City of San Mateo is Hiring - Project Manager II in San Mateo

City of San Mateo is Hiring - Project Manager II in San Mateo


City of San Mateo is hiring  Project Manager II in San Mateo

The City of San Mateo is seeking a Project Manager II for their San Mateo location. This position will oversee various projects and be essential in connecting those initiatives to the necessary tools to run smoothly. This position would suit an innovative thinker who enjoys challenges as well as working well within a team environment.


City of San Mateo is seeking a Project Manager II for San Mateo. This role necessitates managing projects, leading teams and working independently within an organizational structure. Furthermore, they will have to collaborate with various internal and external stakeholders in order to identify issues and implement solutions.

This position provides project management oversight for all phases of capital improvement projects and programs, such as planning, design, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance. This includes managing all City funded initiatives to guarantee successful completion of new or renovated facilities and programs.

In this role, you will oversee all aspects of a major capital improvement project from start to finish. This includes reviewing construction plans, design documents and specifications; working with the Design Engineer on submittals; scheduling kickoff meetings with stakeholders; comparing actual progress against planned progress and documenting any discrepancies or deviations; managing project documentation files and keeping an archive of RFIs, change orders and claims; as well as responding to questions from customers, City staff and outside agencies.

Requires excellent interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with project team members, staff and community representatives. You must also possess the capacity to work well under duress and be adaptable in your approach towards tasks.

You must possess the following qualifications to be considered for this position: * Four (4) years of progressive project coordination experience in major architectural, engineering or construction projects within a public service environment (Please note: applicants with experience outside this scope may need to meet additional qualifications for consideration).

* Bachelor's degree in engineering, architecture, construction management or a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience.

* At least three years of progressive project management experience in the engineering field, with a proven history of successfully managing complex transportation and infrastructure projects - ideally in an urban setting. Your experience should include transportation engineering, transit systems, roadway design, traffic analysis, safety protocols and mobility strategies.


The City of San Mateo is seeking a Project Manager II for their complex, County-wide or interdepartmental information services projects throughout their lifecycles. Duties will include identifying users' needs, gathering detailed requirements, analyzing project feasibility, developing scope and budget estimates, designing and programming systems applications; technical review & testing procedures ; administering professional services contracts ; as well as performing related work when needed.

Minimum Qualification #1: A Bachelor's degree in a field of study relevant to this position from an accredited college or university is required. Verifiable administrative/professional experience related to community development, housing and/or development, workforce development, finance, education, social work, children/youth work or criminal justice may substitute for the educational requirement on a year-for-year basis; direct experience in affordable housing development or real estate finance would be highly desired.

Additional qualifications required for this position: * Direct, hands-on experience in designing and constructing public works modernization projects for institutions, public works departments or local government; * Technical engineering expertise with a variety of planning, engineering or architecture disciplines such as environmental sciences, structural engineering, building technology or mechanical/electrical systems is highly desired; additionally knowledge of building products, codes and State regulations is necessary; finally * Demonstrated capacity to manage project schedules, milestones, budgets and resources effectively in order to meet project objectives.

Additionally, the ideal candidate must possess excellent organizational and project management abilities; an enthusiasm for creating an innovative work environment with a focus on people; the capacity to work independently or as part of a team; as well as an eagerness to learn and take on challenges. All these attributes are necessary requirements for this position.

The ideal candidate has a background in architecture, engineering or other construction project management and the capacity to lead multi-disciplinary teams towards common objectives. They must also possess excellent organizational skills, be able to manage multiple assignments and deadlines effectively, and communicate effectively with other members of the team.

The ideal candidate is a creative and resourceful doer who enjoys challenges, is eager to learn and develop, and possess excellent communication skills. This is an exciting chance to progress your career in an upbeat workplace where you will be encouraged and supported to reach your full potential.

Job Description

The City of San Mateo is seeking a Project Manager II in San Mateo, CA.rolul Description: Plan, direct and coordinate activities associated with a designated project to guarantee objectives are achieved within prescribed timelines and budget constraints. Reviews the work plan; recruits or assigns personnel for various phases; monitors progress throughout the undertaking; makes necessary adjustments as needed.

Manages planning, architectural and engineering services related to capital projects including preparation of cost estimates, project schedules, feasibility reports, bid submissions and contract awards; additionally it administers contracts between the City and consulting firms for professional services on Capital Improvement Projects. Furthermore it keeps accurate project budgets current while managing cost controls effectively; additionally it performs contract review and inspection to guarantee adherence to federal, state and local laws, regulations, contracts and specifications.

Develop, plan and coordinate the planning, design and construction of capital improvement and renovation projects as well as IT initiatives. Produce cost estimates, project schedules and feasibility reports for new or modified structures; conduct environmental studies, surveys, investigations and analysis; provide expert technical expertise to project staff and management; make presentations to the public, departmental representatives and governmental agencies regarding proposed projects; etc.

Plans, coordinates and supervises the development, implementation and administration of various County-wide and interdepartmental information service projects; manages project activities from start to finish including user needs analysis, systems requirements identification, system scope/design, estimations, programming, testing and implementation; provides technical expertise to project team members, upper management and other departments; acts as liaison between Information Services Department (ISD) and Project Development Unit (PDU), improving communication channels between them for technology aspects included in various construction projects;

Collaborates with Construction Contractors to ascertain the status of submittals, Requests for Information (RFIs), change orders and claims; including whether work is in compliance with applicable construction contract documents, environmental documents, state laws and regulations, etc. Additionally, they log RFIs along with associated responses.

Resolves disputes and negotiates project issues quickly to prevent costly delays and other complications. Advises senior organizational leaders on project status and suggests solutions for problems encountered.


On this special occasion, guests of The Hotel Indigo in Amsterdam were offered the unique opportunity to sample exquisite food. And just in time for Easter Sunday? Not to worry: every room at this luxurious resort will have an attentive wait staff member waiting for them. The City of San Mateo is seeking a Project Manager II for their Department of Public Works in San Mateo, CA. Job Duties: Plan, direct and supervise the planning, design and construction of complex capital projects related to water infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants and other public works facilities. Supervise all phases of a public works project from conceptualization through completion, including scheduling, budgeting, negotiating, contract management and inspection. Provide administrative, fiscal, statistical and technical expertise; create comprehensive studies, reports and evaluations; collaborate with City departments & outside agencies; present to staff, the City Council, committees, commissions, boards and neighborhood meetings on capital improvement projects.

Qualifications: * Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management, with three years of relevant experience working on large development projects; or an equivalent combination of education and work experience. This position requires mastery over Project Management fundamentals, advanced coordination & supervision at both senior and advanced levels, as well as an in-depth knowledge of wastewater, water and power infrastructure projects in San Francisco.


According to ZipRecruiter's salary data, the average salary for an Operations Project Manager in San Mateo is $96,708 annually. This salary is significantly higher than the national median for this position which stands at $55,347.

Over the past two years, the City has taken steps to align salaries for classifications with similar responsibilities. For instance, setting Administrative Services Director division heads at equal levels and creating Assistant Public Works Director and Engineering Services Manager/City Engineer classifications at similar rates were all successful initiatives. Unfortunately, no market rate adjustments have been provided to unrepresented management classifications; thus, it is recommended that they set a benchmark maximum salary for all unrepresented managers in order to address equity concerns in their compensation structure.

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