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CTV News is the news division of CTV Television Network in Canada. It produces local and regional broadcast newscasts on its owned-and-operated stations (O&Os) across most major markets, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

BBM Canada publishes national average ratings for these broadcasts. However, many local CTV O&Os differentiate their news operations from those of their network counterparts by airing programs with regional-specific titles like CTV News Barrie or Hamilton.

CTV National News

CTV National News (formerly A National) is Canada's most-watched evening newscast. Based in Toronto, Ontario, it airs across Canada on both the CTV network and CTV News Channel, as well as being broadcast in high definition over the Internet. Plus, for added convenience, each newscast also features a live feed from within its online platform.

CTV News began broadcasting in 1961 as a joint venture of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Bell Media. Peter Jennings, who had previously worked for the CBC, served as anchor for its inaugural year. Originally scheduled to air at 9:00 p.m., the show was moved to 10:30 due to competition with CBC's National News program in 1962.

Since then, CTV's program "9 Channel Nine Court" in Scarborough, Ontario has been produced and broadcast across Canada on their network and CTV News Channel, with live streaming available online.

On a newscast, guests on a panel discuss and debate local and national stories with commentary from guests. This panel is composed of both national and regional reporters; typically one reporter comes from another geographic location than their regional counterpart who produced the story.

LaFlamme's departure came as a shock to many, with viewers and colleagues alike taking to social media to express their outrage and regret. In a video posted on Twitter, she described herself as feeling "blindsided" by the decision and expressed disappointment that she had been let go by a company she had grown up trusting.

She described the decision as a business one and revealed in an interview on Monday that her contract had not been renewed. The show will now be rebranded, with Omar Sachedina taking her place.

CTV News produces a number of local newscasts for its stations in addition to their signature national newscast. CTV Morning Live, which airs in certain markets during the day, and Prime Time Local News (produced daily by independent affiliates in each market) provide prime time local updates.

The network also has several regional affiliates, such as CTV Two Atlantic (which produces CTV Two Alberta, with a local newscast titled Alberta Primetime), CITL-TV and NTV. Furthermore, it owns CP24, which is a regional news channel serving the Greater Toronto Area and much of Southern Ontario.

CTV News' coverage of Canada has grown to include bureaus in many major cities around the world, though it still relies primarily on local newscasts for national stories. Most of their international coverage, however, is done through their own international offices.

As of 2015, CTV National News employed approximately 200 reporters. Some are based at its main newsroom in Toronto, while others work out of international bureaus for the network.

Most reporters on this team cover national news, but some specialize in other areas like foreign affairs or entertainment. Furthermore, the network's news division features correspondents who cover specialized subjects like sports or science.

CTV News Channel

CTV News Channel is Canada's 24-hour news channel, providing you with breaking headlines from across Canada and beyond, plus insightful analysis from top Canadian journalists. Leveraging the resources of Canada's #1 news organization, with crews located in all major Canadian cities plus our international bureaus, CTV provides real-time coverage that is uniquely Canadian.

As of February 1, 2018, CTV News Channel is owned by BCE Inc, which also owns CP24 and BNN Bloomberg. Prior to that, it was owned by Bell Globemedia.

The CRTC has lifted CTV's condition of licence that required it to broadcast news and information on a 15-minute wheel, giving the channel more time for breaking news, long form programming, discussion forums and other programming. However, only a limited percentage of its airtime could be allocated to such programming by the CRTC.

In spite of this ruling, CTV News continued to air long-form news programs such as The National and W5, until 2005 when a new format brought them under the new name CTV News. Prior to that shift, most of their programming consisted mainly of sports segments from Report on Business Television (now BNN Bloomberg).

CTV National News program transitioned to its own broadcast time slot with the change in format, airing from 6:00 pm to 8:00 on weekdays and 5:00 pm to 7:00 on weekends. Harvey Kirck had been anchor for CTV since 1976 until 1984 when he retired; Lloyd Robertson then took over as sole weekday anchor until 2011.

In the early 1970s, CBC was losing popularity to rival stations such as CTV and CKAC. CTV began programming that appealed to a wider audience, including local sports. This strategy helped secure its share of market in major markets while prompting some smaller CTV-owned stations to shutter or sell off to a larger CTV network.

CTV began increasing Canadian content during this period, particularly political news. Ultimately, CRTC gave CTV an ultimatum: it must provide more Canadian-produced programming during 1980 - 81 season and for the remainder of its five year renewal; additionally, CTV must air more shows tailored towards children as well as increased Canadian programming after 8:00 pm.

These changes, combined with the CRTC's decision to remove CTV from a 15-minute wheel, led to the station being rebranded as CTV News. The new format began showing more breaking news stories as well as sports and weather segments, in addition to political discussion programs.

Following its rebranding, CTV News ventured into international markets. For example, 1997 saw the launch of CTV News Global - a joint venture with BBS that covered news from Europe and Asia. Additionally, they broadcast coverage of the Vancouver Olympics as well as providing viewers with W5 - their popular newscast.

On March 7, 2015, the CRTC authorized BCE's acquisition of CTVglobemedia. This deal involved a restructuring of ownership that saw two new investors join Bell Globemedia's stake: Woodbridge Co. Ltd increased it from 31.5 per cent to 40% while BCE Inc. decreased their holding from 68.5 per cent to 20%. Furthermore, The Woodbridge Company received control of Globe & Mail from BCE; previously they had owned it too.

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