Damar Hamlin Before the Injury

Damar Hamlin Before the Injury


damar hamlin before the injury

On January 2nd, a wave of sympathy and love rippled through the NFL and football community when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after making a routine tackle. He suffered cardiac arrest and was quickly attended to by medical personnel on the field.

Hamlin's teammates surrounded him while medics administered CPR for more than 10 minutes before taking him off the field 16 minutes later. Although Hamlin remained in critical condition after the game was postponed, doctors have now observed significant improvements in his health.

1. He was a four-star recruit

Before his injury, damar hamlin was considered one of the top defensive backs in America. He earned scholarships from schools across the nation and chose to play college football for the University of Pittsburgh - a decision which has brought him closer to his family than many four-star recruits ever do.

The news of his injury captivated the attention of NFL fans and ignited a tide of support for him. Players, coaches and fans showed their admiration and affection both on the field and around the country; Chasing M's Foundation received an outpouring of donations from supporters to assist children from families in need.

Hamlin succumbed to a tackle on the field, and his teammates and medical staff rushed to him immediately to resuscitate him. They were able to restore his heartbeat and transport him to the hospital - where he remains in critical condition.

Hamlin has yet to return to the field, but he remains determined that he wants to play again. In a recent interview, he expressed his eagerness to return in the NFL but acknowledged it will take some time for him to heal and get healthy again.

Hamlin's teammates and coaches have rallied around him during this recovery process, with Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott even offering a prayer after the game on Monday.

Although he is still recovering, he has been able to walk and visit with family members and doctors at the hospital. Additionally, he was able to join in on training camp with his team and is gradually gaining strength each day.

Hamlin earned a reputation at the University of Pittsburgh as an impressive defensive back. He led the school in tackles each year and was eventually elected captain by his teammates.

After a successful career at the university, he chose to join the Buffalo Bills in 2021. His contract will last four years and pay him a base salary of $3,640,476, plus an additional guarantee of $160,476.

2. He was a high school All-American

Hamlin was widely considered to be the top high school player in his home state of Pennsylvania, according to recruiting sites Rivals and 247Sports. He led his team to an impressive 15-1 record and WPIAL Class AAAA title during his senior year, earning him recognition as an ESPN All-American as well as recognition from both PIAA and ESPN. With plenty of Division 1 schools showing interest in him, Hamlin enjoyed tremendous success during his senior year.

He was selected in the sixth round of 2021 draft by the Buffalo Bills and played 14 games as a rookie before starting this season when Micah Hyde suffered an injury. This season he has 91 tackles and 1.5 sacks to his credit.

After his injury, he was immediately taken to the hospital in critical condition. On Tuesday afternoon, his family released a statement thanking first responders, medical professionals and both football teams for their support.

On Monday night's game between Buffalo and Cincinnati, Hamlin collided with Bengals receiver Tee Higgins during a play. He got up, adjusted his face mask before falling backward about three seconds later and lay motionless. Immediately, CPR was administered and he was taken to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

Hamlin remains optimistic about his recovery while the Bills and their medical professionals assess it. Although no official announcement has been made yet regarding a return, he did indicate on the NFL Network that he "eventually" wants to play again.

Hamlin has defied some of the toughest challenges a professional athlete could ever confront. He has dedicated himself to improving the lives of children in his hometown of Pittsburgh and served as an inspirational force within both his team and community.

Hamlin's teammates continue to pray for him as he gets ready to return to the field with the Bills this year. He hopes to be healthy enough to participate in all 16 regular season games this season.

Hamlin faces a long journey to recovery from his injuries and be ready for a game, but he's not alone in that regard; JJ Watt - the Arizona Cardinals star defensive player who had an almost-death experience while playing in October 2022 - is also currently recuperating from health issues of his own.

3. He was a college All-American

On Monday night, damar hamlin collapsed during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals and was an all-American for Pittsburgh Central Catholic. His career record of 275 tackles made him a top recruit before signing with the Bills in 2021.

After being hit hard in the opening quarter of Monday's matchup, Hamlin suffered from shock and was given CPR on the field by Bills medical personnel. He was then transported to UC Medical Center where he is listed in critical condition.

He had been in a medically induced coma, but is now awake and improving rapidly. His breathing tube was removed overnight, and he is currently "in good communication" with his family members and doctors, according to CNN.

Hamlin's cause of collapse remains unknown, but it appears he likely experienced an irregular heart rhythm which led to cardiac arrest. Team members performed CPR on the field while praying for help to arrive; once an ambulance arrived, Hamlin was taken care of in prayer by team members.

Hamlin has endured an injury that could have been much worse, yet he still strives to make the most of every day. His teammates and family have rallied around him during this trying time, while fans have donated generously to his charity project - Chasing M's Foundation Community Toy Drive.

