Chloe Chris Brown - How Does It Feel Official Video

Chloe Chris Brown - How Does It Feel Official Video


Chloe Chris Brown  How Does It Feel Official Video

Chloe Bailey has released her latest single "How Does It Feel," featuring Chris Brown. This comes ahead of the release of her debut album In Pieces.

Chloe's new single, "Take It Away," is a bedroom banger featuring samples of Usher and Just Blaze's "Throwback," as well as Dionne Warwick's iconic "You Gonna Need Me" verse. It follows up her previous single, "Pray It Away."

Video: “How Does It Feel”

Chloe Bailey is set to release her debut solo album in less than a month, and there's already plenty of excitement surrounding the songstress. Her previous single "Pray It Away" had fans excited, and now she follows it up with an R&B collaboration featuring Chris Brown.

Chloe and Brown's collaboration has caused much controversy in the music industry. It is well-documented that Brown has a history of abusing women, so his behavior should never be something young singers should have to contend with.

No surprise then that Chloe and her team faced backlash for allowing Brown to collaborate with her. Despite all this criticism, Chloe decided to release her new song and video today - it already boasted over 350,000 views in just twelve hours!

Chloe x Halle's vocalist melts onto the screen in various sensual ensembles in their video clip, sure to have an immense impact on pop culture enthusiasts.

The song follows on the heels of her debut solo album In Pieces and was produced by Hitmaka & Cardiak. It's a bedroom banger featuring samples from Usher and Jadakiss' 2004 collaboration "Throwback," as well as Dionne Warwick.

Chris and Chloe's vocals on this track are good, but at times their delivery can be choppy. With more time spent on it, however, the song could have truly built up its emotion and made for an impressive standout track.

If you're a fan of R&B music, then you'll love the new video for "How Does It Feel." Directed by Arrad, this clip sees Parkwood Entertainment singer Ashley Monroe and her boyfriend locked up in a penthouse as they sing the song with increasingly exposed bodies.

I hope we see more collaborations like this in the future! Female representation in music has always been important and I love hearing new R&B talent - an area which hasn't had much of an impact on pop music recently. Let's hope things start changing for the better!

Lyrics: “I don’t want to mess up your heart”

Chloe Chris Brown has released "How Does It Feel," the seventh track from her long-awaited debut album In Pieces, set for release March 31. This marks her first solo effort since forming her R&B duo with sister Halle Bailey in 2011.

The official video for the track features both artists embracing and singing the ballad in a penthouse. Already, it has generated massive buzz on social media with over 350,000 views in under 24 hours.

Many fans are outraged that Chloe Bailey chose to collaborate with Chris Brown on her upcoming project, citing his history of violence against women and other abuse allegations as the reason for their anger. On the other hand, many others are supporting this collaboration, stating that almost ten years since Brown's assault against Rihanna gives him a chance to move on from his past mistakes and be open and honest with his current fans.

Some of Chloe's supporters pointed out that other female artists have collaborated with Breezy without facing any backlash. For instance, Ice Spice enlisted Drake for her hit 2022 single "Munch (Feeling U"), while NAV collaborated with Lil Baby and Travis Scott on their 2020 track "Never Sleep."

However, other male artists have been targeted for their collaborations with the singer, such as Young Thug who was charged with RICO earlier this year. It's evident that public outrage over the rapper's alleged assault doesn't translate into real life.

Chloe Bailey has released her music video for "How Does It Feel," despite all of the controversy surrounding it. The song can now be streamed on streaming services and is sure to generate considerable buzz.

If you're unfamiliar with the song, it was originally recorded by Prince and has a classic vibe. It has inspired numerous dance challenges on TikTok and remains one of their top hits.

The lyrics of the song include a passionate plea from a man to his beloved for sexual activity. This powerful statement expresses his need for love and is filled with intense longing.

Producer: Hitmaka & Cardiak

Chloe Chris Brown returns to producer Hitmaka for her newest single "How Does It Feel Official Video." Released alongside its music video, Chloe sings over an uptempo bedroom banger alongside Hitmaka and Cardiak. Sampled from Dionne Warwick's "You're Gonna Need Me" with interpolations from Usher's and Jadakiss's "Throwback," this upbeat number includes lyrics written by Chloe herself.

Chloe's new album In Pieces, due out March 31st, features production from some of the industry's top producers such as Hitmaka & Cardiak.

Since his breakthrough hit "Sexy Lady," veteran record producer Hitmaka has become a force in the industry. The Chicago-native is an inspiring example of someone with an unyielding work ethic and passion for creating music.

He has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, such as Big Sean, Meek Mill, French Montana, Drake, 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande. His 5x Platinum-certified smash hit "Bounce Back" featuring Big Sean, Meek Mill's "Dangerous" and Trippie Redd's "Rich MF" are just a few examples.

His most recent collaboration was with Tink, for whom he executive produced her sophomore album Heat of the Moment. Additionally, he's working on a new single called "Quickie" featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Queen Naija.

Hitmaka is renowned for his melodic yet heartfelt productions. He's one of the most versatile producers in the business, adept to all genres with an impressive track list that showcases his diverse abilities.

In addition to his collaboration with Tink, Hitmaka also contributed his talents to Neek Bucks' debut album, Blessed to the Max. The Harlem rapper's project features artists from both mainstream and underground genres and was executive produced by Hitmaka.

Hitmaka collaborated with Austin Jones, an accomplished cinematographer and highly-respected director. His eye for creative storytelling always delivers stunning results.

Making a music video involves many moving parts and potential issues. That is why having an efficient system in place is so essential - this will prevent you from getting pulled in too many directions during production and giving yourself enough time to craft the ideal product for your client.

Video Director: Arrad

Chloe Chris Brown's "How Does It Feel" video has been one of the most highly-acclaimed music videos in years, thanks to its stunning visuals, cutting-edge technology, and star power. Directed by Arrad, it showcases several technological feats that combine to create one incredible music video for Chloe Chris Brown to date.

Arrad was born and raised in Los Angeles, with a passion for film & media that has driven his career over several years. He's garnered numerous accolades, such as Polo G's "Rapstar" and Latto's "Big Energy". As an experienced director of photography (DP), Arrad is renowned for capturing stars' best angles quickly in one take as well as his unique augmented reality technology.

Arrad's most ambitious project, currently in post-production, is a powerful short film about Iran's ongoing women's freedom rights and humanitarian crisis. Starring an all-female cast with notable Iranian talents, this video will serve as a fitting tribute to those courageous women who fight for their rights on the streets of Tehran and around the world.

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