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Cher Is Making Music With Her Boyfriend Alexa... | Future Starr


Cher Is Making Music With Her Boyfriend Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards

Cher Is Making Music With Her Boyfriend Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards


Cher is said to be dating 36-year-old music executive Alexander 'A.E' Edwards, and she's unfazed by their 40 year age difference. Recently, the Grammy winner spoke about their relationship on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The 76-year-old singer has always had an affinity for younger men, but this relationship feels particularly special to her. They met at Paris Fashion Week last September and she's already introduced him to her family members.

The Iconic Singer Reveals She’s Working on Two New Albums

Cher has been making music for decades, always keeping her fans informed of what's coming up. Recently, she revealed that she's working on two new albums - her first since 2013's Closer to the Truth.

Cher has always been able to tailor her style and sound for different audiences. In the 80s, her hair band hits attracted a younger crowd; however, in the 90s her fan base expanded significantly. Finally, during Cher's late career years she produced some of her finest records while also releasing original songs.

Her latest album, Closer to the Truth, didn't do particularly well but she is currently working on new music with her boyfriend Alexander 'A.E' Edwards. TMZ shared photos of them holding hands outside a restaurant, suggesting that things are getting serious between them.

They've been dating for about a year, and they regularly express their affection on social media platforms. Most recently, the couple was seen enjoying dinner together at an upscale eatery in Los Angeles.

She revealed they are "trying to get myself in shape" for an upcoming tour and are also prepping new music. According to her fans, she hopes to release her album by September - which would mark her 26th studio album.

In the meantime, she also plans to return to dancing. To help with her moves, she's hired longtime dancer Sumayah McRae who has even joined her on multiple tours and shows.

Cher's next album, expected to be released this autumn, promises to be a star-studded effort. Rumors suggest it will feature a duet with Lady Gaga as well as two songs penned by Pink. Furthermore, Cher is expected to collaborate with Timbaland on the album.

She’s Trying to Get in Shape for an Upcoming Tour

Cher has always maintained an impressive fitness regimen, and she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. At 75 years old, she still enjoys going to the gym, doing yoga, surfing and even playing Wii tennis!

The pop star also follows a healthy diet, skipping processed and red meat in favor of foods that will give her energy. She abstains from dairy too, opting for non-fat milk instead. Furthermore, avocados are her go-to fruit due to their high fiber and omega-3 content.

She enjoys taking leisurely walks around her property and is always up for a good workout. To that end, she owns a Power Plate - an exercise device that uses whole body vibration technology to tone all areas of the body.

Cher loves to switch things up with high-intensity workouts like Zumba. She also does wall sits and loves her neon Alo yoga mats and blue blocks for stretches.

In addition to her daily exercise regimen, she's known to enjoy a few drinks three or four times per year. While it's no secret that she enjoys a good cocktail, she never gets too tipsy and always keeps her alcohol intake under control.

She prioritizes getting enough sleep, which is essential for maintaining her trim figure. Luckily, she has her own personal physiotherapist who helps keep her in top condition. Additionally, she enjoys taking brisk walks with her dog Charlie every day. In addition, she has other healthy habits like not smoking or drinking too much alcohol and trying to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible.

She’s Trying to Keep the Age Gap Out of Her Relationship

As an older woman, you have several options when it comes to dating younger men. You could go younger if you want more out-of-the-house time with them, need someone for travel companionship or simply want to meet new people. But knowing what qualities to look for in a partner when there's an age gap can be tricky.

No matter if you're trying to escape the responsibilities of an older partner or just want more fun with someone younger, a large age gap can have a negative effect on your relationship. In fact, it may cause issues that you may not even be aware of until later in the process.

Cher's new boyfriend, Alexander "AE" Edwards, is 40 years her junior and a music producer for rapper Tyga's independent label Last Kings Records. Prior to that he dated model Amber Rose with whom he shares a 3-year-old son named Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.

Recently, she's been seen holding hands with him in public and she doesn't hesitate to show her affection for him. On The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, she described him as a "true love" and noted that he is always on her mind.

Cher posted a photo of him on Twitter with the simple message, "Alexander," along with a heart emoji. Although some fans expressed concerns about their age difference, Cher appears to have no issues with it.

As a young adult, she began dating Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer - both decades her junior. While certain age gaps can be problematic, the most important thing is being honest about your expectations from a partner and being willing to make concessions in order to maintain the relationship.

As a woman who has received much attention for her relationships, she's never been afraid to try new things and take risks. After all, she's been married to Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman for many years and has several children with both men.

She’s Trying to Mix Pleasure With Business

Recently, the 76-year-old singer revealed she's been making music with her new boyfriend Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards, sparking rumors she might be engaged. In an impromptu Twitter Q&A, she defended their relationship and shut down any critics who were worried about their age gap in response.

Cher, who has been in the spotlight for decades and known for her bombast and glitz, is reportedly dating a 36-year-old music executive named Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards who is 40 years her junior. This isn't their first public confirmation of their relationship but it does mark their first public outing together as an item.

People magazine reported that Alexander is a music executive at Universal Music Group and also produced music for rapper Tyga's label. Additionally, he shares a three-year old son with Amber Rose, with whom he had an earlier romantic relationship.

Last week, Cher and Alexander were seen holding hands while entering a restaurant in Los Angeles. TMZ reported that they had dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood with Cher dressed all-black and Alexander matching her outfit from head to toe.

Though Cher and Edwards may be having fun together, there's no denying their dedication to making their relationship work. With plenty of projects ahead of them such as working on Cher's upcoming albums, there will be no time for rest when these two start working hard together.

When the rumor spread that Cher and Alexander were an item, many fans expressed concern over their age gap. Cher quickly responded to those criticizing her by asserting that love knows no bounds and "haters gonna hate." She went on to express how contented she felt with her new relationship without considering anything beyond its physical chemistry.

Cher and Alexander have been seen spending time together several times recently, including during Paris Fashion Week last September. But it wasn't until she was seen having dinner with him and rapper Tyga at Craig's in West Hollywood that rumors of romance started spreading. According to reports, the duo had an intimate dinner and were holding hands as they exited their car. Rumors also swirl that Cher plans on heading back home soon to her Malibu mansion for some quality alone time with him.

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