DDG Disses Ex-Girlfriend Rubi Rose On Way Too Petty Single

DDG Disses Ex-Girlfriend Rubi Rose On Way Too Petty Single


DDG Disses ExGirlfriend Rubi Rose On Way Too Petty Single

DDG recently released "Way Too Petty," which addresses the recent drama between his former-girlfriend Rubi Rose and her rumored new flame Halle Bailey. In it, DDG takes issue with Rose's claims regarding their former digital conversations on him in the song.

Last week, Elon Musk's name was in the spotlight after Rose accused him of sneaking into her inbox and letting his new girlfriend wear one of Rose's tee designs. DDG took to Twitter to address the incident and refute any false accusations leveled at him by his ex-girlfriend.

1. “Way Too Trivial”

Even after their online feud ended a week ago, DDG has yet to address his former-girlfriend Rubi Rose. Recently, he released the single "Way Too Petty," in which he denied Halle Bailey's claim that he wore her shirt before they parted ways.

Although DDG didn't explicitly state any words about Rubi Rose in his two-minute track, some lines are sure to catch everyone's attention - both fans and critics alike. After The Shade Room shared DDG's preview of Way Too Petty, DDG responded in the comments section to address a frequent criticism: Why is he still entertaining his former flame?

DDG declares in the song: "Don't believe everything you see online - this is not that b***h t-shirt." He goes on to state that Rubi is "dead trivial" and "petty", adding that she no longer has any interest in him.

DDG and Rubi have had their share of drama over the years. In 2020, DDG briefly dated Rubi Rose before they broke up; then in 2021, Rubi accused DDG of cheating on her with commercial s*x workers.

DDG has recently made headlines for his own reasons, as he subliminally dissed Rubi in a Twitter post where he said her next girlfriend shouldn't have 60 bodies - this in response to her tweet about wanting men taller than her, something which regular 9-5 men cannot comprehend.

DDG is a well-known rapper, but this isn't his first or last dispute with another artist. Last year he dated New York rapper Lil Tjay and allegedly flew her out to California; however, she never made it back home.

DDG has always been a controversial artist, and his relationship with Rubi Rose has certainly not been easy. Yet DDG has managed to channel his pain into art with the release of "Way Too Petty." So let's take a look at some of DDG's current drama and what it could mean for Rubi Rose in the future.

2. “Bitches Tee”

There has been plenty of drama in hip-hop recently. Stars such as Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, Halle Bailey and DDG Granberry, Jay-Z and Beyonce have all had their share of troubles in the past week.

Rapper Darryl "DDG" Granberry was engaged in a Twitter battle with former girlfriend Rubi Rose when she shared screenshots of alleged direct messages (DMs) sent to her. According to the screenshots, he initiated contact by asking where she lived in Los Angeles.

On the online exchange, DDG launched into an angry tirade where he made it abundantly clear that he didn't approve of Rose's behavior and would take time to get over her. He further asserted that men don't pressure women if they have feelings for them.

On Friday, DDG released "Way Too Petty," which appears to be his response to the ongoing drama between him and Rose. In this song, DDG explains why he won't give his former flame any attention anymore and refers to her as his "bitch".

As you can see in the video below, DDG appears to be speaking directly to Rose during his song when he tells her she should not wear the same shirt he was previously seen wearing in 2020. He continues on by declaring her a bitch and that she shouldn't try and get him back because he doesn't deserve her.

The rapper also asserts that he does not desire his former flame to ever have access to him again. He maintains that they only ever shared attention together and never for anything else.

However, it appears DDG doesn't plan to leave her anytime soon. Earlier this year, he allegedly flew her out to Los Angeles with his friend Lil Tjay - leading to an ugly relationship drama which saw the XXL Freshmen Class rapper cheat on her with commercial s*x workers. Although they eventually parted ways, they've recently been seen together again and seeming to be getting close again.

3. “60 Bodies”

On Friday, February 24th, rapper DDG released the two-minute track "Way Too Petty." In it, DDG addresses online drama surrounding his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose and denies Rose's assertion that Halle Bailey recently wore her shirt design.

Recently, there have been persistent rumors that DDG and his longtime girlfriend Halle Bailey are struggling in their relationship. Social media users have encouraged Bailey to leave after she removed pictures from her social media platforms and unfollowed him on Twitter. DDG has dismissed these rumors as "gullible" and asserted his love for Bailey.

After multiple screenshots emerged showing DDG messaging Rose about her sexual history, Rubi responded with a series of tweets that included an accusatory line reading "my next girl gotta have less than 60 bodies," per The Shade Room. Later that day, DDG took to his Instagram Story to apologize for his remarks and retract them.

Due to the controversy, DDG and Rose have both shared screenshots of text messages exchanged between them. In one screenshot, DDG can be heard mocking Rose for trying to be as popular as Ice Spice by asking her to stop posting her "weak a** music" on social media accounts.

DDG and Rubi had a lengthy online dating relationship, including exchanging back-and-forth text messages on social media - including one alleged text from Rose accusing DDG of cheating on her. After dating for several years, the couple eventually parted ways in 2021.

Although DDG and Rose have engaged in heated social media arguments, they still haven't been able to come to a resolution regarding their split. Although they remain in contact, there hasn't been any public interaction between the two for some time now.

Rose has not given up her efforts to undermine DDG's career. In her most recent vlog post, which has since been deleted, Rose shared screenshots of what she claims were text messages sent between them during their on-and-off relationship.

The vlog was an enormous hit on YouTube, with many viewers picking up on the rumors that DDG and Rose have an intense attraction. As integral members of the 2021 XXL Freshmen Class, it's no shock they have plenty to say about each other.

4. “Baby”

Recently, Rubi Rose and DDG have been engaged in an intense online feud that has drawn both fans and detractors alike. In the latest chapter of their drama, DDG has made a controversial comment about his former girlfriend that many find offensive.

DDG's new song, "Way Too Petty," takes aim at his former girlfriend Rubi Rose. He raps about how she is always subliminally dissing him on Twitter and asks her to stop comparing him to Ice Spice; additionally, he claims she has been cheating on him for over two years now.

Rubi Rose has not given up on her alleged attempts to get back together with 2021 XXL Freshman class rapper DDG despite DDG's remarks. She has shared screenshots of alleged Twitter DMs between them that have left many confused as to what exactly is going on between them.

At present, it appears that relations between DDG and Rubi Rose have cooled off after DDG addressed the accusations and asked his fans not to take them too seriously. Meanwhile, DDG has shared a new song with his fans which is meant to help him move on from her recent beef with him.

DDG recently released an earworm entitled "Way Too Petty." He shared a sneak preview of the track on social media and it quickly gained notoriety among both critics and followers alike. It's no surprise that so many people were able to catch it, as DDG is an incredibly talented artist.

This track is the ideal way to conclude DDG and Rose's drama. The lyrics are catchy and have a pleasant vibe to them, plus there's an intriguing twist that sets this track apart from his other work.

After the release of his new song, DDG took to Twitter once more to address the rumors surrounding his relationship with Rubi Rose. The rapper reiterated his love for Halle Bailey and insisted he doesn't plan to leave her. He even labeled those spreading these rumors as "gullible." It appears DDG is trying to put behind him these rumors by taking to Twitter again.

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