Charles Esten on the Story Behind New Song

Charles Esten on the Story Behind New Song


Charles Esten on the Story Behind New Song

Charles Esten is best known for his role as Deacon Claybourne on CMT's Nashville. But he's also an accomplished songwriter and actor who has toured the US, Europe, as well as performing live improv shows. Now Charles will embark on his first solo UK tour.

This tour marks a pivotal moment for him, moving away from his role as an actor on TV shows and back into being an artist. The music, which is largely acoustic, takes everything back to basics while giving him room to express himself freely.


On the latest episode of Nashville, Charles Esten's character Deacon Claybourne battled to maintain his sobriety and past while trying to save country star Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton). But when tensions flared between Deacon and Teddy (Eric Close), Rayna's feelings for Deacon were also put under strain.

Rayna took Deacon to a sobriety treatment facility with the hopes of helping him heal and move on with his life, but when she left the program Deacon began spiraling out of control. Anger, hurt and demons that couldn't be contained were running rampant inside him.

But it was a song called "Strong" that helped him get back on his feet. Written by Jillian Cardarelli and Charles Esten, the tune was inspired by their mother's battle with cancer.

The story behind the new song is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Yet it also provided them with an opportunity to come together, creating something beautiful from their shared struggles.

Cardarelli wrote the lyrics for "Strong" with her mom's cancer battle in mind, but she also wanted it to inspire all those affected by cancer. So she invited Esten to collaborate and the two began sharing their own stories as they created each verse.

Once they began sharing their stories, it became evident that each had someone in mind when crafting each verse and that the song they were creating would be something special. Cardarelli confided to Esten that she felt as if he were always meant to be on the other side of the keyboard when working on this song.

Cardarelli's song STRONG captures this feeling of connectedness, which she wants to spread around the world as part of her STRONG initiative. Through various social platforms and media outlets, she hopes to raise awareness for the more than 1.8 million people diagnosed with cancer this year, as well as provide comfort to those fighting it.

“One Good Move”

After 10 years in Nashville, Charles Esten is set to release his independent debut album. Last week on CBS' The Talk, he thrilled viewers by revealing the first single from the record: "One Good Move."

Esten's heartfelt romantic rocker is a fitting debut from him, who has been living and working in Nashville since 2012 (when he joined the main cast as troubled singer/songwriter Deacon Claybourne). Over the past decade he has released several country-tinged songs, including one collaboration with Julia Cole.

Esten is a well-known musician, having also guest starred on several television shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Drew Carey's Green Screen Show. Additionally, he hosted his own improvised comedy mini series and appeared in Riding Straight - a public service video produced by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to raise awareness about motorcycle safety.

As a singer/songwriter, he has released several albums and performed live at the Grand Ole Opry and other prestigious venues worldwide. Additionally, he has collaborated with renowned country artists Loretta Lynn and Garth Brooks on projects.

Esten is an accomplished actor best known for his roles as Ward Cameron on Netflix's Outer Banks and John B.'s father, Big John on ABC's Nashville. In 2020 he was cast as Outer Banks main antagonist Ward Cameron on Netflix's streaming series; although Rotten Tomatoes criticizes him for his portrayal of the cantankerous character, Esten feels delighted that viewers have responded positively to his snarky yet complex persona.

He emphasizes his strong relationship with Chip Esten, the creator of the show. The two are married and have three children together.

After graduating high school in 1983, he went on to attend William and Mary College in Virginia. Additionally, he made his acting debut as a high school football player in the movie Remember the Titans.

He has since starred in multiple TV episodes, including a role on the long-running show Nashville as troubled country singer/songwriter Deacon Claybourne. Additionally, he's guest-starred on Married with Children, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Star Trek: Discovery.

“Rich Man”

Little Big Town's latest single, "Rich Man," has got people talking. Their music video for the song, which had its Facebook world premiere last week, is available everywhere now as a sweet reminder of the importance of having an authentic relationship with your family.

Running Bear Films' moving visualizer "Wonder" stars Charles Esten in the central role of a father imparting life lessons to his young son. This includes counting ones blessings, upholding moral principles and not letting money get in the way of cherishing family time.

In a nutshell, the video takes us on an unforgettable journey through the lives of hardworking individuals and loving families around the world. It captures many special moments such as church services, singing the National Anthem, sports games, and bonding sessions over drinks.

Jimi Westbrook's song, written over the course of a decade, is the standout from their 16-track album Mr. Sun, released September 16.

No doubt, this video is a visual delight and an inspiring reminder of the value of having strong relationships with loved ones. This music video will surely appeal to both music veterans and newcomers alike. To find out more about the band, visit their website or follow them on social media. They are currently promoting their new single "Rich Man" while preparing to release their next album in spring of 2019. Catch all the action here - free! Since 1997, The band has been making music and have earned several awards along the way.

“I’m Coming Home”

On a Wednesday evening at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Charles Esten and Patty Puskar have been practicing a song together. They stand near the front row of their dressing room closest to the famous circle that sits backstage.

Esten's role as Deacon Claybourne on CMT's hit TV show may get all the attention, but he is an accomplished singer-songwriter in his free moments. Recently he completed a marathon single-releasing project called "Every Single Friday."

Started in July 2016, this initiative was meant to showcase his music and give fans a way to connect with him personally. He released one new song every week for 54 weeks - an unprecedented feat in country music!

At first, he didn't think he could complete such an ambitious undertaking - but when the music began to speak to him deeply, he knew it was up to him to see it through.

His wife, who is also a songwriter and producer, was by his side throughout every step of the process. She helped him discover the right artists and work with TuneCore - a website that distributes singles to online marketplaces - which proved invaluable assistance.

Despite all of the difficulties, he said that he enjoyed creating and sharing this music with people who have been supportive from the start. Additionally, he loves that he's been able to fully embrace his identity as a singer/songwriter.

On the other hand, he says it was hard to leave behind the life he and Puskar had created in California. They were raising their three children there, and he had turned down numerous job offers that could have taken him away from her and their children.

When he was given the chance to move to Nashville, it was an opportunity to further develop his career as an actor and singer - something he had always desired to do. Now, he tours regularly throughout Europe with his music being performed for audiences around the globe.

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