other popular singers. Additionally, Stanley Dwight's big band played military dance music for her enjoyment.

But when it came time to craft her own material, she found herself struggling with the limits of creativity. Fortunately, close friends Tony Bennett and Elton John offered their guidance and helped lift her spirits.

They began writing songs together in 1968, eventually creating their own album called Empty Sky in 1969 that received positive reviews but did not sell well.

John and Taupin began to collaborate more closely together over time. They joined Dick James' DJM Records as staff songwriters and created several recordings for the label.

For their next record, they enlisted producer Gus Dudgeon and arranger Paul Buckmaster. The resultant album, Tumbleweed Connection, earned rave reviews and earned a Top Ten single.

While their collaboration was generally successful, John and Taupin had differing tastes in songwriting styles. John preferred a more lyrical approach while Taupin preferred more instrumental arrangements.

Their collaborative process was unique from other songwriters', which is perhaps why they have become so beloved. Their songwriting partnership remains one of pop music's most innovative.

They've collaborated on four projects together, such as Aida and The Lion King songs. Furthermore, they contributed their creative talents to the film The Road to El Dorado. Despite their diverse musical backgrounds, both share a passion for raising money for charity causes.

Tony Bennett

Lady Gaga's latest duet album with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, is a jazzy departure from much of her hyper-pop music. Lady Gaga is classically trained as both singer and pianist, making her the ideal match for jazz legend Tony Bennett.

Bennet has always had a deep-seated passion for music and art, which he has combined to make an impact on the world around him. In addition to his many charitable donations, he is active in environmental concerns and marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma in 1999; additionally, he co-founded Exploring the Arts with his wife Susan Crow in 1999.

Bennett has stayed true to his musical roots and classic style throughout his career. He has recorded many timeless classic songs from the Great American Songbook, such as Irving Berlin's "Waltz for President", Fred Astaire's "Tango in the Night", Frank Sinatra's "Strange Fruit" and Billie Holiday's "White Christmas". Additionally, Bennett made albums featuring Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Sting.

Bennett's career experienced many personal and professional setbacks during the 1970s and '80s, but his son Danny Bennett helped him overcome them by bringing him back into public awareness through David Lettermen and an MTV Unplugged special. This enabled him to return to his tuxedo-wearing days along with his love of jazz music.

He has since been able to tour and perform for new audiences, making a concerted effort to reach younger generations. Additionally, his books that outline his personal philosophy have been published, with paintings featured in both Smithsonian Institution and Metropolitan Museum of Art galleries.

Bennett is renowned for his artistic talents and humanitarian causes. He has a longstanding record of raising money for causes such as Juvenile Diabetes Foundation research and cancer awareness campaigns; moreover, his artwork graces the cover of American Cancer Society annual greeting cards.

Bennett has earned 18 Grammy awards for his music, as well as recognition from the Kennedy Center and United Nations.


In 2013, Lady Gaga released Artpop, her third studio album and second number one release. This was also the ninth highest-selling album of 2013, selling 2.3 million copies globally according to IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industry).

Many critics dismissed the album as a commercial failure, but Kitty Empire wrote in The Guardian that Gaga "could mean anything on Artpop, and so could she." Besides releasing an app for mobile devices, she also hosted an ArtRave event featuring performances by Inez and Vinoodh, Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic and more - during which she donned a "world's first flying dress" and posed for photos wearing bizarre attire.

The album's main themes revolved around fame, sex, and empowerment; with references to Greek and Roman mythology, classical jazz musician Sun Ra, marijuana, and marijuana itself. The song "Do What U Want" addressed sexual autonomy with footage of Gaga dancing alongside her fans in a video accompanying it.

One decade later, Artpop still resonates with its hypnotic techno sounds and futuristic themes. While its complex composition still shows Gaga's uncompromising creativity and willingness to experiment with genres and platforms, its significance now rests more in being an intensely personal undertaking.

Gaga has endured a turbulent time in her life, yet she continues to consider Artpop her most significant work. Journalist Rose Dommu wrote in 2019 that it was the "most personal" album of her career, drawing on topics like her breakup with long-term manager Troy Carter and sexual assault as she explores themes such as fame and intimacy.

The album was also criticized for its production, which incorporates elements of techno and house music. Some songs, such as "Dope," were dismissed for lacking depth by critics. Nonetheless, this release remains her most acclaimed and successful studio project to date - grossing over $6 million worldwide.

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