Consequence Shares Disappointed Slams Lack Of Support For Kanye West

Consequence Shares Disappointed Slams Lack Of Support For Kanye West


Consequence has released a new track called "Disappointed," in which he laments the lack of support for Kanye West and questions why G.O.O.D Music artists haven't spoken out against Ye's recent anti-Semitic comments.

Kanye West's anti-Semitic comments have prompted several brands and companies to end their partnerships with him. Adidas has ended its collaboration with West, while TJ Maxx recently advised buyers not to purchase Yeezy products.

Talib Kweli Calls Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” T-Shirt A “Troll”

Talib Kweli recently delivered the most devastating blow of the week when he attacked Kanye West for wearing a controversial "White Lives Matter" T-shirt at his fashion show. This isn't the first time Kweli has taken aim at the rapper for his actions.

Talib decried the T-shirt as a "troll," noting that its owner doesn't support Black Lives Matter or Kanye West's recent remarks about black people killing white people. He further condemned Kanye for his recent statements regarding racism against white people.

Talib went on to state that Ye is a man on a mission, having joined forces with far right Christian nationalists, harassing Black Lives Matter activists with white supremacist messages via Twitter, and purchasing a small white supremacist magazine called Parler. He has apparently been endorsed by Tucker Carlson and other well-known conservative figures; his recent tweets serve as another reminder that white nationalism is on the rise in America.

Ye has had his share of issues in the past, but his latest outburst is clearly the work of an intelligent and smarmy individual who knows a thing or two about social media. He's taken to sporting some of the coolest t-shirts around and knows how to get them noticed. What's even better is that he has exactly the right kind of fans - those willing to slap them in the face for their own good! Hopefully this won't end up being another Charlie Sheen moment though - hopefully this won't become another Charlie Sheen moment!

Pusha T Responds To Cons’ “Disappointed” Statement

Kanye West continues to face backlash for his Yeezy Paris Fashion Week 2022 shirt featuring the phrase "White Lives Matter," and as a result, Consequence has released a new song entitled "Disappointed," in which he expresses his dissatisfaction at not receiving support for him as an artist.

Cons has long been a fan of Kanye West, but is now publicly expressing his displeasure with the rapper. His recent anti-Semitic comments have sparked outrage from both fans and celebrities alike; as a result, many of his major companies have severed ties.

Last week, top Hollywood agency CAA removed Ye from their roster and cancelled a documentary that was to feature him. Universal Music Group and Balenciaga also ended their relationship with the artist.

Following his antisemitic comments, several streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have removed West's music. Despite apologizing and promising not to make similar remarks again, Ye has continued posting inflammatory tweets with swastikas, Hitler quotes, and calls for violence against Jewish people.

Hip hop may not be the only outlet for hate speech, but it has become an increasingly pressing issue. Not only can it lead to violent actions and even death, but it's also a dangerous form of incitement that extremists may use against you.

This week, the US music industry union Sag-Aftra issued a statement condemning West's anti-Semitic remarks. They noted that hate speech can often lead to violence and that West's remarks did not meet their company's standards for non-hate speech.

The US company has previously banned antisemitic statements and has increased its efforts to educate employees. Furthermore, they have joined forces with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and plan to host an event with them this November.

One of the things that makes music industry work so unpredictable is people's reactions to different situations. Sometimes people can be oversensitive when someone starts an argument with them, not realizing they were actually the one who initiated it.

That's why it's essential to listen carefully to another person's point of view. That is what propelled the rappers on Mercy album to speak their minds, and that has allowed them to develop as artists.

As the world's most well-known rapper, West is bound to have a high opinion of himself; however, he must exercise caution when making statements that could be misconstrued. West cannot let his opinions dictate everything else around him and must remember that his opinions may not always be the most valuable ones worth listening to.

Pusha T, who has known West since 2006 and collaborated on multiple projects together, recently shared his thoughts on the recent controversy involving him. Although they have had their ups and downs over the years, they still maintain a deep-seated respect for each other.

Listen to “Blood Stain”

Consequence Expresses Disappointed at Lack of Support for Kanye West

On October 27, rapper Consequence posted an Instagram post in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of backing for Kanye West. Additionally, the Queens MC asked why G.O.O.D Music artists weren't speaking out about his recent controversy with West.

Following Kanye West's anti-Semitic remarks, many companies have severed ties with him. Adidas and Balenciaga have both suspended their collaborations with West. Furthermore, TJ Maxx and Gap have advised their customers not to purchase products from Yeezy.

Although the exact reason why companies chose to discontinue business with West is still unknown, it appears likely due to his anti-Semitic remarks and recent social media rants. In the past, West has made several inflammatory and contentious statements such as insinuating that slavery was a "choice" and racism is "dated."

Kanye wasn't the only one who decided to part ways with him; companies have also announced they are discontinuing his merchandise from their stores and Texas A&M has decided not to use his song as their pregame entrance music any longer.

Kanye West's controversy surrounding his anti-Semitic comments continues to escalate. This has resulted in a decrease in radio play and many brands cutting ties with him.

Though this setback for the rapper, it doesn't diminish his popularity. Indeed, a documentary about him entitled "Wolves" recently earned an Oscar nomination.

West has openly supported President Obama and white nationalists alike, even praising Adolf Hitler while questioning its legitimacy.

His anti-Semitic remarks not only have hurt his career, but they've also made him even more of a target than before. Celebrities such as Talib Kweli, Pusha T and even Anna Wintour have publicly distanced themselves from him this week.

Ye's anti-Semitic remarks on social media only compounded his already well-publicized support of Donald Trump and interactions with white nationalists. These actions led several major corporations to cut ties with West, leading once again to his Twitter account being restricted.

West's decline in popularity had a direct effect on his music. According to Luminate data, West's daily spins dropped 21.1% during the eight days prior to his social account restrictions, from 325 per day before they were lifted to 258 after they were lifted.

Without the distancing effect that so many people and brands took against West, this situation may never have escalated to this point. Yet if his racially charged and antisemitic rants don't lead to change his ways, then what will?

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