Damar Hamlin: I Meaned No Religious Disrespect For Wearing a Jesus Jacket to the Super Bowl

Damar Hamlin: I Meaned No Religious Disrespect For Wearing a Jesus Jacket to the Super Bowl


Hamlin I meant no religious disrespect for wearing jacket

On Wednesday, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin insisted he never intended to offend anyone by wearing a jacket that critics found offensive due to its depiction of Jesus.

Hamlin, as a boy's name, derives from Old German origin and means "little home-lover." It may also be considered to be a variant of Hamon which comes from the Hebrew name for Noah - Ham.

Message to Fans

Damar Hamlin has made significant progress in his recovery since suffering a cardiac arrest during Monday night's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and fans across America are showing him their love. No matter their team affiliation, every NFL fan stood with Hamlin and his family during that difficult time.

On Saturday, the 24-year-old took to social media for the first time since his collapse to express his gratitude to fans for their support. He expressed gratitude for their "inspiring compassion and love," adding that he hoped someday to return to playing soccer again.

He also expressed gratitude to the medical staff that "swiftly saved" him on the field, as well as those who have donated to his charity organization Chasing Millions. The video is six minutes long and posted to Hamlin's official Instagram account.

In the clip, he emphasizes the importance of taking time to heal and process what transpired on the field. He then expresses gratitude for all of the "unbelievable support" he's received from both NFL personnel and Buffalo fans alike. Now at peace with what transpired, he looks forward to returning to play for the Bills next season.

Many of Hamlin's supporters sent him messages through the comment section of his post, showing him they are still praying for his recovery. Some expressed gratitude for how his story has been portrayed by the media and others shared their own stories of overcoming hardship.

Hamlin is making a remarkable recovery, though he continues to receive tests and treatments. On Thursday, his team tweeted that Hamlin had been taken off of a ventilator and is "showing remarkable improvement."

On Friday morning, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center reported that he was verbally communicating with his family and care team and his neurologic function remained intact. Furthermore, their tweet noted that his breathing tube had been taken out overnight, suggesting he is making remarkable progress in his recovery process.

Hamlin may be far away from home and still has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but he can take great pride in knowing that his spirit has persevered despite adversity to triumph in the end. He truly serves as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished when one puts their mind to it -

Message to Team

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is appreciative of all the support he's received since suffering cardiac arrest during Monday night's game against Cincinnati Bengals. Although his condition remains critical, he's made major progress in his recovery process.

Though a full recovery is yet to be determined, Hamlin's doctors are confident in his long-term prognosis. After taking out his breathing tube overnight Wednesday, doctors reported to reporters Thursday that Hamlin's neurological function remains intact.

Dr. Timothy Pritts of UC Medical Center expressed optimism and reported that Dr. Pritts is doing well.

Hamlin has been able to stay connected with his team members via FaceTime over the last few days, as well as having video calls with his father.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Thursday that Hamlin's father spoke with the team in order to provide an update on his son's progress and offer words of support. Additionally, he advised them to use their current situation as motivation in preparation for this week's matchup against the New England Patriots.

It has been a challenging week for the Bills, and while they remain traumatized by what transpired on the field, they're beginning to process what has occurred. McDermott mentioned during his press conference on Friday that he's been amazed by how strong this team has been.

Jackson was deeply moved by the team's unity, and when he saw Hamlin being surrounded by medical personnel, it sent his heart racing and left him feeling sick to his stomach.

Ultimately, the team had to put aside their emotions and focus on their game against the Patriots. While it's no small feat, Hamlin's words of encouragement and the support from his teammates has helped keep everyone motivated.

In addition to their efforts at the stadium, the Bills have also raised donations for Hamlin's medical fund. By Friday evening, this toy drive had reached an unprecedented $8 million milestone, with contributions coming from across America and beyond.

Message to Coach

Due to Hamlin's sudden collapse on the field during Monday night's game against the Bengals, his life has been put in jeopardy. But he is slowly beginning to recover from this horrific injury and there have been many encouraging signs in his recovery process.

On Thursday, University of Cincinnati doctors reported some encouraging news regarding Hamlin's condition. After one week in critical care, all indications indicate that her neurological functioning remains intact.

After colliding with Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, Buffalo Bills safety David Harris suffered cardiac arrest. Fortunately, he was revived on the field and transported to UC Medical Center for further treatment.

Hamlin's family is doing their best to lift his spirits despite all the progress made, yet his condition remains critical. With such an uncertain road ahead of him, they are praying for strength and guidance from above.

Hamlin has received messages of support from other NFL players and coaches who knew him when he attended Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. One such coach, Mike McCarthy, reached out directly to Hamlin's former high school coach Terry Totten.

McDermott informed ESPN that Hamlin's father, Mario, spoke with the team on Thursday morning to provide them with an update and encourage them to focus on preparing for their upcoming matchup against the Patriots.

Bills Head Coach Bill McDermott expressed gratitude to many in the hours following Hamlin's collapse, including first responders and his medical staff. But it was his words to Hamlin that set a meaningful tone. When he first saw Hamlin, McDermott didn't mention anything about the game - simply being with him and giving it all of his best effort.

On Friday morning, Hamlin finally joined the team via FaceTime - and it was an uplifting moment for everyone involved. McDermott revealed to reporters that Hamlin "was actually looking out at me" throughout their conversation; he even gestured towards the rest of the team with a hand gesture! It truly was an inspiring moment.

On the call, Hamlin assured his team that wearing the jacket did not in any way reflect on him religiously. It was a straightforward message but one which resonated deeply with everyone present.

Message to Doctors

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is doing well despite needing breathing tube assistance after suffering cardiac arrest during the opening quarter of Monday night's game against Cincinnati Bengals. His medical team credits CPR and defibrillation with saving his life, though additional treatments remain necessary.

Doctors at UC Medical Center report that Hamlin has made "substantial improvement" over the last 24 hours, an incredible accomplishment. They noted he has woken up from heavy sedation and is showing signs of neurological recovery.

On Thursday, UC Health Dr. William Knight noted the significance of this milestone and how the Bills' medical staff and NFL care team did everything possible to save his life and avert a more dire outcome. This is an enormous accomplishment, demonstrating the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, from their athletic trainers and care givers to medical personnel on-site.

However, it is still too soon to tell if Bills player will be able to return to football. That is why doctors cannot give an exact timeline or answer if he will eventually come off the ventilator and breathe on his own.

On the call, UC Health doctors Timothy Pritts and William Knight said it's too soon to predict if Hamlin will make a full recovery, but the progress he's made so far is encouraging. Additionally, they noted his positive interactions with family and the Bills team.

He can communicate with his loved ones and send written messages, though he is still not speaking yet. Incredibly, he even asked if the Bills won the game he collapsed in - which is great news for Buffalo player supporters!

It has been an emotional week for the Buffalo fan community, as we waited to see how Hamlin's injury would play out. But the doctors have done an outstanding job of keeping fans informed with all of the latest developments and reminding them how significant their prayers have been.

As a fan, I can't express how much relief it gives me to see these updates and hear that the team has taken such swift action regarding Hamlin's injuries. I want to express my appreciation to everyone for their love and support throughout this difficult time.

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