Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Frazier's 7 Go-To Makeup Looks

Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Frazier's 7 Go-To Makeup Looks


Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Fraziers 7 GoTo Makeup

Valente Frazier is a celebrity makeup artist, having created looks for celebrities like Tyra Banks and Lynn Whitfield. Additionally, he hosts the Black Glam Flashback episode on Beauty Talk.

On this episode, Johnny Wright sits down with Frazier to discover how he secured his dream job and offers some advice on how to achieve perfection on-screen. Plus, Frazier shares some insider secrets for getting that flawless face in front of the camera!

1. Smoky Eyes

When it comes to makeup trends, the smoky eye is one of the most beloved. Whether you want to make a bold statement on the red carpet or keep things subtle for everyday wear, this versatile look can be worn by almost anyone.

Smoky eyes can be effortless to create, but it's essential to know some tips and tricks for perfect results every time. Celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh recommends: "The most essential tip is always use shades that flatter your skin tone - this will help give the overall flattering effect."

Create a classic smoky eye by starting with your base color on the lid, crease, and highlight. After choosing your colors, use a fluffy brush to blend them together smoothly and avoid any harsh lines.

Once your eyes are blended together, add liner and mascara to finish the look. Choose a dark shade for both upper and lower lash lines while leaving space for your lashes to shine through.

Tyra Banks' makeup artist Valente Frazier highlighted her big green eyes by applying dark gray shadow and black liner to the lids. Additionally, she donned a smoky brow for definition and shape in the face, finishing off with a glowy lip.

2. Monochrome Look

Valente Frazier has achieved great success in his makeup career, becoming the go-to makeup artist for celebrities like Tyra Banks. Additionally, he has extensive fashion expertise as the make-up artist on America's Next Top Model.

One of his favorite looks to create is a monochrome look. It's simple yet sophisticated, providing just enough color without appearing overdone.

Another key to creating this look is mixing textures. You could go as simple as pairing a silk skirt with chunky woollen jumper, or go all out by adding in sequin blazers and feathered shoes.

When styling a monochromatic outfit, it's essential to take into account proportions. Avoid wearing all one hue as this can appear overwhelming visually.

If you're feeling uncertain about trying this trend for yourself, start with a monochromatic color that makes you feel comfortable and secure. For instance, if all-orange outfits make you nervous, opt for burnt orange, peach or tangerine as an initial hue to get started.

3. Pink Eyes

Celebrity makeup artist Valente Frazier, who works under the tutelage of Iman and Tyra Banks among others, has several signature looks that are sure to turn heads. One of his signature looks is a smoky eye with dusty pink lips. According to him, bold lips are now the new black and more women are testing color out in their cosmetic bags - an trend which will continue to expand as more people appreciate healthy glows.

For this look, he used a variety of products to achieve the desired effect. The standouts included high-end MAC Nightmoth lip liner and Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix in Chosen. The key was finding shades that complemented her skin tone and kept her looking refreshed throughout the day. With proper products and techniques, her complexion looked just as flawless as her makeup looked!

4. Black Lips

Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Frazier highlights Tyra Banks' big green eyes with dark gray shadow and black liner. This look can easily be recreated at home using various shades and textures.

Valente Frazier enjoys creating soft smokey eye looks that don't overpower the face, as well as using various lip colors like tangerines, pinks and corals.

For this look, he used liquid eyeshadow to achieve the smoky effect. Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow in Fahrenheit is an excellent option and easy to apply.

The smokey eye look is an effortless makeup style that's suitable for any occasion. While you can achieve this look using a variety of products, using quality brushes to blend in the products will ensure they blend smoothly and flawlessly.

Celebrities are increasingly opting for a classic red lip. While you can achieve this look with various colors, hydrating lipsticks and glosses are essential to prevent your lips from drying out and chapping. Furthermore, use a lip balm that contains SPF to protect skin against UV rays.

5. Blush

Any makeup lover knows the power of blush; it adds a subtle glow to the skin that instantly makes you appear more put together. To achieve this look, select a shade that compliments your skin tone and build it up until you achieve desired intensity.

I have been using Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush (Rose) for some time now and absolutely love it. It comes in a cute compact with two layer compartments that makes traveling easy plus you get a free brush to apply the blush!

It has a nice peachy-golden sheen to it which provides an illuminating flush of colour. Additionally, this pigmented eye shadow is very pigmented so you can create whatever look you desire with ease; plus, it's buildable and easy to blend out for a natural look.

I've tested many blushes, and this is one of my favorites. The shade is stunning and works for all skin tones. Plus, it's not too powdery so you can apply it lightly with a soft touch. Plus, the formula is easy to blend and can be used both on cheeks or lips - making this product one that will stay in my everyday makeup bag!

6. Liquid Liner

When it comes to green eyes makeup looks, nothing beats a classic smoky eye. This timeless classic works on all eye colors and complexions, allowing vibrant green eyes to stand out without being overwhelmed with layers of other products. Finish it off with some thick liquid liner on top of a glossy lid for even more emphasis on the eye color itself.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Frazier is an expert when it comes to creating flawless faces for film and television, having styled stars such as Tyra Banks and Lynn Whitfield. Additionally, he worked as an assistant to FIne.

He favors silicone-based products for their close resemblance to skin and light reflective qualities. Silicones don't break down or need primers or powder, and will adhere to skin for an airbrush finish.

To create this smokey eye look, Frazier used Kosas 10-Second Eyeshadow in Fahrenheit ($28) and gently swept it across the lid with a fluffy brush. He then blended it in with black liquid liner for definition and depth.

Beauty junkies like me love attending makeup conventions where I can explore new products, watch pro artists demo them and buy at deep discounts. Recently I attended PHAMExpo in Pasadena, CA where all the big names in the industry were present. Watching these makeup pros create masterpieces, answer questions and give their best tips was truly awe-inspiring!

7. Eyebrows


For eyes that stand out, the shape of the lashes is key. This model's mega-watt lashes and subtle blush-toned shadow create a natural look suitable for work or play.

A subdued taupe-brown type of pink is the ideal contrast to her bright green eyes -- particularly when applied up close to the brow bone. As makeup artist Ashley Rebecca once told Byrdie, "pink really brightens green eyes and can sometimes bring out hidden tones of gold."

Katie Jane Hughes created this look by applying shimmery copper across the lid and contouring the crease with deeper taupe. For added dimension, she added gold brow highlights for extra shine.

Celebrity makeup artist Nikki DeRoest recommends adding almond oil to your skin for treating dry and sensitive eyes. She claims it helps reduce fine lines and sagginess around the eyes, as well as soothe and soften skin.

LaShawn Latson is a full-time freelance Makeup Artist who earned her certification at the esteemed Bennett Career Institute and has been certified by celebrity makeup artists Valente Frazier (Tyra Banks), Danessa Myrics, Tanna Jackson and Merrell Hollis to name a few. With 10 years of professional and approachable experience in Cosmetology/Makeup in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Latson offers an unmatched level of expertise to her clients.

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