Christian Nodal - Un Cumbion Dolido Video Oficial

Christian Nodal - Un Cumbion Dolido Video Oficial


Christian Nodal has released his new song 'Un Cumbion Dolido'. This work fuses cumbia with Norteno mariachi music, giving it a distinctive signature of the artist.

Nodal refers to individuals who cannot forget their past circumstances and need someone by their side as they strive to overcome them.

Video Director: Fernando Lugo

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Video Editing: Alejandro Gomez

Video Oficial

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Christian Nodal's video for Un Cumbion Dolido showcases his impressive vocal range. Blending soul, rock, R&B and funk, Nodal's song is an inspiring expression of love that perfectly encapsulates its lyrical content.

On January 23rd, this track released on Youtube already boasted 479 million views - testament to the immense success of Nodal's work. Additionally, critics and fans have praised its seductive and sensual interpretation.

In this video, Nodal's vocals are crystal clear and the production is superb - in fact, it's one of our top picks so far. Not only does she give an incredible performance but the soundtrack also stands as a testament to why this genre of music exists: R&B! Furthermore, the video boasts stunning scenes and an inviting atmosphere that will surely make viewers fall in love with this track immediately.

Music: Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal, a young and talented singer-songwriter, has achieved great success with his heartfelt, soulful song. Following the success of his first single "Adios Amor," he released another heartwarming track called "Te Falle," that's just as touching.

Nodal's music blends the sounds of mariachi and norteno by employing the accordion to weave traditional Mexican musical styles together. He was born into a musical family; both his parents, aunts, and cousins are musicians themselves. At 13 years old he began writing songs and posting videos of his performances online.

His breakthrough came in 2017, when he uploaded the popular hit "Adios Amor." The song quickly went viral and skyrocketed to the top of regional Mexican music charts; it also topped Billboard Latin Airplay chart, earning Nodal a nomination for a Latin Grammy award.

Since then, Nodal has become a renowned figure in regional Mexican music with his unique blend of classical Mariachi music with subtle hints of accordion. This timeless sound has become an institution within the genre and continues to draw audiences of all ages.

In 2017, Nodal released his debut album, Me Deje Llevar, which topped the Mexican regional albums chart and reached number two on Billboard's Top Latin Albums survey. One year later in 2019, Nodal released Ahora, his second studio album which debuted within the Top 10 of Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart.

He's also an accomplished songwriter with the unique ability to craft lyrics that capture the attention of listeners of all ages. His compositions blend traditional norteno music with mariachi melodies, creating a new generation of Mexican music.

Nodal is one of Mexico's most promising young artists and currently based in Los Angeles, California. He signed to Fonovisa record label which released his debut single in 2016.

Christian Nodal was raised in a musical family; his mother and many of his uncles, aunts, or cousins are musicians. At four years old he began singing and learning how to play piano, guitar, and trumpet at eight; at thirteen he started writing songs for fun!

Nodal has earned seven nominations for the Lo Nuestro Awards in various categories such as Artista Premio Lo Nuestro, Album Del Ano, Artista Masculino Del Ano Regional Mexicano, Cancion Del Ano Regional Mexicano, Colaboracion Del Ano Regional Mexicano and Mariachi/Ranchera Del Ano Regional Mexicano.

Lyrics: Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal - Un Cumbion Dolido Video Official

Regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal recently released "Un Cumbion Dolido." In this romantic ballad, Nodal sings about love, heartbreak and nostalgia. It promises to move listeners.

Nodal's music is an eclectic blend of traditional Mexican folk songs and contemporary pop influences. He has earned multiple awards for his work, as well as millions of fans around the world.

About the Musicmaker

Christian Nodal is a Mexican singer-songwriter who launched his career in 2016 with his debut single, "Adios Amor." This hit single quickly went viral across Latin America and beyond, leading to two critically acclaimed albums - Me Deje Llevar (2018) and Ahora (2019).

His musical style is a blend of mariachi-style folk music with contemporary pop influences. He is renowned for his captivating sound and moving lyrics that often deal with topics such as love, heartbreak, and nostalgia.

Early Life and Career

Nodal was raised listening to Mexican music, such as bachata, tejano and norteno. He started singing at an early age and quickly picked up piano and guitar playing skills he'd learned over time. Nodal attributes his success in music to his passion for it.

Personal Life and Relationships

Nodal has had multiple relationships throughout his career. He's dated Angela Aguila, Estbaliz Badiola, Mara Fernanda Guzman, and was even engaged to Belinda; however they formally separated in February 2022.

Nodal is currently dating model Mariana Garcia; they started dating in June 2021.

The singer is one of the most beloved artists in regional Mexican music today, thanks to his unique blend of mariachi and norteno music, powerful vocal range, and charming personality. He has earned critical acclaim and toured worldwide to promote his work; additionally he has won four Latin GRAMMYs and is nominated for two more.

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