Dorrian Glenn, Hamlin's uncle, reports a marked improvement in his condition since collapsing Monday night. He has been resuscitated twice and placed on a ventilator to assist with breathing while receiving care at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Due to Hamlin's health issues, the NFL has decided to postpone tonight's game between the Bills and Bengals indefinitely. Although this delay may have been disappointing for Buffalo fans who had been eagerly awaiting news about him, it comes as a huge relief to his family members and friends.

After Hamlin suffered his injury, Hamlin's teammates took to social media to show their love and support. Many shared pictures of Hamlin alongside personal stories of love, encouragement and strength that inspired them.

They shared pictures of their children, along with a heartfelt note about how much they missed Hamlin. They expressed their hope that he would fully recover from his injuries and return to play football soon.

4. He was a first-round draft pick

Just after an hour had elapsed in the first quarter of Monday night's Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals game, safety Damar Hamlin fell to the field and suffered cardiac arrest. He was immediately transported to an area hospital, forcing the NFL game to be postponed until later in the evening.

Hamlin, 24, hails from McKees Rocks, Pa. a small borough near Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. After graduating Central Catholic High School he went on to play four years for the Pitt Panthers where he amassed 290 tackles including 27 pass breakups and 10 tackles for loss during his senior season. Additionally he added two interceptions and three fumble recoveries during that same season.

Before his injury, Hamlin was considered a top-rated cornerback prospect with offers from schools like Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State. His decision to remain close to home and enlist at Pitt was motivated by both on-field and off-field considerations; additionally he wanted to give his hometown an impressive boost while serving as an role model for his younger brother.

He started in 36 of his 48 games while at Pitt and was named team captain. Additionally, he earned second-team All-ACC honors as a senior and was selected to the Senior Bowl.

Hamlin had an impressive college career and was drafted by the Bills in 2021 in the sixth round. This season he has taken over for Micah Hyde after his injury, recording 15 tackles, two pass breakups and an interception in his debut game as a Bill.

On Monday morning during the opening quarter of their game against Cincinnati, Hamlin suffered a severe heart attack while tackling Cincinnati receiver Tee Higgins. He was quickly helped up onto his feet, appeared to adjust his face mask with his right hand before falling backward about three seconds and lying motionless on the ground.

Medical personnel resuscitated him on the field before transporting him to UC Medical Center, where he was admitted into an intensive care unit. Although his condition remains critical, there are signs of improvement.

damar hamlin draft profile

Damar Hamlin - Buffalo Bills Draft Profile

Damar Hamlin is an inspiring young man from Pittsburgh. He holds his family close to him heart and they have come to his aid ever since he suffered cardiac arrest during an NFL game.

Fans and teammates have rallied around him, providing encouragement and strength during his recovery from injury. That has served as a real reminder for him to count his blessings while remaining positive during this difficult period.

Size and Strength

Hamlin, a former Pittsburgh standout and late-round draft pick, has made quite an impression in the NFL. A gifted athlete who has faced hardship throughout his life but never wavered from his goals or purpose; Hamlin even uses his experiences to inspire others.

Hamlin has achieved great success as a defensive back, serving as a four-year starter in college and collecting 21 pass breakups and six interceptions during his time with the Pittsburgh Panthers. An athletic and physical defender, Hamlin brings strong closing burst to the field as well as the ability to disrupt passes with his length.

Hamlin boasts good speed and short-range explosiveness in the run game. Additionally, his hands allow him to wrap up opponents in space; however, his lack of play strength and functional strength make it difficult for him to push larger receivers or running backs to the ground on his own.

Damar Hamlin is an above-average 6-foot-1, 200 pound safety with a strong frame and physical maturity, but his size does not allow him to excel across all phases of the game.

His agility allows him to adjust quickly in various circumstances and is very fluid, enabling him to change directions quickly. Furthermore, his ball skills are excellent; he's capable of tracking, adjusting, and coming off his spot to play football.

He displays a strong and aggressive play style, and is an impressive hitter who will throw his body around to make contact. However, his speed in the open field could potentially be an issue.

Overall, Hamlin is an above-average safety with a powerful frame, high motor, and positive attitude. He's versatile enough to start in the NFL and excel in zone defense as well as coverage-heavy schemes.

Since Hamlin's cardiac arrest in January, he has made great strides and is doing well in the hospital. The Bills have been supportive of his recovery process, commending his dedication to teammates as well as showing their love for Hamlin's family who have been by his side throughout this difficult period.

Speed and Agility

Hamlin possesses the speed to be a dynamic playmaker in coverage and in running backs' territory. His 4.67 pace is an impressive number for any safety at the next level - an exemplary number!

