Demetress Bell - Karl Malone Son

Demetress Bell - Karl Malone Son


Is demetress bell karl malone son

Karl Malone, the former Utah Jazz star, fathered a son named Demetress Bell but kept it hidden for years after his birth.

He ultimately acknowledged being the father of Demetress after filing a paternity suit in 1998. Though they had an acrimonious relationship during his early years together, they have made up for it in recent years.

About Demetress Bell

Demetress Bell is an American football player who played for both the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). Drafted by the Bills in 2008, Bell spent four seasons with them before joining Eagles for one season.

The 38-year-old footballer hails from Summerfield, Louisiana in the United States and is the son of renowned NBA player Karl Malone and Gloria Bell.

Bell is a graduate of Northwestern State University in Louisiana, where he played college football. Throughout his three years on campus, he represented his school in 88 games and matches.

He began as a member of the baseball team but eventually switched to football to gain more experience. As his high school career neared an end, he started playing basketball and later joined Northwestern State University's football squad during his junior and senior years.

Malone was in college when he had an illicit relationship with Gloria Bell and impregnated her. She went on to give birth to a child in 1989, whom Malone adopted.

Though Malone was a well-known NBA player and had an impressive career, he did not acknowledge his son until after he graduated high school. This didn't sit well with Malone's mother, who filed a paternity lawsuit against him in 1998.

KJ Malone, Malone's son, stood by his dad and made a video that addressed the situation emotionally. In it he explained how hurtful comments about Malone had affected both him and his mother; furthermore, Malone himself said all these remarks'really hurt' him.

KJ also revealed that Malone still takes care of his and Gloria Bell's son - Demetress Bell - whom KJ loves 'to the core'. KJ said he wasn't only trying to help his dad out but also making sure people know that his family aren't being slandered by anyone.

Birth date

Demetress Bell, a former American football player, is one of the most beloved celebrities. As such, people are eager to know about her personal life and career history. They would like to know about her birthdate, as well as other pertinent facts.

Demetress Bell, 38 years old, was born on May 3, 1984 in Summerfield, Louisiana to Karl Malone and Gloria Williams. Her dad is an NBA star renowned as "The Mailman."

She was raised with her mother, two sisters - Cheryl Ford and Daryl Ford - as well as by her grandparents.

Her father was a professional basketball player who played for the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers. He earned a reputation as an outstanding athlete and unfailingly reliable individual.

He wasn't involved in her childhood and didn't have a particularly close relationship with his son either, but the two of them reportedly began talking again after 2014 and worked to repair their relationship.

Eventually, they were on cordial terms and even talking nearly every day. Today, they remain close and spend a lot of time together.

She also has a sister named Cheryl Ford, who is a WNBA player. Her mother Gloria Williams was an accomplished basketball player for the University of Arkansas.

She experienced her parents' divorce as a teenager. Shortly after, she met and impregnated Karl Malone, who would go on to become an NBA star.

Karl Malone and Demetress Bell had a child together named Demetress Bell who was born when Karl Malone was still in college. Her grandparents took Karl to court, ordering him to pay $200 per week in child support; eventually they reached an out-of-court agreement for an undisclosed sum of cash.

Her father was a professional basketball player known as "the Mailman," renowned for his great game and unfailing dependability. Unfortunately, he wasn't involved in her childhood; hence why her name was spelled Demetrius until 2012.

Father Karl Malone

Karl Malone, then an NBA star, had a scandalous relationship with 13-year-old Gloria Bell during his college days that soured his professional career.

Though he has never publicly confirmed it, laboratory blood tests conducted for the Bell family's 1996 paternity suit indicated an almost certain probability that Malone was indeed the biological father of Demetress Bell. Despite these claims, Malone reportedly denied them and the lawsuit was ultimately settled before any legal determination could be made.

Malone has finally found peace with Gloria Bell after a turbulent period in his life. They reunited in 2014, and the former football player says the two are now very close.

Though they never had a formal father-son relationship, the two grew up together and share an intensely close bond. They even take holidays as a family on occasion.

Bell was born in Summerfield, Louisiana and spent his childhood growing up in the unincorporated area administered by northeast Claiborne Parish. His parents are Gloria Williams (mother) and Karl Malone (father), who excelled as a basketball player during his time at Louisiana Tech.

He is a 14-time All-Star and two MVPs during his NBA career, boasting an adoring fan base as the Utah Jazz's ringless superstar.

Malone earned more than 36,000 points during his 19 seasons in the league. Additionally, he won 14 All-Star games and four league titles during that span.

As one of the greatest pure scorers in history, Malone is affectionately known to his fans as The Mailman. He has represented both Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers throughout his career and is widely regarded as an incredibly gifted baller.

Prior to his NBA career, Malone was a renowned high school basketball star. Additionally, he dated Bonita Ford, who gave birth to twins during her pregnancy.

He missed meeting the twins when they were born, but 17 years later his son Demetress Bell made it his goal to meet him. But it wasn't until senior year of high school that they became close friends that the father-son relationship truly blossomed.

Mother Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell (Julianne Moore) leads a quiet life of normalcy, though she feels as if there's an empty space where there should be a male presence. She commutes to work every day, jamming out to 70s and 80s hits like Olivia Newton John's "A Little More Love," and occasionally visits her mother (Holland Taylor).

She has two grown children: Michael Cera (high-strung son), who's raising a baby while his wife is in a coma; and Caren Pistorius, a yoga instructor who recently met an exotic new boyfriend. Though she strives to find joy in each day, it often comes through unexpected sources.

She meets Arnold, a silver fox who has transformed himself after weight-reduction surgery and John Turturro plays him seductively. But it also brings out Gloria's vulnerability: She relies heavily on her daughters for survival; there's no way for Gloria to choose which of them she will spend the rest of her life with.

Gloria must confront an uncomfortable truth: she's not a particularly good mother. Her oldest child, Peter (Michael Cera), is married to an overbearing, emotionally unavailable woman; while Anne (Caren Pistorius) is single and moving to Sweden with her surfer boyfriend.

Her youngest, Demetrius (Cruise Carver), is an introverted teenager who disdains all connections with his dad. He enjoys big trucks but doesn't seem particularly fond of Malone.

Malone had no relationship with Gloria Bell for years. He even failed to inform her of his pregnancy until the family brought a paternity suit against him in 1998.

Ultimately, the case was settled outside of court for an undisclosed sum. When Malone's grandparents took him to court and demanded $200 per week in child support payments, Malone refused.

Malone's lawsuit proved costly for him; he had to spend time away from his son and fork over thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Today, Malone and Bell have reconciled their relationship and are attending family functions together. KJ Malone shared a video on Twitter asking everyone to respect his father and the family he shares with Gloria Bell. He expressed that people's comments had caused his mother great distress, leading her to feel bad.

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