#CharlesBarkley Calls #KevinDurant 'A Little Baby'

#CharlesBarkley Calls #KevinDurant 'A Little Baby'


Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets have come under heavy criticism this NBA playoff season, as they sit 0-3 down in their 1st round series against the Boston Celtics.

Charles Barkley, the legendary Hall of Famer, is not a fan of superteams and believes Kevin Durant should steer clear of them. On a conference call for the American Century Championship golf tournament, Barkley said that players shouldn't chase rings when they don't have to.

1. Charles Barkley botches the name of Kawhi Leonard

It's hard to believe, but Charles Barkley accidentally misspelled one of basketball's most talented players - Kawhi Leonard! This mistake appears to be serious and does not indicate that Barkley is aware of it.

Kawhi spent many summers working alongside his dad at the family business in Compton, CA. Over the years it has changed hands several times and now operates under HB Tires and Wheels; however, according to its manager, much of its original signage still remains.

Kawhi learned the value of hard work from his dad at the car wash, who did most of the labor by hand. This laid the foundation for his strong work ethic that continues to serve him well today.

Kawhi was determined to become the best player he could be, despite his father's misgivings. While playing football at Canyon Springs High School, his passion for basketball developed with age. While not having a great jump shot, he had an eye for hard-nosed play on both ends of the court.

Mark Leonard worked full-time at a car wash, yet he made time to take Kawhi to play basketball at his nearby school. During his senior year, King's state championship team featured Kawhi scoring 22.6 points per game and averaging 13.1 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game. Furthermore, he led the team in blocks with 4.

Years later, he transferred to Santa Monica's Mater Dei High School and put the hard work his father had taught him into practice. As a high-school All-American and California Player of the Year, his dedication was recognized.

Kawhi has achieved star status in the NBA as a two-time Finals MVP and perennial star player. Although some criticize him for being "indecisive", when on court he is one of the most reliable players in the league. Now the Clippers are hoping he can return from his ACL injury and help them win games again; if so, this could be their first title since 2008.

2. Charles Barkley botches the name of Ja Morant

Charles Barkley is often humorous, but not without his share of missteps. On the court, Barkley has been known to mumble and shout in frustration; off it too he has an unfavorable reputation. On one hand, Barkley has made money hosting television shows for TNT and NBC Sports Network; The latter home to The Ringer which provides sports news and opinion pieces in abundance that rival any major newspaper in America. Keeping track of who's who can be difficult enough as it is without having to make any real money as a television commentator!

4. Charles Barkley botches the name of OG Anunoby

According to the latest NBA trade rumors, Toronto Raptors wing OG Anunoby has generated a lot of attention. He's averaging 16.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.1 steals this season while also proving that he can be one of the league's best defenders. That's why Toronto would do well to retain Anunoby on their roster.

At a recent SiriusXM interview, Raptors head coach Nick Nurse suggested Anunoby should start taking more shots. While that could be discouraging for the Indiana product, Nurse believes there is more potential in him and wants to give Anunoby the chance to reach those milestones in his career. To that end, Nurse wants Anunoby to become a dominant presence on offense this season; if Nurse is successful in getting the most out of Anunoby this season it could make him even more appealing to teams searching for scoring depth.

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