Draymond Green Hyping Up Kevin Durant

Draymond Green Hyping Up Kevin Durant


draymond green hyping up kevin durant

Draymond Green is an intensely competitive individual who enjoys motivating his teammates. That's why he became KD's personal hype man during their first playoff game with the Golden State Warriors.

On November 10, 2011, the video of Green talking into Durant's ear went viral during their 121-109 win against Portland Trail Blazers. But this wasn't the only time these two had an electric moment together during their tenure with the Warriors.

What did he actually say?

Nothing beats watching Draymond Green hype up Kevin Durant in this iconic GIF that has been shared hundreds of times. For those unfamiliar with this clip, it features KD getting hyped up in his locker room during his rookie season with the Golden State Warriors.

At that time, the Warriors won back-to-back titles and Durant was one of the most efficient players in the league. That is why you see so many people on social media sharing this viral video.

On The Draymond Green Show podcast, Green took time out of his busy schedule to address a statement made by Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks last week. In the two and a half minute rant, Green went statement by statement and addressed each one of Brooks' statements.

Green took Brooks' comment about not understanding basketball seriously, taking it one step further and attacking Brooks directly. By doing so, Green threw down a challenge to Brooks that his knowledge of the game is below average.

Green has not hesitated to stand up for a player before. Recently, he condemned another teammate for trash-talking Jordan Poole and insisted his actions did not reflect anything about himself.

But this is a different sort of issue. This could have been avoided had the Warriors exercised more discipline. This will be something they remain committed to in the future.

On the podcast, Green also discussed his relationship with Durant during their time playing for the Warriors. He said they were both hypercompetitive but eventually got over those disagreements and are still close today.

What was most remarkable about this conversation, however, was how much it highlighted Green's evolution as a player. While he's long been known for his toughness, this episode revealed that he may not be quite as formidable as he once was.

He often complimented his teammates' communication style, but when it comes to fans he can be more direct. He's had to deal with some irate fans and has even called for laws and regulations in place that would curb their behavior.

What’s the deal?

Green and Durant have shared many memorable moments on the court, many of them captured in GIFs. They are also known for their off-court antics. One particularly famous interaction took place during an overtime game against Los Angeles Clippers in 2018.

Draymond Green was disappointed that Kevin Durant failed to catch a pass before turning over the ball in the dying seconds, so he started fanning out and tapping on Durant's shoulder - an action which has since become an internet meme.

On a recent episode of the Draymond Green Show, Green revealed what he said to his former teammate in that iconic clip. He admitted they had many disagreements while teammates but tried their best to work things out.

Last season, the Warriors came close to winning their third straight title despite some internal issues in their locker room that prevented them from claiming a fourth title.

One memorable incident between Durant and Green occurred during their opening game of the season when they traveled to Los Angeles for their first game of the year. Green yelled at Durant during the contest, labeling him a selfish player.

On the day of their game, Green was suspended for one game due to what multiple sources have described as a lack of chemistry within the Warriors' camp. As such, multiple sources reported that Green would miss another opportunity to contribute.

Given the current predicament for the team, they decided to talk with its stars. Despite their personal animosity, Green and Durant were willing to sit down with coach Steve Kerr and GM Bob Myers and attempt to work things out.

But as they sat in Dallas, the Warriors' leaders hoped Green would be open to hearing what Durant had to say. They wanted to set the tone of the conversation so it didn't devolve into a public argument and derail their dynasty.

Ultimately, the Warriors were able to reconcile their differences quickly. Unfortunately, however, the intensity of their disagreement and uncertainty surrounding Durant's pending free agency had a detrimental effect on their team chemistry throughout all season long.

What’s the meaning?

In April 2017, KD was on fire during the NBA playoffs and Green, who was just starting his Warriors career, turned into his personal hype man. The clip went viral and is now remembered as one of the greatest GIFs in basketball history.

In the clip, Green gets into a high-energy mode and starts talking to Durant in his ear, nodding his head along with him. At the end, Durant taps Green on the shoulder and nods his head in approval.

The video has since gained notoriety and been shown on television, prompting many questions about its significance and effect on their relationship.

This week, the drama between Durant and Green escalated into a full-on public feud over an exchange on the court in the closing moments of their overtime loss to Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. That conversation escalated quickly, ultimately leading to Green being suspended for one game by general manager Bob Myers and coach Steve Kerr on Tuesday, according to sources at Yahoo Sports.

After two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant repeatedly called Green a "bitch" in the huddle, Green fired back with words too harsh to ignore. Myers and Kerr met with Green before his suspension was announced, informing him that his behavior had gone too far.

Though it may not seem like a significant development, Green was one of the first times he publicly addressed his strained relationship with Durant. Prior to this episode, both players were generally on cordial terms and tried to keep any animus between them hidden.

But after this week, their relationship is in crisis and could prove fatal for the Warriors. There are fears that Durant may opt out of free agency and leave Golden State on the verge of missing the playoffs for a third straight season.

What’s the point?

One of the most captivating moments this week occurred when two of the league's key figures developed an intense rift. It affected not only the Warriors - a near-constant in the league - but also rocked one of its most reliant teams on chemistry to its core. Ultimately, it put this great team's future in jeopardy.

From Green's public apology to the Warriors' decision to suspend him for one game over his comments about Durant's free agency options, everything has been in disarray and the relationship between Durant and management is fractured. It's a problem that hasn't been solved since Green was suspended, leaving us uncertain as to what will take place next.

At the center of all this lies Draymond Green, NBA star whose unpredictable nature and off-court disagreements have fuelled much of the drama between Golden State and its opponents. On Thursday morning, just hours before a crucial game against Houston Rockets, Green stood before reporters and gave Durant a fist bump as he finished shooting his 3-pointer - suggesting that maybe they have finally patched up their differences.

Though it's impossible to definitively say what happened, many believe Green went too far. He appeared frustrated with Durant's handling of free agency, which has dominated conversations throughout this season and been a major reason for their struggles this season.

He accused Durant of making the entire season about him even though he would be leaving after this season. Furthermore, he asked why the Warriors were winning with Durant on their roster.

Green's decision to speak out in such an undiplomatic fashion was unfortunate, yet it didn't make sense for him to take the high road. He could have conducted this conversation more civilly with Warriors' coach Steve Kerr but instead chose to escalate matters by taking it into the locker room.

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