Destiny 2 ViDoc: A Deeper Look at Lightfall

Destiny 2 ViDoc: A Deeper Look at Lightfall


Destiny 2 ViDoc As Light Falls

Bungie recently released a Destiny 2 ViDoc to give players an insider's glimpse of what will come in Lightfall, the penultimate expansion for the game. The 16-minute ViDoc delves deep into the expansion's story and introduces Strand, the powerful new ability that every Guardian will gain access to.

The video also delves into the cyberpunk-themed city of Neomuna and introduces Guardians' new weaponry and gear. Finally, it covers upcoming Guardian Ranks and commendations system which will allow you to thank those whom you play with.


Bungie teased fans with the announcement of its Lightfall DLC, offering them an exclusive first look at the Strand subclass. Joining Arc, Solar and Void classes, players can customize their Darkness character in various ways.

Strand is an intricate element woven into weapons, gear and subclasses in Destiny 2: Lightfall. Each Guardian class has its own way to utilize Strand: hunters whip it as a weapon called Threadrunner; Titan Berserkers can dual-wield massive blades of Strand in their super form; Warlock Broodweavers fire out needles that attack enemies while spawning Threadlings.

Threadlings are tiny spider-like creatures that hunt down enemies. Additionally, they possess the power of absorption Void energy, which allows them to grab and imprison Guardians.

The ViDoc also offered players a glimpse of The Witness, an enigmatic disciple of Guardians' former leader Calus. He's joined by Tormentors - an enemy type capable of wielding Void energy and locking down Guardians.

It's essential to note that while the ViDoc focused on Strand, other characters like The Witness and Neomuna also got their turn in the spotlight. Furthermore, it provided the developer with an opportunity to showcase other features coming with Lightfall, such as Season of Defiance and the main raid.

Aside from all that, ViDoc also provided more information about Neomuna's environment and gameplay features. In particular, it detailed what players can expect from its new offerings.

Although the ViDoc wasn't particularly impressive, it did give players an insight into the new expansion and what it will bring to Destiny 2. While it's too soon to tell how much this expansion will be worth, its features and additions are sure to pique fans' interest. We'll be keeping an eye out for any further updates to this expansion in months ahead; but in the meantime let's take a look at some of Destiny 2's most thrilling new aspects - it's time to get your hands on them!


Bungie is gearing up for their newest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall. This update introduces a brand-new Darkness subclass, weapons and gear, an entirely new environment in Neomuna - a technologically-advanced Neptune city - as well as many other exciting additions.

Neomuna is going to be invaded by an army of enemies, led by the Shadow Legion. Their Darkness powers make them a formidable adversary unlike anything else Guardians have faced so far. Additionally, enemies will spawn much more frequently in this new destination so be prepared to strike quickly when arriving.

The ViDoc also outlines Neomuna's Cloud Striders as they prepare to protect it from attack, featuring two of them - Nimbus and Rohan - who will likely be the mainstays for players as they attempt to hold off Calus' forces. Both characters look captivating, so we can't wait to see how their story develops over the coming months.

Neomuna is a Human city that emerged secretly during or shortly after the Collapse and was defended by Cloud Striders who underwent cybernetic enhancement at great personal cost. They remain hidden from The Vanguard until now, but that will soon change when The Witness sends their disciple Calus to claim Neomuna for themselves.

At the pre-Lightfall showcase stream, developers discussed ways to make Neomuna feel "lived-in," as opposed to other areas in Destiny 2. It remains unclear whether this will be accomplished through more detailed architecture or other methods; however, it appears to be a large area for exploring and interacting with other guardians.

ViDoc mentions an intriguing tidbit: former Vanguard Warlock Commander Osiris may have a vendor role in Neomuna. While it's uncertain whether this will be part of the storyline or not, having somewhere for Osiris to sell his skills and equipment could prove beneficial since he recently woke up from his coma.

The ViDoc also showcases many of the new content and features coming in Lightfall, so take a look if you want to learn more about what's coming soon. It's worth watching, as it provides an insightful way to digest everything before Lightfall goes live in less than one month!

Season of Defiance

Bungie has been building anticipation for their Lightfall expansion, and today they released an exciting vidoc that details some of the exciting things coming in Lightfall and beyond. As you can see, Bungie has been busy sharing plenty of information about it in various forms.

The vidoc presents an extensive overview of Neomuna's environment, its Strand subclass, and more. Additionally, it gives players a sneak preview into Season of Defiance which begins alongside Lightfall.

This impressive piece of media provides players with a glimpse at some of the new weapons and gear coming in Destiny 2. It's an impressive piece that gives viewers an idea of what can be expected from Destiny 2 in the future.

Some of the biggest changes we've observed thus far in the expansion include an overhauled power system, new weapon crafting features, and more. Plus, you'll learn more about the brand-new engram system which allows you to focus gear with glimmer or seasonal engrams.

What's more, it appears Countdown and Countdown Rush modes are coming soon to Crucible Labs' game. These challenges will add a greater layer of difficulty while allowing them to experiment with rewards and matchmaking adjustments.

Another significant change coming with Lightfall is the elimination of many Umbrals. Instead of keeping them in your inventory, vendors will store them so you don't need to carry around as much clutter with you.

The ViDoc also gives viewers a glimpse of some of the new Tormentors coming in the expansion, as well as an exciting preview for Season 20 of The Defiance: War is sure to break out on Neomuna as Calus wages war against both Witness and Earth.

The ViDoc teases some more exciting surprises for Destiny 2 this year, including the return of Season of the Traveler and an epic conclusion to Light and Darkness saga in The Final Shape. These pivotal moments in Destiny's narrative team's plans guarantee us a memorable experience.

Guardian Ranks

Guardian Ranks are Destiny 2's new progression system designed to assist both new and veteran players alike with planning their next steps. With 11 ranks available, your Guardian Rank increases in value the higher it climbs; thus, earning more rewards!

As you progress through your adventure, you'll come across plenty of loot and drops that can be used to upgrade gear or power levels. These may include new weapons, armor pieces, and weapon upgrades. Plus, unlock exclusive emotes and vehicles as well as emblems and shaders to customize your appearance further.

Weapons and armor are essential elements in any Guardian build, allowing you to customize your character's damage output, movement speed, and armor rating in order to maximize their capacity for survival and attack. Each class has a different selection of equipment available so it's essential that you find the balance between offense and defense as you progress.

Each of the three Guardian classes boasts its own set of abilities and subclasses, from powerful melee attacks to ranged assault capabilities. The Titan class stands out for its blunt force trauma, featuring an array of direct impact powers that inflict massive amounts of damage upon enemies.

Titans may not be as effective against shielded targets, but they can smite and blast their way through any situation with the option to use barriers as protection from enemy impacts. Furthermore, Titans possess an array of Supers and other abilities that give them different approaches to each battle.

One major part of the Guardians' arsenal are their grenade loadouts, which can vary by class and include various explosives that detonate in various ways. While these weapons are powerful tools of war, caution should be exercised when tossing them: some may penetrate shields or armor while others cause area-denial effects that sap your health.

Guardians' grenade loadouts are an integral component of their gameplay, yet they may cause frustration for some players if they're too heavy and take too long to recharge. Fortunately, armor can be adjusted in order to make grenades more efficient while weapon upgrades allow you to further increase your damage potential with each shot.

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