Celine Dion at Lady Gaga's Residency in Park MGM

Celine Dion at Lady Gaga's Residency in Park MGM


Las Vegas - If you're seeking something beyond the typical Vegas fare of windowless casinos, showgirl revues and Celine Dion ballads, Lady Gaga's new residency at Park MGM is for you. Her show is an eclectic mash-up of music, glitz and stories.

She added a jazz and piano performance to her residency, complementing her powerful vocal abilities. It's safe to say she now ranks among the top three Vegas residencies for her variety of hits.

The Edge Of Glory

Celine Dion could not contain her enthusiasm during the opening weekend of Lady Gaga's residency in Las Vegas. The "My Heart Will Go On" singer attended the third performance of Enigma on Saturday night and footage of her dancing among fans is now going viral.

Dion has long been a fan of Gaga's work, and she went to see her show to celebrate the singer's new residency. The A Star Is Born actress launched her second Las Vegas residency last December and it has already generated over $100 million in ticket sales.

The residency is part of a $100 million two-year deal that's been heralded as a game-changer for Sin City. But as with any major event, the first few performances always prove the most memorable, and it appears fans are loving the experience.

As the singer belted out her hits, her audience burst into cheers of support. At the Park Theater in Minneapolis, people showed their affection by chanting along to her songs and showing love through hugs and selfies.

Dion not only sang her hit songs, but joined Gaga in the audience for an exclusive rendition of "You and I". Additionally, Dion joined Gaga backstage to pray before her show.

Even though her most recent album Joanne hasn't achieved the commercial success of past releases, Gaga remains popular. Her Grammy awards count has gone up to nine and she was nominated for two more; additionally, Gaga recently earned her second Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for A Star Is Born.

Gaga recently released the video for her single "The Edge Of Glory," featuring her dancing outside a fire escape in New York, reminiscent of her early days there. Additionally, E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons joined Gaga onstage for this clip which has been met with widespread praise.

The video is simpler than Gaga's more elaborate music videos in the past, yet it's easy to see why it has been such a hit. It's an enchanting, soulful tune - an ideal way to kick off her Vegas residency!

Bad Romance

Lady Gaga's Enigma residency in Las Vegas had an amazing opening weekend! She brought out a host of fan favorites on stage, such as Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Renner and Dave Grohl; plus Celine Dion made an appearance!

Video footage captured by concertgoers captured 50-year-old "My Heart Will Go On" singer belting out to Gaga's "Edge of Glory," featuring some exciting choreography! No wonder why this video went viral so quickly!

Not only was the video stunning, but Gaga herself thanked Dion for her support in a speech before her show. In gratitude, she expressed that she was "grateful" for Dion's words of affirmation before she took to the stage.

Dion and Gaga may not be the same artist, but their music styles are similar: both emphasize high-energy performances that combine catchy pop songs with captivating dance routines. As such, it's no surprise that these two would have an affinity for each other which was highlighted in both of their Time 100 honorees.

As you may recall, Gaga began her own residency in December with Enigma which will run for 23 nights until November 2019. Furthermore, she's going on tour for nine shows titled Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano.

Gaga and her fans will love this plan, as she gets to spend several months each year in Vegas and interact with her devoted followers face-to-face. Additionally, it gives her the opportunity to show some gratitude towards those who have supported her throughout the years, such as Dion and Bradley Cooper.

Dion has clearly taken inspiration from Lady Gaga, as evidenced by the videos she posted online! She was seen practicing her "Bad Romance" dance moves with fans in the crowd and even encouraged everyone to clap and cheer as she performed.

It's truly remarkable how close these two women have become - it proves they're more than just friends - they're sisters!


Las Vegas is widely considered to be the glitter and glamour capital of the world, so it should come as no shock that some of the world's top entertainers have chosen to reside here. Additionally, it boasts the world's largest casino and numerous high-end hotels and restaurants. Taking in all that glitter while dining on some of Vegas' best restaurants can be an unforgettable experience for anyone with even a passing interest in food and fine wines. No wonder then that A-list stars like Celine Dion have chosen to call Las Vegas home.

Born This Way

Dion, a French-Canadian singer who has performed for five years on the Las Vegas Strip, began singing when she was four. Her parents, Therese and Michel Dion - dentists - were immediately impressed by her vocal ability, so at 12 she recorded her first demo tape for music manager Rene Angelil after seeing his name on Ginette Reno's album cover.

In 1990, Dion signed with Columbia Records and released her debut English-language album, Unison. It quickly achieved Top 10 success, selling over one million copies worldwide and featuring hit singles "Where Does My Heart Beat Now," "At Last" and "How Do I Know."

Her subsequent two albums, Let's Talk About Love and The Edge of Glory, also achieved major success. In 1997, Dion achieved worldwide fame with her performance of "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic soundtrack; it has been certified platinum and sold over 50 million copies worldwide, making Dion one of the world's best-selling artists.

Dion has achieved global fame, yet she doesn't consider her success to be solely the result of talent. She believes that success in the music industry requires hard work and support from those around you.

She was moved to create the Born This Way Foundation, a charitable organization that works to promote kindness within LGBTQ+ communities. Their mission statement reads: "helping people reach their full potential regardless of where they fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum," according to their website.

The organization's work has contributed to addressing the challenges of a global pandemic and other pressing global issues, such as mental health. Furthermore, they are working alongside many reputable organizations like the United Nations and Human Rights Watch.

Dion has had a varied career in the music industry, working with various artists and genres. She's not afraid to experiment with styles that might seem out of place on her albums - such as covering Roy Orbison's songs on 2003 release One Heart which received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

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