DOGTOOTH is a wearable platform that allows pet parents to video call their pups in real-time. It uses physiological sensors to monitor a dog's heart rate and body temperature, providing insight into its emotional state. This enables pet parents to keep tabs on their pup's emotions and behaviors so that they can strengthen the bond between them.

The Performances

Yorgos Lanthimos' DOGTOOTH is an entertaining movie about a family who intentionally keeps their adult children ignorant of the real world, by enforcing laws they believe to be clever - like teaching boys guitar playing while girls learn dance. There are some hilarious moments throughout, from dogs' antics to young stars' amazing performances. But ultimately the film shows how fundamentally flawed this set-up is; in the end, the best performance might just be one who demonstrates creativity when breaking the rules. Here's a wordle of some of its most impressive performances; blue and red correspond to respective levels of turbulence.

The Ending

The ending of DOGTOOTH has an unexpected twist. It's not your average ending, but neither is it bad either - similar to Konami's Silent Hill 2 game. To unlock the three "normal" endings (In Water; Leave; Maria), you must climb up the steps on stage and press the projector button while listening to In My Eyes by Akira Yamaoka playing in the background. This hilarious ending will have you laughing out loud throughout it all!

If you haven't had the chance to play DOGTOOTH yet, I highly recommend it. It has an engaging story and some outstanding performances.

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