He also shows great athleticism, consistently finishing downhill against both the run and pass. This was a hallmark of his game during Pittsburgh's five-year stint as a starter.

Hamlin had experience starting in multiple alignments and showed comfort playing man, zone and box coverage. While he could potentially fill a single-high safety role, his best fit may be for split zones and situational man coverage from the slot position.

His range is excellent, too. He does a good job containing the outside run but needs to hone his ability to penetrate into the slot or cut off passing lanes. Furthermore, he needs to acquire better ball control and get into position more effectively for effective coverage.

Furthermore, his lack of physical strength makes him vulnerable to being pushed to the ground by larger players on his own. This leaves him open to losing coverage or allowing the receiver to escape unnoticed.

Hamlin may not have the potential of some other safeties, but his experience and leadership skills give him a chance to break into an NFL team's defensive scheme in the near future. With improved instincts and extra weight on his frame, Hamlin could start as a gunner on special teams and develop into an important member of their defense over time.

Damar Hamlin was born and raised in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania - a town deeply affected by systemic inequality. Despite growing up under duress, with his parents' encouragement he managed to excel at Pittsburgh's Central Catholic High School.

Hamlin began working with a nonprofit organization when he turned 18 to help kids from his hometown escape poverty. His passion and drive have allowed him to engage people in their community and make an impact on the world.


Damar Hamlin is a talented defensive player who has made an impact in the National Football League. With his strong frame and outstanding athleticism, Hamlin is sure to be an important piece on the Buffalo Bills front line for years to come.

His athletic prowess belies his intellect and discipline. He has always worked hard and never let anyone take advantage of him. As such, he serves as an inspirational role model to others while being proud to be African American and part of the community.

Hamlin had the unique perspective of being surrounded by people from different backgrounds, which enabled him to witness firsthand how people from diverse backgrounds can have an uplifting effect on one another. This experience taught him the significance of compassion and empathy.

Hamlin had the unique opportunity as a high school student to compete against some of America's best athletes. While attending Central Catholic, he faced off against Phil Jurkovec (Boston College) and De'vante Cross (University of Virginia).

Hamlin earned a 15-1 record, the WPIAL Class AAAA championship and PIAA state title during his senior year at Central Catholic. Additionally, 247Sports named him Pennsylvania AAAA Defensive Player of the Year for his efforts.

Hamlin then continued his education at the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned All-ACC Second Team honors and helped the Panthers reach two playoff appearances. At the end of his collegiate career, he had 290 tackles, six interceptions, and 27 pass breakups to his name.

Hamlin earned a reputation for his leadership skills throughout his college career. As captain for the Panthers in his final two seasons, he cemented himself as one of their key figures and established himself as an inspiring figure on the team.

Hamlin had all of the top football programs in the country chasing after him, but ultimately chose to remain close to home. He attended Pitt and excelled for four years there, earning All-ACC Second Team honors as a junior and racking up an impressive 290 tackles throughout his collegiate career.

Defensive Instincts

On Monday night, the world watched with bated breath as Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and required resuscitation during a game against Cincinnati. He was ultimately taken to a hospital, where he remains in critical condition. Multiple media outlets covered the incident extensively; many network analysts commented that they had never seen anything like it in football before.

Hamlin was selected in the sixth round of 2021 and has started every game this season for the Bills. His 91 tackles this year are tied for second most on the team, plus he has recorded 1.5 sacks, two pass breakups and one forced fumble.

He's been an ideal addition to the team's top defensive unit, which ranks fifth in yards allowed per game this season. Additionally, he's made a significant impact on special teams; averaging 38.5 snaps on field in his rookie campaign.

Hamlin may be too light for NFL competition at 200 pounds, but he has demonstrated excellent short-range explosiveness and the ability to twitch his hips when making transitions. That doesn't guarantee big plays every time; however, Hamlin can quickly enter running lanes and drop backs for short gains.

Hamlin boasts impressive athleticism and playmaking potential, as well as an impressive closing burst when at the catch point. Additionally, his length allows him to disrupt passes with six career interceptions and 21 deflections, giving him a strong ball skills background.

Hamlin's speed and instincts could translate to a rotational role as a safety with special teams utility, or he might be an intriguing project for teams looking to upgrade their secondary. At this stage, however, Hamlin must hone his instincts further while adding more mass and top-end speed to his frame.

Hamlin hails from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and attended Pittsburgh Central Catholic. While playing for the Vikings during their run to both a WPIAL Class AAAA championship and PIAA state title in 2018, Hamlin recorded 89 tackles and earned himself both WPIAL Player of the Year honoree status and selection to the All-Pennsylvania first team. Beyond playing on an impressive football team, Hamlin is renowned for his charitable endeavors and love of his hometown.

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