Consumers Are Chasing Fall Runway Fashion Trends, Says Trendalytics

Consumers Are Chasing Fall Runway Fashion Trends, Says Trendalytics


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Trendalytics reports that consumers are eager to shop the fall runway trends that have made a quiet comeback this year. Searches for oversize leather bomber jackets and long denim skirts have seen increases of 336 percent and 244 percent, respectively.

Normcore 2.0

Normcore is a term that's been floating around the fashion industry for some time now. Its definition remains somewhat vague, often leading to debate when discussed in the press.

Eventually, however, the term became widely popular in the fashion community and became a way of describing an effortless style that's easy to pull off. It involves wearing pieces that may not shout originality but can look creative when combined with appropriate accessories.

K-Hole, a New York trend forecasting agency, coined the term normcore to mock earnest youth-oriented reports that brands pay big bucks to read. Their articles would refer to normcore as an authentic trend that doesn't require edginess but authenticity.

Vetements' Demna Gvasalia had this same mindset when he made his mark in high fashion. His designs echoed normcore but with a much kinder, gentler touch.

One way he achieved this was by employing technology to craft deceptively straightforward items, like tank tops and jeans crafted from leather at Bottega Veneta for fall. Another strategy involved taking advantage of sneakers' popularity.

With the rise of tech companies and a younger generation of designers who don't fear to take risks, some trends have become more mainstream than others. This is particularly true for sneaker trends and Vetements' return in fashion.

It's no shock that consumers are drawn to this fall runway trend. Customers have long been known for their affinity for basic looks, and that's exactly what's in store this season - from white tees and blue jeans to denim flares - there is something for everyone in this season's lineup.

Oversize Leather Bomber Jackets

On the fall runways, oversize bomber jackets were seen in a variety of silhouettes. Many fashion designers have taken advantage of the aviator trend to give these classic outerwear pieces an urban twist. Layer them over casual ensembles or pair them with jeans and heeled boots to amp up your everyday style.

Leather bomber jackets boast a sporty vibe, making them an ideal transitional wardrobe piece. Being lightweight and breathable, you can wear them during warmer temperatures - perfect for layering over top of your favorite outfits this season!

The ideal oversized bomber jackets come in neutral tones, like the classic black seen on Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner's Instagrams this year. Additionally, many of these styles are reversible, giving you even more color options when shopping this fashion trend.

When selecting a jacket, it's essential to pick one that fits well and can be paired with various outfits. For instance, a reversible satin bomber jacket paired with white top and blue jeans would make an excellent work-to-play ensemble.

If you're searching for an eco-friendly bomber jacket, consider one that's made from recycled materials. The Cotton On bomber jacket is an excellent example of this; its lining and filling are composed of recycled polyester sourced from post-consumer waste.

This reversible satin bomber jacket comes in an array of colors, including the perfect green to add some glam to your fall wardrobe. At only $100, it's also an excellent pick for budget-minded shoppers - making it a great pick that's both versatile and cost-effective!

Long Denim Skirts

Long denim skirts have taken over the fall runways, debuting in Kenzo, Marine Serre and Y/Project shows for F/W 23-24. Although this trend has been around for some time now, we've finally seen it gain in popularity.

For those who don't need or want a pair of jeans, skirts are an ideal alternative, providing coverage to your legs while still feeling comfortable in their ensemble. Plus, many styles feature slits at the front for additional airflow.

Your long denim skirt can be styled with a range of tops, such as tees, button-downs and sweaters. Alternatively, opt for a jacket and pair of sneakers for a more casual aesthetic.

For an edgy look, pair your denim maxi skirt with a leather jacket. Not only will this add flair and color to the ensemble, but you could also team it with heeled boots for even more edge!

Another popular way to style a long denim skirt is by pairing it with a blazer. This simple step can elevate your ensemble to something more polished, making you appear more put together and sophisticated.

Finally, for an edgy look you can try wearing a denim maxi skirt with black t-shirt and bomber jacket. This outfit is ideal for a night out on the town as it's still casual enough to be dressed up with heels.

Style a long denim skirt to suit yourself by taking time to put together an ensemble that showcases your individual style. With some careful thought and careful selection of items, you'll soon have yourself an elegant on-trend outfit that will become one of your go-to pieces in the closet!

Men’s Baggy Pants

In the past, wide and loose trousers were considered unflattering; however, this season designers are making them chic again with designs like Balenciaga's anti-fit jeans or Virgil Abloh's oversized jeans jackets. It appears these trends will remain here for good - these pieces will become staples of your wardrobe.

To achieve the ideal look, the leg shape, waist size and thigh size must all be perfect. Finally, pair it with pieces that complement its cut - like a cropped white shirt or silky tee.

These jeans aren't meant to be practical; they're simply a fashion statement that doesn't need to look like you raided your dad's closet. As long as the fit isn't clingy or boxy, it's perfectly acceptable to rock wider and looser fits in moderation - you may just see a lot of them on New York City streets this fall!

No matter if it's the Loewe's laid back silhouette, Balenciaga's anti-fit aesthetic or Connolly (whose designer Marc Audibet created the Sash denim trouser that channels this trend), baggy jeans are here to stay in menswear. After years of stuck in an endless cycle of oversized fits and skinny jeans, baggy jeans represent a major step forward for this industry.

Make the most of the baggy trend this season without looking like you've taken inspiration from your dad's wardrobe! Check out some of the best baggy pants available and don't forget to explore other fall runway trends too!

Flare Jeans

Flared jeans are one of the hottest trends on the fall runways. Designers such as Celine, Altuzarra, and Dior have showcased flared pants paired with a chic moto jacket, simple blouse, or light cardigan for an effortlessly fashionable look.

These jeans are the ideal fall trend for anyone with a modern aesthetic. They can be paired with almost any shoe, giving you an effortlessly polished and put together look.

Flared jeans come in an array of colors and styles, making them suitable for any wardrobe. No matter your height or weight, there's sure to be a flared jeans size that fits you perfectly!

Style flared jeans with a classic white tee for an effortlessly stylish look. You could also tuck the shirt into the waistband of your jeans for a more tailored fit.

Another great way to style a pair of flared pants is by adding a gilet. This simple addition can completely change your ensemble, giving the illusion of longer legs while creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

For an ultra-chic look, pair your flared jeans with a skirt or dress and top off with heels or boots for complete perfection.

Flared denim was a style popular in the 1970s and it's making a comeback in 2023. You can find various flared denim options for women, such as skinny, bootcut and wide leg.

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